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  1. adena farm: grab your 9 box, grab a room, enable your auto macro or bot and have fun.
  2. They clearly have no idea about what they doing. First they removed box limit. Now they made a boss event that spawn on a single location and everyone can attend. Recipe for caos.
  3. Because they do not care. Lineage 2 Classic was launched just to grab as much cash they can with the least resources as possible <- This is the business model and the reason why you are able to login on a official Lineage 2 server. Lineage 2 will remain treated poorly for the rest of it existence since the profit in return is very low compared to mobile market. So, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade... or just throw the rotten lemons away.
  4. Why do you think they disabled the client limit ? Working as intended: whales getting all the goodies.
  5. Go check necropolis. A bot train in every room, literally.
  6. To understand what is going on with this game you must think of a Casino of Las Vegas. To keep the profit coming dirty stuff are happening behind the scenes without the customers awareness. This same model applies to Lineage 2. Bot, adena and those events are the pillar of game profit design.
  7. Yep. Might as well rename the areas as following: Ant Nest to Bot Nest Forgotten Temple to Bot Temple Abandoned Camp to Bot Camp Cruma Tower to Bot Tower, ...and so on.
  8. learn to use ctrl+f, noobs.
  9. ] https://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2018-05-16-ncsoft-profits-up-by-585-percent-to-usd110m-in-q1-2018 "Netmarble’s Lineage 2: Revolution crossed $1 billion in revenue in first year" As you can see why would this company care that much about the PC gaming market ?! I bet Lineage 2 has a tiny develop team assigned to do stuff. Reason why most events are RNG/Gambling focused. If NCSOFT really wanted to deliver a quality server, without bots and pay to win stuff, they could, BUT the amount of profit in return would not be "good" for them compared to the resources alloc
  10. A week to fix icons ? The game code is really that messy ?
  11. Client limit removed so the "good players" (aka Whales) can box all much as they want and grab all the event goodies plus their hundreds of bots generating adena and gear all over the Kingdom of Aden. This server is meant and tailored perfectly for Whales.
  12. How you will buy tickets if adena is so low
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