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  1. What you guys think

    Just a analogy
  2. What you guys think

    Yes, english in not my primary language, but I do my best to point my subject. I hope y'all will understand. First, I just pointed a question to see if other people would agree. Second, I simple cannot understand how players can go through all this gameplay design: killing the same mob over and over again for days and even weeks, having multiple accounts logged to be able to keep up with the forced painful grind design of the early days of mmos. All this grind design was intended, back in the subscriptions days, to keep players as busy as possible to remain subbed. Now my true insatisfaction is: everything feels and play generic. It is all about killing mobs until forever. As a first time playing this game, It looks like insanity, so I pointed the word masochism, but other words can also be related like sadism. The only words that come to my mind to describe a person that go through this slow, generic and clunky gameplay. Have fun!
  3. Masochism and Lineage 2 Related or not related ?
  4. Known Issue: Server Login/Select Issue

    Anyone not from Brazil also not being able to login on the classic servers ?
  5. Solution for login problems

    Looks like alot of IP from south america has been banned.
  6. In my personal opinion, it is not a coincidence that the game is the way it is. Somehow ncsoft is profiting over adena seller. If you are a VIP player you can level up faster but your adena income does not keep up with your faster level up. What a premium player (aka VIP) finds out after reaching level 40~50 ? No adena to buy grade C gear/weapon. What the premium player will do ? Grind for weeks, killing the same pack of mobs over and over again, to be able to afford the minimun gear to keep playing or, frustrate, buy adena !? I don't know for sure, but everything in this game is very suspicious: having a class perfectly designed for botting, everything in the game is tremendous expensive in comparison to the amount of farm effort necessary to buy it. Low rates is so low that, I guess, only botters can afford the time to drop the top tier SB. Also, after 15 years, mass botting is still a thing an go on like a natural aspect of the game and GM still treat it bureaucratically. No way ncsoft is not profiting over the adena sellers, otherwise, adena sellers are making more money than ncsoft.
  7. If you not being able to login in the classic server, install Betternet (VPN), connect to it and them connect to the game.
  8. My everyday rutine

  9. DELETE BOTS (solution)

    Just let those "TOP GUILDS" being the in "top" by giving money to chinese/russian adena farmers. Being "good" at Lineage 2 must be worth each cent they spent. Dude must have a pathetic life existence for doing such practices to be good at the game. "Hey, I suck irl but at least i'm good at this game!". Meanwhile a russian/chinese botter laughing in the corner of the room.
  10. Any ideas for better equipiment?

    Use your poison
  11. Is l2 Wiki down ?

    Sorry! This site is experiencing technical difficulties. Try waiting a few minutes and reloading. (Cannot access the database) You can try searching via Google in the meantime. Note that their indexes of our content may be out of date. Lineage 2 Classic Encyclopaedia WWW
  12. DELETE BOTS (solution)

    If you are fishing or with shop open of course you don't need a captch. If player has shop or fishing actived, captcha = false. My suggetion is: a GM with teleport/fly cheat to travel across the game world monitoring each major zone. Is not that hard to identify a bot. Just looking by the bot behavior and looping pattern and instant ban with no regrets.
  13. whales > subscribers. profit over quantity.
  14. South American Servers

    Remove us and L2 turns into a single player game for you lol.
  15. Should Shillien Oracle grab Robe or Light Armor ?