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  1. Forget Support. Disable Anti-virus, firewall. or Ask to some friend zip their xingcode folder, and replace.
  2. Giran - crashing today?

    Disconected again, again, again, again. Dead, Dead, Dead, Dead 4x, I give up this game.
  3. After DC, i cant pass server select

    the server is back, and me dead.

    server down. the bots are crazy. LOL
  5. Fix adena!!!

    Forget this. there is a system((((( P2W ))))) this server is FREE to PLAY and NEVER will change. or you leave or BUY Adenas. or pray for luck. ( drop book )
  6. After Disconect , i cant pass server select.
  7. https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/11365-cant-login-xingcode3-error-the-solution/
  8. Can't get past server selection

    Solved, Ty all.
  9. Can't get past server selection

    I give the pass to my friend and he CAN log with my accont, when i try log in my home, i CANT.
  10. Can't get past server selection

    I did ALL and cant login
  11. Can't get past server selection

    A lot of BOTS can LOGIN and the real players CANT. LOL
  12. This is hilarious

    The END of Ocidend servers Income. Execution ground 100% are bots, e NCsoft dont ban. LOL
  13. ERROR Launcher Update

    If you changed the default folder c:\ to any... you will hae ve this error. If did not changed, ignore my words.
  14. South American Servers

    No adenas drop FIX, the US server will die. forget SA server.