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  1. Welcome back Dargor! I must give my hat to you Mother Theresa, champion of the Have Nots. I feel your pain MY BRUTHA bleep DARGOR.
  2. "Also, running exalted on some iss macro along with the rest of the buffs is not sustainable for a rather large part of the community. 120 spirit ores about every 5 minutes can get costly. Or say you bring another toon just for that. They wouldn't need 14 lines just to give exalted every 1 hour." This one quote alone tells me, no one especially the NC soft developer is ever going to listen to a person WHO COMPLAINS about the cost of SPIRIT ORES. Buddy I got news for you - just quit the game if you think spirit ores is costly and non-sustainable. Seriously? You're in the wrong game
  3. I see the sentiment toward macro party is quiet negative. Why such hostility? And no one really AFK for extended since these macro breaks so easily. More lines means more convenience, just because you don't use it, doesn't mean you have to shower on other people's parade - who may want it even for non-afk purposes.
  4. First of all, I just gotta put this in, @Dargor "are you a recalcitrant?" Then for the rest of the community: With ISS, you can buff 1 extra harmony with party member, with any character that has exalted 3% or 10% buff, you can buff 1 extra person, I can write 20 pages of the justification of why, including arhcers, othell, healer, etc. 14 is not so much that it rivals full bot programming, a teenie tiny improvement to a very restricted macro that breaks and interrupts all the time, IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK?
  5. Easy request, please Expand MACRO to 14 lines from 12. Thank you.
  6. As title said, "Can you please offer an option to get rid of "...has landed a critical hit!" ? Seriously, I just want to see DMG number because base on number I know it's a CRITICAL. saves 50% of the text buffer if you need to scroll back and looks way more elegant. Please just create an option to turn that critical hit ON or OFF. Thank you.
  7. Lineage 2 has specific port and port ranges it communicates with game server(s). 1. Find out what those port and port ranges are, TCP or UDP types. 2. Although consumer grade modem generally do not have full corporate enterprise QoS, like Cisco's ISR routers with "auto QoS" which automatically provisions up the industry best practice standard DSCP (differentiated service code point) values. BUT... you can priority PORTS over other ports like Netflix streaming or Torrent traffic, which helps. 3. Your router should be the ones to priority the traffic not modem, until it's built-i
  8. Yeah what's up with that? Easter should have an event. Likely understaffed.
  9. Ah ok. Thanks Conguero, this helps explain things. I do know the bigger the prize the less chance of it winning, I can tell from the number of 100 coins we receive. If I really want just the 100 coins, I tend to play at the higher odds games but smaller prizes. Thanks for this event. I realize it's free and everything so, it's all good.
  10. it's free guys, free, gratis amigos!!
  11. Simple, use skills instead of /attack LOL so it won't hit forever until the pink goes white. who use /attack basic skills nowadays? always /target a clan member or yourself in your macro loop and it's impossible for them to time... now with the blessing of Next Target --> Monsters. It's MUCH IMPROVED, be grateful!
  12. I'm speaking of Chronos, can't say for other servers because I'm not on them. Last week it was scheduled for 5.5 hours, Reality more than 7 hours. Today it said it's scheduled 2.5 hours but it's been 3 hours and 50mins, server still down. @GM are you guys aware of this? Why is the weekly maintenance so slow to getting them back up and running and always going beyond the projected stated downtime? I want some answers. And anyone who noticed this, please feel free to chime in that you're noticing it too, not just me.
  13. I have 9 toons over Lv.100, 7 toons over Lv.104 - did not win anything yet, even after over 12,000 coins received; there are days when you get 100 coins out of 300 possible coins being losers! Bogus as shititie. Don't get me wrong, I am really happy about this event. I am not complaining. But the odds is a little suspicious. That's all I'm saying.
  14. @KissMyKnife I started a thread questioning NCsoft way to select a winner. I really want to get down the mechanics of how they select a winner because frankly, it's broken. If you don't want to flood the world with valuable items, at least say something like everyday, there will be 20 hours of no winners and 4 hours of winners; something concrete so we know.
  15. @GM Re: Oriana Event: Please kindly explain how can there be "no winner"? What is the mechanism of choosing a winner? If 100 players have the Inconspicuous Lv.1 buff, shouldn't the drawing "DRAW" from the pool of 100 players *only* to select a winner? Or there are 6000 registered players on say Chronos. Unless the drawing draws from: 1. all who are logged in, 2. all who are not logged in, 3. all those who have Inconspicuous Lv.1 buff and 4. all those who did not have Inconspicuous Lv.1 buff. Just want an official statement from GM because from official rules, I
  16. @everyone - such diversity and some from private servers, this is good to know. I guess if one were to count how many from original server before all the multiple waves of merges happen, then GoD, then more merges, that would be much more rare. @Jevs LOL - I used to love running from Dion to Giran myself... Love the scenery.
  17. @Oeste Neverland is a fictional location featured in the works of J. M. Barrie and those based on them. It is an imaginary faraway place, where Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, the Lost Boys and other mythical creatures and beings live.
  18. OMG. -.- There was a time when I could run 6 on one PC. Youtube search "K95 No Death" I posted about 5 years ago. That video was ran on a hexacore processor. At the time, more than 3 per PC limit was banned but somehow I got it running for a years after the ban until NCsoft finally really fixed the issue about 3 years ago. I thought I quit game at the time but I found a way to box 7 toons using 3 PCs, 3 mouse and 3 keyboards. It was tough but Life Goes On. muhahaha! Today I run with just 2 keyboards and 2 mouse. I ran a supercomputer (256GB ECC RAM, cost $3,200 just for the memor
  19. Thanks all for sharing. @Oeste Way more than 20? That's a relief. lol. We need some encouragements! I wonder if there there is a way to facelift the core graphics at some point to go another 10 years. What fantasy!
  20. BorninHell.... lol. You do qualify, it doesn't have to be exactly... Do share Draecke! I think we bump into each other somewhere someplace. Your name reminds me of DrakeDF from Seighardt.
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