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  1. Submit a ticket to support on offical website as soon as you can... I cant promise you anything but if you dont use the product you shouldnt have any troubles with it
  2. Imagine that we buy a dagger in the auction house, an apocalypse one, for example. Well... since Im pretty noob after come back for a long time, I dont know how to prepare my weapon... 1.- enchant it to at least +3 and then? Thanks for the replies <3
  3. Thanks for such a good response and for your time friend!
  4. I need help with my ghost hunter... I already did all the dragon valley quests (even the dragon flesh farming one) and now Im wandering from dragon valley to monastery of silence or imperial tomb killing for ages mobs that gives me 0.02 exp (I know that in the future this will be normal but at least for now Im asking if there is a faster way to reach level 85 thanks for reading and sorry for my terrible english.
  5. Im going to play solo for a few months, I know that the key of success in this game is teamwork but I come from l2 where I play for so many years with a lot of people and this time I feel like I want to play alone at least for the moment. I dont want to get rich or become max level, I just want to enjoy the game slowly with my artisan, my scavenger and my buffer. Some kind of retirement lol So wich buffer should I play with? 1.- I need it to help my scavenger to do his work properly. The higher the lvl I can reach without extra help the better! 2.- I need to resist with 0 proble
  6. Hi, first of all sorry if my english hurts your eyes but it's not my native language, anyways I'll try my best, I'm about to create an scavenger to start playing L2 Classic after a 2 years break. Im looking for a good source of information where I can see the drops/spoils rates of some recipes like soulshots and armors. I find some webs but I fear that they are outdated or changed for illegal servers. Do you know if there is an official website or something that we can use? Thanks and one more time sorry for my english!
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