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  1. 21 minutes ago, KissMyKnife said:

    you mean buy Ncoin with adena? that not RMT, i talk buying Adena with Real Money,  who selling adena all time, log 100-200 account, that the 1 no1 like, should banned all eyes in  near greedy treasure chest, and the owner as well :P

    you talk as if 200 accounts is easy to manage.  can you imagine logging in 1 at a time, 200 accounts?  that takes about 3 hours.  and what happens when the server decided to crash or your internet spiked?  there goes your 3 hours.  then spend another 3 hours to log in again, sometimes having to wait behind 200-300 toons in a queue - FOR EACH OF YOUR 200 TOONS.

    you think managing 200 toons is easy?  have you ever consider the pain, a full time job just to login in each character?  not to discuss fitting them for armor, weapons, jewels, artifacts, cloaks, circlets...  damn, i cannot imagine the PAIN....  when they run out of soul shots, have to CLICK until your finger fall off your bone... click-click-click server lag, no shots created for 5 seconds, then click-click-click, shots created.... the PAIN..... i cannot imagine... making shots for 200 toons...  Just thinking about it, i prefer not to have 200 toons ROFL

  2. On 4/6/2021 at 3:30 AM, Degus said:

    sounds like he cancelled something and wants a refund of unused said time/item, in which case, NC will refund,but  then terminate your acct afterwards, this is perfectly normal.

    p.s. subscription IS mandatory payment

    No, that’s not the case.  This clause isn’t new, it has probably always been there, inserted by lawyers to cover their ass in case one day decided to start charging and no legal lawsuit can land on them.  It’s just a protection clause and in this days and age, charging does not make sense so likely they won’t ever do that.

    when people say, it’s never free, it’s because the power ups, boosters of XP, damage consumables and gambling like random boxes that provide fault sense of free gift — is the life blood of the business.

  3. 19 hours ago, Dertian said:

    I worked hard to get my character to lvl 99 some years ago. I just came back after a long break from the game just to realize that all my hard earned levels are now a complete joke. With that in mind, I made a new character to get the 7day vitality rune but today I just get screwed over again by losing an entire day of my rune with the downtime. 

    How many years did you quit?  Lv.99 cap seems like 8-9 years ago.  There is a Lv.105 cap era, Lv.110 cap era and now Lv.120 or no cap era.  Each era is like 3 years, which is forever in a 24/7 non-stop competitive game.

    look on the bright side, coming back is starting over; what char you had probably not the best or got nerfed; you can make any new class you want and make supporting toons, being self sufficient at the same time.  Coal mines is a gift for easily boosting Level99 toon to level106.  So easy, it’s like free boost.  If you think it’s hard, think 100 times harder during the 1st era after level99 cap when cap was at level105. 100 times harder and I don’t mean to exaggerate.  

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  4. I find my evi to be lacking in dmg power, is it because I focus on boosting skill power rather than just pure basic old fashion patk crit.dmg?  If evi has a combination of skill power attacks and old fashion patk crit dmg, what % to park.c.dmg vs skill power?  Can any evi share your 12 line macro?  I like to study them vs. mine, thanks.

  5. Lessons learned is if you really want to get ahead in this game, you have to be jobless and by that I mean you make more money passively like on Bitcoin or real estate than real jobs...  I don’t see how anyone in this game can be lv. 120, yes I saw a character Lv.120 posted on the winner of Olympiad.  Got to have no life and a lot of time, dedication and money.

  6. I say with super nerf enchant rate, 45b for +16 bless R95 sounds about right.  I think mine is a slasher 3 SA.  Email me in game if you’re interested in getting ready for Red Libra. I also got +20 bless R 3SA weapon, but I want 100b for it due to its rarity of enchant level no graphical effect.  

  7. On 9/25/2020 at 2:49 AM, mixa said:

    They have no reason to extend it and I'm pretty sure they won't.

    Gear yourself from the store and farm like a champ.

    I think Red Libra is a fine idea to have it permanently be part of the game.  I quit for 4 months because I wanted to take a break to focus on other more productive part of real life so I can feel rewarded for my time/energy.  Bring back a little fun and variety should be highly encouraged not discouraged.

  8. What's the new mechanism if you log in and you don't move or have command action of some kind, be it a regular toon that XPs or Giran toon shop - that you get automatically disconnects?  Is this a published fact somewhere?  a feature to speed things up for server?  what is the published seconds?  60 seconds?  120 seconds of inactivity?  

    I find this very ridiculous because there are times when my toon can just stand in a town for an entire week and not disconnect.  there is just no consistency here. 

    I like to get some answers to this.

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  9. On 8/28/2020 at 6:25 PM, Draecke said:

    actually no not easily, it means a significant cost increase unlike the cheap VMware

    stop trying to justify why you're breaking the EULA restriction of 3 clients per PC is ok as you on purpose choose the ignore the reason why we have that restriction in place to begin with..

    in a perfect world there are no rmt bots or armies of alts farming adena that leverage the cheapest means of running maximum possible accounts per pc to keep profit margins high etc. but till that day restrictions to make it as less profitable as possible and thus unburden the server load of freeloading rmt bots are here to stay

    instead of asking for allowing VMware and the like you should ask when @Juji thinks the max account restriction can be eased or lifted, maybe he could share how Korea deals with this issue as they have different rules on max account login or even better maybe we will get same system as EU/RU which means you will have to pay for every extra account you log on top of everything else ;)

    regardless allowing the use of VMware was an unintended oversight of NC which they're now fixing so just be happy it lasted for as long as it did as you knew very well it broke the rules and of course you can still choose to keep using it but know that it's not hard to detect it's actual use.

    You avoid the obvious and try to be self righteous.  I sorry to disagree but you're not going to stop people from login 27 accounts with 9 real hardware PCs/laptops with 3 each.  In the end the people with means are going to get what they want.

    I am here only to clarify the WHY single VM, which is not really a third party software - it's on the same level as Microsoft Windows 10, it's an Operating System that L2 client sits on... it does not later L2 client in any way, it does not enhance or get play advantage PvP or Pve adavatange - NOTHING.  It's like an OS L2 clients sits on.

    If you want to play the game to interpret VM as a violation of a 3rd party software, why don't you make Windows 10 a violation of a third party software?

    Bunch of senseless jealous incompetent whiners.  

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  10. So as long as we don't use VMware and we don't circumvent 3 clients per PC/laptop, then it's ok?  How are you going to stop someone with "means" to purchase an arrary of 10 computers that runs 30 clients on physical hardware?  Are you going to make new rules that you cannot have X amount of MAC address coming from a single IP?  How would you enforce that giving an ISP has an IP, and local subnet has another IP, a router can be behind another router, another router can be behind another router - where does the chase end?  Is this even remotely possible to enforce?

    So I want to know exactly what is the issue here?  

    Is this a server capacity issue that gets pushed down on us the loyal customers to "inconvenient" us?  What is the real issue here?

    And please explain the logic of why 2 laptops running 6 clients is ok but 1 laptop running 3 clients and 3 clients inside a VMware is not ok?  There is no cheating here - there is no botting 3rd party software to take advantage of scripts in PvP battles or even in PvE.  It's just a virtual machine that can easily be replaced with a physical laptop or a PC.  EASILY replaced.

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  11. If I see a 11 mobs group and someone is soloing and kill rate is such a waste (meaning underpowered and slow), I would just put 7 toons on that spot - don't care.  These individuals should just go find another spot and let people who have a full party fully utilize the mob groups.

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  12. I have been out for almost 3 months, upon returning with latest update, I find corroborating evidence from another person who also find VMware not working anymore.  This maybe a deliberate attempt by the developers to curb the use but why?  Resources are already difficult virtually in game, why curb this use?   Else remove the 3 PC limitations. 

  13. On 8/20/2020 at 3:48 PM, IWild said:

    i find this update to be very bad

    on top of all the things people listed, VMware is not working anymore after the update


    Anyone else with VMware not working?  I tried to reconfig the option.ini file to no avail... let me know if you find a solution to work around this?  This is a deliberate attempt by NCsoft to curb this use, I know it.

  14. On 6/4/2020 at 1:23 PM, Alchohealer said:

    @Hime Why dont you close server once and for all...? since you guys cant keep it fixed from bugs and lags...Also dont forget your support team is slower than death itself i ve been waiting for 1 answer for almost 26 hours now cuz of @Juji fault late info about Gem Energy item..Come on we are your costumers dont ignore and answer our questions you really like losing money cuz of your stupidy?...Tell me 1 example of support teams who needs 26 hours to answer a simple question... Tell me other games are acting really quick than you guys.....

    Can you offer a solution instead of incessantly whining and complaining? I want to hear intelligence, methodical intelligent solutions offerings.  

  15. You can study quantum physics on your brain wave, or intent can have an effect on the electron cloud of an atom.  Since your mind is somehow "entangled" or tied with all the flowing electrons at the random number generator within your computer's CPU... You can at a high level visualize whatever you want and ask the part of you that's above and beyond the material world "WHEN" to click the mouse button.... do that everytime and you will absolutely increase your probabilities than blindly just pray and hope for the best randomly without INTENT and without THOUGHT.

    I don't give a crap if you think this is woo woo or whatever, this is SCIENCE and you can find evidences to suggest the Quantum Entanglement is very real and physics are just beginning to pierce into the veil of our universe and the fundamental building blocks that makes up our reality.

    For further research, check out Princeton University's Random Number Generator and its subsequent projects that deals with human consciousness and its effect on physical machines: https://bluewatercredit.com/random-event-generators-predict-911-attacks-world-events-tune-princetons-global-consciousness-project-find/

    I am just trying to help in light of such non-sensical and defeated attitudes and comments.  Take control, be the kite flyer, not the kite being flown.

  16. 7 hours ago, Degus said:

    Most of you miss the point here, no surprise.  Not gonna waste my time explaining real life.  Your right, no 1 watches youtube. 

    so embarrassing making the mistake and actually attempts to defend it.... confusing Netflix with YouTube?  one doesn't have any quality control, any single individuals sucking on PCP or Meth head can make videos....  another requires an real corporation with deep financial pockets, expensive platform payment to be shown on the reach of hundreds of millions worldwide... 
    I'm the one not trying to explain to you about real life... and how the intricacies on how everything works and how night and day difference a Meth Head (YouTube that has ZERO quality control on who can post) vs. Legit Corporation (Netflix stringent quality control process for content and distribution rights, expensive lawyers) don't have in common.
    EMBARRASING, just embarrasing - can't tell the difference between YouTube and Netflix.

  17. 8 hours ago, Degus said:

    Might be on youtube, my bad, but still, good stuff, thats their advertising


    The difference isn't like ABC or NBC difference, it's like a million dollar McLaren race car and a Toyota Corolla difference.  How the hell you get confused with a crappy low budget - any losers from their garage can make it on YouTube vs. real main stream Game of Thrones Netflix platform?  

    C'mon man, truly this post is a fail from the start.

    I saw this video, all it says it's about East vs. West, Lineage 1 Isotropic vs. Lineage 2 3D and how the original Lineage1 is doing really well financially despite it being older.  In fact, Lineage1 has that true feeling of that old Ultima Online feeling from the mid 1990's.  That was awesome. I remember playing Ultima 7 on PC DOS in 1993, I love Dupre's crossbow and killing giant spiders in the desert.  It was remarkable in its days because you can move objects and the world server will save the object being moved.  You can kill a cat walking nearby or kill a guard and get the wrath of the other Lord British guards coming after you.  Was so cool back in 1993.  LOL.  I have a 486 computer, was 2 generation more advanced than any computer of its era since my dad works for a computer company and that was the top secret next generation machine not available for sale in public.

    Anyways, the point is - a 2D Isotropic game like that Ultima7 and Ultima Online of the mid 1990's can still be extremely fun that Lineage1 (1999) if the gameplay is done right.  Also due to the low computer specs requirement, the reach is broad, I can see why L1 has such a long longevity if the game design is excellent.

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