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  1. Cloack enchant

    +1 Scam NCsoft also intentionally made Maphr's Luck Shirt +7 Useless in regards to these... Suspect! Shame! Sorry to those who had spent!
  2. Hair Accessory Appearance Slots

    Please, create an extra area of 2 slots just to affect the appearance of the hair accessories. The OP stuff isn't great looking, and it'd be nice to give use/value to normal hair accessories (bonus would not be applied). Often times NCsoft spends all their time devoted to other things... Perhaps an entire character window devoted to skins? Unless this will be in a future update already? It'd be nice to give use to Hair Accessories.
  3. Problems with Dwarven Race

    As you can see R-SS normal price now 184a each, R-crystals 30k each... Part of the problem is the disappearing crystals when every time a player makes a powerful enhancement to their items, or has to make an exchange. So they are disappearing fast, soon you won't even be able to find any even if priced at over 30k mark my words. So basically the economy is collapsing literally from the crystal up. So keep thinking you idiots know more than me.
  4. Suggestion: Make Tank Cubics recyclable

    Agreed Not sure it is possible because they are an external summon... But if you look at other chars such as Tyrr where just about everything fathomable is recyclable it would make sense. And seeing how some synergy buffs ride through them, yeah make it so. EDIT: Also the Rise shield sort of skills are buggy, and the tank can't move correctly with them enabled... So they are practically useless.
  5. Problems with Dwarven Race

    Maybe not 1v1 but when you see a storm of 1k dwarves just blasting everyone in blazing swamps you'll know when the protest is happening, soon, at a predetermined date and time >:D
  6. Not trying to make a long post here but, there are certain issues from other angles that have affected the Tyrr Maestro indirectly. R-crystals right now are overpriced from their usual close to vendor price of 13-14k (NPC 12.5k?) Weapons are asked for the price of 230m and up (usually) on normal apocalypse they don't yield enough crystals. The only maestro that can benefit from R-Crystal farming is ones that are given equips (weaps armors to crush) from EPICS. So your average Tyrr Maestro to benefit from MSSR crafting actually loses practically. Don't worry about the math already witnessed it 1st hand... The other problem is YOU CAN BUY MSSR FROM NCoin!!!! So you have completely shat on this Mysterious Soulshot R crafting to make money on dwarves. Spoilers: Nothing good spoiling that I can see for god knows how long... It's terrible, you should offer them a free class change or something anyone with Othell Fortune Seeker. Thanks for attending my TED talk. EDIT: And IF YOU DO NOT COMPLY WITH OUR REQUESTS FOR FIXING THIS DISASTER WE WILL BE FORCED (AS A RACE) TO RISE UP AND GO PERMA RED ON PLAYERS TO GET REVENGE!

    I (Derpomatic Master Of Universes) propose everyone gets 200% rune 1-day or 7-day, as reward for inconvenience.