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  1. You just sound like a miserable loathe. Sounds like you got your pack? Sorry you feel that way towards others, may you get a life.
  2. How is 4am (NY Time Zone) 1am (Pacific Time Zone) Fair for this "Black Friday 100x Destiny Pack"... How is this a thing, it's not even friday, and how can you limit to only 100 when a lot of people desperately need (cause of COVID demolishing the economy). I could understand like 1,000 perhaps that would cover most the top players, but 100 gone in 4 seconds, isn't reasonable at all... It should be 1 per account, no purchase limit, perhaps until Friday @ midnight? Kind of an irrational approach to all of this... js..
  3. Just going to relay what everyone here is thinking... You remove Red Libra (red elysium buff with it)... When you made the mistake of party bonus, people have bought countless $ in erupting, emperor rune packs etc... How is that fair? It wouldn't really impact anything look at the top 10% of the server already 110-116. Getting roses for average players is tedious and annoying, and wouldn't really impact the overall ladder. Certain classes are so Overpowered that people are having to switch and abandon theirs for being so Underpowered. Is there anything I'm missing? #DERPO2020
  4. I would also like to add that the Korean L2 offers players a "sever dual class" service which dismantles your dual class from your character into a vacant character slot on the same account... All of this would reduce the need to reroll, and have to worry about Olympiad on a "Mained Dualclass' and reduce the player traffic in lowbie spots. There are countless players who have spent countless amounts of real life money, and I'm sure it would increase revenue for NCsoft, seeing as it would be charged a fee for the service such as name change and race change etc.
  5. May we please get at least 1 more week of Red Libra, because of this exp event and the high demand out of classes, changes, challenges, it would be super useful to keep it up for new and current players. Don't see why not...
  6. Please GM's offer the swap dual to main class service, I speak only for my pals that wish to switch their dual to their main due to newfound appreciation for their selected dual class. It would lower pollution on lowbie spots especially, and discourage rerolling. Almost every player agrees to this suggestion, please hear the players!
  7. Maybe allow app stones to work on stuff at least, and maybe allow app stones on exalted quest armor, getting sick of looking at the eternal all the time rofl
  8. I understand that announcement, It shouldn't even be a thing how are players allowed to even do these sort of open world actions during a siege is what needs to be asked. Where are the programmers that can work out the kinks in the game, the Koreans need to get back on track they were doing pretty good but now the momentum needs to pickup again, and basic features need to be working correctly so it is not up to punishing people but the system should be able to be turned off for a siege. Well by now should expect those things to be fixed, I'm sure the Korean's are working on it now
  9. MyTeleport needs to be OFF during siege, demonic swords (?), no exceptions. period. Summoner summon should not work within X of a siege field, ( X = aproximately a castle towns distance. Changes would inherently bring the fun back to the sieges. That MyTP feature is just too good! Copious amount of pay2win, average players cannot just "jump in" and/or work hard for comparable gear options. The free side of the game needs more detail, you can't just spit in the face of people not able to spend hundreds in cash anymore. Maybe if their characters weren't AOE one shots they could play the ga
  10. +1 Scam NCsoft also intentionally made Maphr's Luck Shirt +7 Useless in regards to these... Suspect! Shame! Sorry to those who had spent!
  11. Please, create an extra area of 2 slots just to affect the appearance of the hair accessories. The OP stuff isn't great looking, and it'd be nice to give use/value to normal hair accessories (bonus would not be applied). Often times NCsoft spends all their time devoted to other things... Perhaps an entire character window devoted to skins? Unless this will be in a future update already? It'd be nice to give use to Hair Accessories.
  12. As you can see R-SS normal price now 184a each, R-crystals 30k each... Part of the problem is the disappearing crystals when every time a player makes a powerful enhancement to their items, or has to make an exchange. So they are disappearing fast, soon you won't even be able to find any even if priced at over 30k mark my words. So basically the economy is collapsing literally from the crystal up. So keep thinking you idiots know more than me.
  13. Agreed Not sure it is possible because they are an external summon... But if you look at other chars such as Tyrr where just about everything fathomable is recyclable it would make sense. And seeing how some synergy buffs ride through them, yeah make it so. EDIT: Also the Rise shield sort of skills are buggy, and the tank can't move correctly with them enabled... So they are practically useless.
  14. Maybe not 1v1 but when you see a storm of 1k dwarves just blasting everyone in blazing swamps you'll know when the protest is happening, soon, at a predetermined date and time >:D
  15. Not trying to make a long post here but, there are certain issues from other angles that have affected the Tyrr Maestro indirectly. R-crystals right now are overpriced from their usual close to vendor price of 13-14k (NPC 12.5k?) Weapons are asked for the price of 230m and up (usually) on normal apocalypse they don't yield enough crystals. The only maestro that can benefit from R-Crystal farming is ones that are given equips (weaps armors to crush) from EPICS. So your average Tyrr Maestro to benefit from MSSR crafting actually loses practically. Don't worry about the math already witnessed it
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