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  1. anyway im done, time for path of exile Cheers goodluck - moment ncsoft replies ill let u know
  2. Got banned on level 1 character with 0% exp, last monday got banned on buffer, 2 weeks ago got banned on blade dancer - I'm getting so tired PS: Have not used any tools..... i play manually
  3. spent 5 days talking with them, automated answers, today received new computer, installed l2 and created new char and banned 2 hours later
  4. The account i got banned today: I registered somewhere around 18:00 UK time, logged ingame for 15 min (not even 1 hit to monster), logged out, had some stuff to take care and came back home to actually start playing and is banned :D, Level 1 (no other characters) and 0 exp . My buffer VIP 0 also got banned last monday, never used anything, 23:00 Uk time - Hammered and said: 3rd party Woohoo
  5. Just received ban on another character, i have new pc, L2 only and banned - I got my previous 2 accounts banned same way, I never used any tools, all accounts are non vip, and account with vip 4 is not banned, i dont get it.
  6. 1. Not interested in Drama queens, as mentioned previously - I'm not interested in clans, neither in CP's. If we build ourselves into stage that we are in need one - will figure out something at that time, but i dont need internal "ideas", we should join these guys cause they do Ant queen everyday, or their clan has 99% online players. 2. Efficiency, if we exp in group, we have to understand that soulshots costs, we cant farm all places and sometimes it's required to split adena by 75/25 (if area has low adena drop rate) - We need to figure out what we need, do we need adena farm or exp far
  7. Good Evening Ladies & Gents, Looking for casual team players to exp and build gears - preferably Solo players who can run at least 2 boxes (not mandatory, but able to). Myself I'm from UK Gaming hours are: 18:00 - 23:00 (Monday to Wednesday) 18:00 - 02:00 (Friday) Any time of day on Saturday Any time of day on Sunday (Finishing 22:00) Phantom Ranger with +5 STR Dyes, Akat +4 bow, moon heavy, D top jewels - Level 43 (VIP 4) Prophet - Level 37 (VIP 0) Store Character I'm not really interested to create CP or CLAN - to avoid pointless dramas & arguments. Mostly fo
  8. as mentioned before i created this purely for my archer character, i've farmed bit over 20kk based on this table, there are no defense points and atk is formulated very simplistic - Main idea behind this table is to recognize for archer, when you are loosing adena on farm To be honest, ive spent maybe 5-6 hours to create that sheet with updating database, anyone can dowload excel and remake it for them selves
  9. Included average amount of monster user farms, Level cap for lowest monsters - Im off for tonight, will continue with populating the tables tomorrow Please let me know your comments, how accurate or helpful this info is.
  10. You can say Thanks ingame Giran Server "Rahuel - but you are welcome, im currently updating the database with missing mobs
  11. Day to day i work as an Estimator for huge company - decided to apply estimation excel skills on L2. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1wUdqn5oatYPVudRdk3t95H1QQubN5b4ERU-ZeEqofJg/edit#gid=1144732307 1. Fill out Data, mainly i made it for myself as archer, but you should be able to make it work any class 2. Efficent, do not touch it, unless you really understand what it is, I've included an efficent factor, which means how effectivly you think you are farming, right now 0.8 out of 1, which is 80% - 20% is chasing and running after monsters. After you are done, enter to NPC
  12. I joined Classic Giran week and half ago and now considering to leave
  13. Dear Devs, admins, gm's and other monsters, on Saturday and Sunday, i decidedto test your so called "VIP4" and "Rate increases for weekend" - from levels 35 to 39 farming in Lizardman area with archer and boxed clerlic. I've farmed for 17 hours straight on saturday and 9 hours on sunday. Dont know if it matters but, small 3 min breaks every 20 minutes (My longest online streak 36 hours, i put character to fish, while sleeping). PS: My buddy with VIP 0 joined in and out over course of time, not sure if it matters... heres the shocker: I received 2 item drops (I consider PP drop h
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