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  1. what lvl needs party members to be in cruma tower ?
  2. zanfire link is totally wrong. i must check those mobs that you refer to your second post lloth.ty
  3. where can i find proof of blood for making clan lvl3? i need 100 of them.
  4. So tsounakas you report the other guy and if the gm find that his is boting gets baned. But if the gm finds that he does not bot no penalty for you?????? You want it all yours.but it does not works like this. When you press the report button first you must be sure and second there is a risk and for you too,to get banned. Cause maybe you wanted to revenge the other guy that agro your mobs. So yes there is a risk and for those who press the bot button.
  5. You dont need to be afraid if you are clean. But [edited] and his friends must be punished if you are clean.
  6. Multibox must stop cause helps solo exp/farm and the hole idea of l2 is not that!!!! The idea of l2 is to play with other people. Only then you enjoy the full joy that l2 has to offer you. And yes i dont want to see people like overdps and foxes to empty all raid bosses and farm areas with their boxes. They do only bad to the game. And also i dont like to see 2 supports following 1 main in farming zones.
  7. With the multiboxes we dont know how many ppl are behind the pc. And when sieges and others comes then you realize that 3k ppl is 1k, Then you say where are all the ppl gone? So company must make 1 acount per iq. We must know the excact number of players on each server. And also this destroys support clases existance. If no prophet for example could be boxed,then those who create prophet for their main char would feel like kings ingame,cause maybe they dont do all the dmg but everybody would want them in party and also they could make adena profit by selling their
  8. While i solo farm i notice that many players that solo farm too have 2 boxes to follow them all the time. 1 box is heal and the other is buffer,or bd/prophet or some other combination of support. This not only creates the queue and makes ppl that want to play with 1 char to quit , but also destroys those classes and theit meaning of their role and finally destroys the game itself. 1 guy yesterday had 6 clients open in 1 pc...... The solution to that is simple . 1 account per pc.ty.
  9. I agree with boziggy...... Leave us alone man!!!! Go cry somewhere else!!!!
  10. They wont loose anything ...stop grinding and play ....this is l2!!!!! welcome to the real world!!!!!
  11. Companys work on classic server is great. So stop grinding. There are quests that gives hole armors sets.... So stop grinding and do them... D grade is not an easy thing to achieve at lvl 30.... Get some chronicle packs from galeria .they help a lot and their prices are reasonable Nothing is free in life.you must understand this and stop grinding. Great work guys !!!! ty for l2classic!!!! i love it!!!!!
  12. There is nothing left on naia for most of the people omen. Only few rich people enjoy the full joy that l2 has to offer to players.And those few are the rich people. So let the rest of us enjoy this game on another server like l2 classic. Yesterday i played for first time classic and l2 became for me what i used to love during the past. Before l2store promos make their appearances more and more often. I will buy the chronicle pack and some of ingame supplies that all will cost me at around 50 dollars per month. And yes around those amount of money i am glad to giv
  13. I have 103/105 lvl chars on naia, that i have spend around 2k dollars so far. But this time the only thing that is in my thought is how to get better on classic server. You gave us our favorite game back with classic server. Great job guys.I was writing many negative things for company but now i must say that i am satisfied with classic server. But please dont put gear promos in future on classic server.Keep it as it is. Everything that is related to gear must be accomplished ingame and for all the people that spend some hours every day from their lifes. With not
  14. let them continue their policy omen and soon no player will be left in game. if no cheaper items appear ingame, no future exists for l2 for sure.
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