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  1. @TheHaggarDagger ok - I was able to do staggered 4mins/2mins rotational POM. I guess the description in the game icon hasn't been updated since the old "glare" self skill now called ISS Spirit is always on meaning, technically speaking, it's a single POM buff. I believe instead of the old 10mins reuse, now it's 5mins reuse... but in reality with staggered buff minus minus reuse rate, it's more like 2.5 mins (half of the description). In the old days, instead of 10mins, in reality it's really 5mis per double POM buffs. Thanks, this is all cleared up now.
  2. mentee farming is killing the server... put some type of check in place so people cannot just blatantly farm... or if want to farm, in a limited way (max account per IP) or something...
  3. Anyone know if the following DEBUFF stack on the physical and magic defense? 1. ISS's Assault Crash - AOE debuff -40% p./m.atk -40% p./m. def 2. ISS's Chaos Symphony - AOE debuff -40% p./m.atk -40% p./m. def plus -50% skill crit rate 3. Feoh's Mass Ruin - AOE debuff decrease skill crit rate -15% plus -30% p./m. def Is there a way to prove this either way? If the debuff landed does not remove previous debuff in the player buff/debuff informational bar, does that mean it DOES stack? Or it only take the HIGHEST or LAST (given equal) debuff only?
  4. every 6 months, you can use 2 tokens to restore "consumable". hopefully Hero rewards are considered consumable. submit a ticket
  5. well, no wonder... no I have not notice, I thought it's just a bug that'll get fixed in a patch. when you have RL and 12 characters to run, that little detail was annoying but it get queued up way back in the afterburner of things to look into... I finally just have had enough during this Covid19 and 6 weeks of awesomeness xp event. thank you though for letting me know.
  6. Can some Hierophant test this: Suppose Char1Name = "Salad", Char2Name = "Bagel" Hierophant macro1: /target Salad /useskill Prophesy of Might /target %self /useskill Healing Melody /target Bagel /useskill Prophesy Of Might Hierophant macro2: /target Salad /useskill Prophesy of Might /delay1 (I also tried without delay or longer delay - nothing works) /target Bagel /useskill Prophesy Of Might Salad gets the POM but Bagel never gets it even though in the past it used to work but few updates ago, it stopped working. ISS should be able to buff up
  7. Have anyone noticed that the macro ability of Hierophant to buff double POM across 2 DDs in the same party has no longer been working for a while now? Anyone? You can still double buff POM manually but if it is setup in a macro, the first one will buff but the second one just won't happen. Has NC been made aware of this? Or am I missing something? I tried /delay and cast other stuff first but no help, Again, manually buffing 2 DDs works but just when put in MACRO - no longer works. IT USED to WORK.
  8. This was "unscheduled" so by definition, whatever that announcement was for something else. Unscheduled means unexpected, unknown, a surprise and unannounced.
  9. It's weird how a profitable game got it this bad in the PR and customer support. 16 years. It must be a monopoly.
  10. GM buff after unscheduled Chronos server maintenance and extend event for 1 more week?
  11. Thank you! You speak the truth about Mixa! There are people that are so delusional, they have no clue how the world views them and they live in their own bubble. In psychology, some people lack healthy childhood, motherly love with a self confidence deficit. In psychology journals, those with worse case of self confidence issues tend to want to step on others to feed their ego of self entitlement - it's as if they don't say something bad about others, they'll die or something. Psychology aside, on factual point-by-point Mixa is a casual player who is against people of means, people of
  12. Does anyone cares about a anti-macro person's opinion who cannot keep up with the rest of the community? I remember you ridicule those who use legitimate macros and loose expensive gears to PK scammers back when that was possible and frequent. You actually blame legitimate macro users until NCsoft decided enough is enough and permanently took away the drop gear functionality forever (NCsoft did the right thing, for that I am very appreciative of this historic decision) -- people who actually have money that NCsoft cannot loose as customers. I understand your need to be recognized when you l
  13. Mixa, I suspect you just like to respond to everyone's post but you don't seem to be a true competitive player at the highest level, not in the past, now or ever will be. I suspect you don't even play. if you do I apologize but your comment regarding past archers just totally way off park and really shows your lack of knowledge at the highest competitive levels. Having an archer one shot kill you requires context, if you're so weak, any weak class, weak race can still one shot you. But among the elites, my opinion has consensus and backed up by experienced. And as active player for 16 yea
  14. A friend of mine told me about this informal policy.... ask me to OE my +23 bless bow.... despite the allure to do so, I refused. I agree it should be reserved for true accident like LIFE's +14 dark bow back when it was the highest bow on Chronos server.... LIFE was leader of RR when RR was still relevant. LIFE quit directly because he blew up +14 dark bow... and among other things such as the rise of P2W. He -- instead of using the Destruction scrolls, accidentally used the normal enchant. That and his personal life, his marriage I heard tipped him over the edge and quit for good.
  15. why give you blood weapons so you can go kill people with paid vitality packs?
  16. 2 or more in a party, xp bonus already happening before and now all that AND multiply those XP by 1.5X
  17. It's a myth and a one time fluke, it's not gospel LOL
  18. @Daikon thanks man for taking the time to explain with such details... I wouldn't even try Shooter... it's dumb that the Exalted weapon given is Shooter which is shit for archers... Not that I really care since I got a +23 bless bow.... Just that it will save me the cost of being curious about a +16 bless Shooter just to play around from my extra unused +16 bless weapons (Stormer with Dreadnaught Dualclass that I don't play anymore). So my LE archer is a PVP type Tricker, is that the reason why I got a Exalted Shooter as free gift and not an Exalted Bow? Is this also why Kamael race went E
  19. Did you just join this game recently during the Server Event that if you die, you don't loose XP? ROFL
  20. Ok, nothing has changed... current Red Libra just has the same as before...
  21. I just realize normal archer now can use CrossBow due to recent Exalted Lv.1 & Lv.2 rewards seeing my archer got rewarded a Crossbow. Sure enough in the Passive, says Bow/CrossBow... I had no idea when that got changed, it used to be only Kamael can use CrossBow. So... due to Red Libra, I can convert some of my high-end weapons to CrossBow - any advantage pro and con of crossbow vs. bow? anyone? Thanks.
  22. Is it me or I feel SEER got double BOOSTED in their M.Attack?! Seriously, my Lv.106 SEER had barely 225k m.atk on normal buff without any BR or special toggle... that was only 2 weeks ago... then last week i noticed M.atk went up to 300k+... and after this wednesday server update, now 485k (with Red Elysium Blessing +30% m.atk but that's only 30%!!) !! this is not a toggle m.atk., this is just normal buff... Anyways, i don't have the exact math or whatever, I just feel in general SEER got boosted silently and quietly
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