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  1. Dual Dagger is better overall for PVE... Juji tested that years ago in terms of DPS in various scenarios... however, some claimed despite the lower patk of Shaper (single), in PvP situations the reuse rate and that speed to get the crit dmg out wins matches, especially in Olympiad. I don't know if anyone else can add to this but I personally think Shaper must have its place in PvP due to its extreme crazy speed. What happens in a PvP dual or Oly scenario is everything gets slowed down to the match delta between 2 players... so Shaper advantage cannot be realized in a fully buff PVE party
  2. My Lv.109 Summoner kill the K110 boss ("Sparta") faster than my Lv.109 Tank (133 STR with +20 bless weapon) lol. Actually my Light Elf (Elemental Master) summoner's AOE damage, I love it. Wynn summoner gets 4 AOE skills ("Cherub") PLUS 5 marks (you just need 4 out of 5 to get that +30% crit.dmg bonus) for a single target boss. Elemental Master's default crit.damage is already higher than other types, plus +I5% crit.dmg from 2x Lv.8 SAs, plus Earth Wyrm, they keep on stacking. I think Wynn isn't too bad. Sometimes I feel in the realm of AOE, daggers are the ABSOLUTE worst class for AOE.
  3. That bad? But doesn't the SA on the weapon transfer and 4 or more Marks gives +30% critical damage? Wynn summoners against bosses with insane high pref or pvp players with high pref has a set HP reduction skill that ignore their defenses.
  4. Clan Rep. appears lower on several clan missions Is this for real? So they might restore 560 points per 800 mobs finally.
  5. Since scamming is so condoned and loved by all community, why don't we open up an University of Scam so people can learn the art of human weakness to make a profit. Scamming is fully condoned by the community "you fell for it, deal with it", how cool is that?
  6. doesn't hurt to send in a ticket, maybe they'll do something for you - i don't know. but high probability, nothing will be done. looking at the whole perspective of things, it's a small drop in a large ocean - none factor in terms of your overall livlihood for the health of your journey for years to come - if you make it past your first year.
  7. 5 ISS types - short summary Both of these 2 are my favorites, +15% p.atk, +15% matk., +15% pdef, +15% mdef, balance and great for mages. 1. Spectral Dancer - specialize in MDEF 2. Sword Muse - specialize in defense against Archer and Daggers 3. Dominator - the only ISS that is PvP specific and for clans. +15% skill power p.atk and m.atk but expense to use 100 spirit ore vs. 20 spirit ores of Doomcryer 4. Doomcryer - 15% skill power for both p.atk and m.atk for only 20 spirit ores, superior party buffer. can stack with Sword Muse and Spectral Dancer. 5. Hierophant - no
  8. my connection has been 100% stable past 7 days, all 18 of them. the problem with identifying server to be the source of DC is we do not know the algorithm in which NC prioritize region of the world such as US over outside the US, and/or other variable factors. There are just too many unknowns, including regional and continental ISP routing hops along the way to Austin, TX NCsoft server farm. I apologize if the server is not in Austin but I know for sure NC West is hosted in the State of Texas. I am in Houston on vacation (stay at home order), last I checked the ping is 6ms, which is insane
  9. daily reset time is roughly 4 hours before the server reset period. it's been like that year for over 10 years.
  10. how is it a scam when you're getting something for something? i think it's a scam when you pay and get nothing.
  11. I heard there are 800+ in queue today (Sunday May 3rd, 2020) LOL.
  12. I disagree with you. NC is investing in Unreal Engine 4.0 UI facelift, if that happens, this game will take advantage of multi-core processing and GPU. Also it's same old people without money blaming all their troubles on the rich, as in real life, as in this game. But I do agree NC customer service is horrible due to the agents hired never played the game or using just cookie cutter questions and answers.
  13. Anyone have updated table in English of the cost of the progression of weapon upgrade from R to R95 to R99 to R110 for all enchant level to +30?
  14. I think I can help. If your goal is to diversify experiences across different classes, create a new toon so you can experience them same time. For dualclass, just grab a class using your same gear - in this case, do archer/archer so you can quickly get to 105 to max obtain dualclass skill. If you really don't want to spend money on another set of armor, a light armor of your archer, you can pair it with Wynn dualclass for diversified fun. Instead of bow, you just need a 2h magic staff (preferably highly enchant as possible) as Wynn summoner strictly uses that weapon and for transferi
  15. lineage 2 clients has a way to leak memory over time, how much is that first PC's RAM that you have a hard time connecting 3 clients? Also you're exaggerating on the queue, take a picture of 450-500 in queue because I would love to see that. Second, take a picture with a watch and really show me you waited 90mins. I will tell you i have waited on 215 in queue and I waitied for maximum of about 10-12 minutes, every few seconds drop by 2-4 positions.
  16. If you use debit card (cash), you have to pay $0.41 tax on top of $5.00. I bet you didn't know that. With credit cards, you don't have to pay the $0.41 cents. I thought with debit cards usually you get BENEFITS not penalty!
  17. oh God Mixa, you are so dead right about THAT! Bunch of noobs coming into this server, have NO IDEA how easy they had it. You're not suppose to be seeing billions and billions of XP per mob, that just isn't L2. They don't know what REAL grind is. I mean, they're complaining now with Macros... how about 100 times less XP without Macros or PK Scam? lol.
  18. @Juji Please remove the 95 inventory restriction (main - dual - switch), make it 125 or higher so it'll never be an issue. This is very SERIOUS issue everyone in the community is complaining about. Thank you!
  19. I just realized that I asked this exact same question! This is absurd
  20. Clan Quest 280 per vs 560 for hunting 800/800 lv.101+ mobs a bug too? Why reduce after you increased?
  21. Where is your proof of this? I have 99 kids in the family and each owns a Alienware Gaming Behemoth with RTX2080, I should be able to run 297 clients behind 1 IP. So start showing some proof with the 1 IP bull crap. Better yet, show me on a technical level (you're talking to a CCIE Voice engineer here) how you would go about blocking 4th client on a single iP? What if that IP is spooked, proxied and/or masked? If you don't even know what I am asking, then the Answer is Your A Fake News.
  22. I'm so awe stricken with such profound science in which you go about quantifying such precise numbers, I am so unworthy in your presence - O your imminence.
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