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  1. 3 accounts locked

    i'm play 5 years and i'm banned in 3 accounts for "3rd party program" a i never use any 3rd party program

    L2 wiki is updated but rates is for european server
  3. careful, this XinCode has a malfunction, as you can see the bot are never banned, but if you block the accounts of people who do not use them when it issues an error, I have banned all my accounts with which I have been 3 years playing in addition to having bought approximately 24k of Ncoins and without using any bot or third party program for an error and NC SOFT does not take care of the inefficiency of its "anticheat" program. I have already migrated to the European servers in which you can get the items simply by playing, but I leave you here detailed to do to prevent losing your things. - SELL EVERYTHING ON THE WEB PAGE THAT BUYS ADENA OR ITEMS OF LINEAGE AND NEVER MAS RETURNS TO NCWEST. - DO NOT SPEND YOUR TIME ON A SERVER THAT DOES NOT VALVE THE LEGITIMATE PLAYERS BUT IF THE BOTS DRIVE IN PLACES LIKE GARDEN OF GENESIS AND FAIRY NC SOFT does not care how many dollars you spend or that there is no bot just want you to start again and spend again what you have already spent and more. they do not give explanations and do not admit their mistakes. I even thought to finish my engineering studies and send a job application to ncwest to be able to work with them in the game I love so much but now that desire has disappeared. I hope not the same thing happens to me but I hope they take precautions or that ncsoft goes to work, accept and solve their mistakes. Without more to say I retire. Greetings to all, let the light of Einhasad guide you, and the fury of Shilen and Aulakiria (who saw her cry) eliminate those who make the game fall into this misfortune
  4. weapons

    in l2wiki there are all items in the game but not in a list
  5. system requirements

    if you realy have video options in the best lower details you can play with a hamsters running for power your pc
  6. Wisp quest

    click the cristal and walk near to the wisps until quest monster appear
  7. LUC stat and enchant

    whit LUC stat you have more luck but the luck is the luck i have 35 LUC and enchant my eternal robe +8 only expend 2b. the luck is in you no in the game
  8. Spoil chances incorrect

    L2wiki rates are for EU version of the game
  9. but mobs no drop adena until lvl 40+
  10. Enchant Lucky !!! :D

  11. Buster,Caster or Retributer?

    if you are Sayha Seer Retributer is the best option this class can't equip sigil