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  1. Anyone else get banned for no reason?

    No more comments staff know mine opinion. acc milene banned for nothing . dont broken rules and me dont have fear with true explanations
  2. Solo farm 40-45 lvl (profitable) classic NA

    your class?mele dager bow ;-) the problem is speed of the mobs and your damage .normally is farm low 3 lvl your level (excess damage) in old time lineage mages need tanks for kill or death-(critical magic no exist ) in old times tanks dotn have damage to kill fast (critical more down today) i have overlord and is 45 ;-) party and bow ,blunt etc
  3. Wich buffer do you recomend? Help me!

    for warriors Profeth for mages oracle(empo) for party warriors warcryer for clan Ovelord
  4. Question about Moon Knight Armor

    all healers whit armor +0 or same ligth all healers whit armor +6 or more robe all healers +10 or more ligth
  5. false reporting

    f you think your account has been banned wrongly and you would like to appeal your ban, please send an email directly to appeal@ncsoft.com. They will then review this ban. Thank you! i send this mail automatic reply Krisa comment ,mine request easy x2 clients open -one ban-two not ban- =ip =host x2 clients in pt "one ban" "two not ban " same program party lineage 2 client . acusation on mine acc and on me FALSE Request for appeal@ncsoft.com ilegal 3rd party programs Fail and failse Or two acc is baned or nothing acc is banned
  6. is ramdom ban and the reply is to easy . normally apply automatic resquest for acc free ban people in game 2 -3 -4 year or more .Reports in 2-3-4 years =0 The question is for alll players ,level up,pay vip,and may be¿ tomorrow you acc is baned or ur box is banned ? The question for staff is ¿return to pay game l2 same old time ?or continue free with random ban ? Offense player with false accusations
  7. Permanent BAN

    The incident has been thoroughly investigated and we have found no errors or inconsistencies made on the review of your account. While we prefer not to take actions like so, we feel it is in the best interest of the game and the community that the penalty be permanent and be irreversible. Thank you for understanding. No commment
  8. banned for real no reason

    indiscriminated baned fail apreciations or xincode fail
  9. Random ban

    same on me ,and yes random ban . i love this people comment . Your time and money but their pixels. no long time cry in this forum maybe your character is baned . see u for this momment
  10. false reporting

    You cannot guarantee that your current IP address has never belonged to adena seller in fact if I can because the webs have an exit point skype: elf ...... Compare with the ip of the character that sends the msg if that is the excuse they should tell any player that they can lose their account at any time
  11. your antiboot program -Fail and ban people for nothing ,send msg and slow player for nothing and one long list of the fails . Start one special mobs in all areas with duplicate name and id so change color of the window monsters to pink color ,pink antiboot monsters request penal raid, x3 penal raid ban ,dont need complicated programs for remove boot . the power of iMagination
  12. Update on Adena and Drop Rates

    i have one simple question -raid killed on the dates event ¿aply drop rate event?50% and 21 26 29 ¿100%? ¿Special raid Queen orfen etc?
  13. CLAYMORE +15

    This is classic with +15 d weapon ¿really? i know different classic on yours . ¿Improved cost in classic ?
  14. ¿adena seller ? rules of the l2 ------comerce for real money = ban IP,host msg =ban all acc asociated of the host ip ban ,all dominion associated web seller ban end problem. the question is "is one problem".
  15. Sea of Spores full bots.

    Sea of Spores = full bot place. and AI and Fom and Cruma and ......ivory @Hime is to hard ban bots? Its impossible to player get books there. Now a days is better buy bot than Vip. .Anti bot program FAIL banned legal player and dont touch the rest