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  1. Fixed an issue where network logs were being created in the Lineage II system folder. Thank you for fixing this, crashed one of my system with 20 gigabyte Network.log file. I had to use TreeSize.exe utility program to detect such anamoly.
  2. I agree party bonus need to be encouraged - NC, if you're reading this, please provide that 50% party bonus permanently. You just need social skills to get into a clan and you won't be so lonely. Sorry to hear you're having trouble. If you need help and in Chronos server, mail GhostintheShell and see what I can do to help you. If you're not on Chronos, best of luck.
  3. @Juji I thought you guys are going to fix the Clan request reward halving issue, I believe you identified it to be a problem in one of your maintenance notes but seems still 280 and not 560 like before in the basic daily 800/800 101+mob quests. Thanks in advance.
  4. It has already begun. You get a lot more PK or PvP flag situation than ever before. All in all, if you're a person looking at the screen more often than your neighbor, this is less of a concern than someone who truly go afk for 12 hours or longer. If you think about it, it hasn't really changed much - only the incentive to purge the server of over population. Enough to be noticed and felt.... I'm neutral to it, there are pros and cons past vs. present.
  5. First this game is 16th not 17th years. And for sake of argument, claiming been there once since BETA - DOES NOT - really tell the whole story of just how much time and money invested someone truly has. Because he could easily have quit the game for 15 or 16 years, so essentially a true bald noob who has absolutely ZERO experience with the current Goddess of Destruction "skill-based" game play system vs. normal critical rate and normal critical damage system. Also his post is 18 hours ago, this is AFTER Rune books has gone from 250m down to 110m and few days ago 99m, much cheaper than i
  6. Restarting the PC is always the best for non-tech savy people. For the more advanced, Ctrl-Alt-Del will be your life long Lineage2 game skill set to have. Because Ctrl-Alt-Del enable you to examine if NClauncher is still running. I always change the default to always shut down the NC Launcher upon launch, upon close option. That being said, once you know how to do it, it'll be nothing to write home about. In some PCs, I always leave the Ctrl-Alt-Del always on to see tasks running and resources monitoring at-all-times running in the background.
  7. Last week (for full 7 days), I did not have 1 disconnection out of 16 active and 1 shop (17 out of 17). This week same 16+1, I've had 2 disconnections already in just 2 days after maintenance. So I concur, whatever NC soft did, algorithmically or not in terms of changes made to server stability, something made the connection not as stable as last week. If I had 1 out of 1 or 3 out of 3 perfect connection, it's still just 1 or 3 but 17 is a lot more accurate comparison between this week and last week.
  8. Sounds like a story behind this shout. May I asked what happened to you?
  9. many quit due to the one shot wonder on +10 dark armor sets on a tank lol. 4 years in the making since the lady executive from ncsoft implemented the "brooch" event and rest is history. i believe that's right around the time when Life from RR quit after blowing up his +14 dark bow (back in 2015!), he never knew about the hidden 2 token rule, on top of the P2W, he along with many others quit. like Andouille, I stayed out of the PvP not much so for the imbalance in gear but for the prevalent PvP cheating software that can auto target your healer even if you have 6 toons stacked on top of
  10. Were you invited by your friends to play this? What country are you from? Server is at full capacity, your friends didn't tell you? I think eventually server capacity will be upgraded or the more likely the scenario is the server will be split into 2 but NC has to make limited time to transfer server for free.
  11. So after my post, that greedy farmer took most of his AH posting off and jack up the price to 250m to artificially seem like there are low quantity. DO NOT BE DECEIVED!! He probably has over 1,000 Qty. just sitting out there. Just resist buying and work together to get Ncsoft to do a 20nc coin promo for a single Rune book and watch his greedy ass BURN and SUFFER.
  12. What date is the Twitter post by Juji on this? Unless you're pulling my legs. TIA if you're not.
  13. Though bad English, but you make EXCELLENT suggestion sir!
  14. Paul, no need to even mentioned winter war patch because you have countless confirmation from the entire community. In fact, I would even challenge you to find another person just like you, who did not receive a Dragon Shirt after exalted 2. I bet you cannot. You have all the statistical relevance to build a case here. If the NCSoft contractor customer from India or other foreign lands who never play L2 but read off scripts and copy/paste from their "knowledge database" tell you before and after winter war patch, it will just confuse the matter more for Juji. Simply put, you did no
  15. @Hime @Juji LIneage 2 Remastered Unreal Engine 4.0 - can we confirm this is happening? If so, approx. what year and quarter will graphics will be facelifted and overhauled? Any news url you can share?
  16. all very good points, you forget there are 5 marks - including fire (fear).
  17. We're not talking about limited supply so the price is expensive... we're not talking about 5-8 Rune books left or even 50-80 Runes books left. We're talking about close to 800 Rune books and will be approaching 1000 Rune books that no one can buy. Chronos Auction House currently has 750~800 Rune books cornered by Farmers... @225m each where as the old price was at 55m. It's now costing 1.8b for a person to learn a skill, some ISS, Feoh really need to learn their necessity skills. @Hime @Juji Please create an event that will crash the farmer's market and make hoarding necessity supp
  18. What part of Juji's published definitive DPS test do you not understand? Not normal attacks, SKILL based DPS. DualDaggers > Shaper in DPS in every situation. But DPS is not important in PvP, I said this like 5 times already? Trash attitude.
  19. Alright, time for another round of GM buffs and 2x FREE 200% 1-week XP Runes
  20. Remember DPS overall Dualdaggers has higher patk and hits twice vs single hitting once. Juji did a test years ago, DPS still holds dual dagger as king over shaper in PVE situation. in PvP it isn't about DPS over a long period of time, PvP is about who's first to interrupt other's skill cast and Shaper has that advantage.
  21. Btw, Earth Wyrm gives 20% crit.dmg vs typical 15% of most rings. Juji posted that couple of years ago.
  22. @Sinergy you are absolutely right, we need to demand more than NCSoft to get real with the money they've made and upgrade the infrastructure reflective of their phenomenal business growth in revenue over the past 2-3 years. @Juji @Hime - bringing this to your attention, respectfully.
  23. damn straight. either boost server capacity or do a server split.
  24. What leveling spots were you continuously killed?
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