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  1. [moderated] anyway is just a fun video we have dont get mad if u not on the list hahahahhah, Enjoy the video guy more coming with better funny story. Moderator note: Let's not call out certain players! Thank you!
  2. I have the same problem. I have contact lineage 2 support and also AMD but nothing working. https://gyazo.com/ebcdf0b01b867e8829126dc9012b08e4 If anyone have a fix for this please post it here thank you
  3. Any one have a problem with this graphic card. It crash every time at character seletion, but it can be play in other game with no problem. here the crash report. https://gyazo.com/57251723c88dd4c11e7e4def06eb0b06
  4. again noob that does not read what the topic is about and bark. also i do not need to be hero to pk u every night and stop u from afk marcro like a bot healer that u are.
  5. 13 homeless dh, 16 max hero. but in reality this is what u see. https://gyazo.com/34ce27e9997650e790622b6683c48bcf https://gyazo.com/83a16e6b53191229e2165c8319f6d0dc
  6. Peppa did u read the topic before u post, look like u didnt. That Lorddragon is not hero in naia why u need to mention him in a post, u know talking about Lorddragon will not make u famous right? hahahahaha hide under a noob toon and post something Peppa, or maybe u are one of the toon in homeless DH that detag and try to pvp and lvl
  7. just want to share some pic for the hero of naia. enjoy https://gyazo.com/d041ec75f1668717955bd448b36a6b5b https://gyazo.com/3f1bd3f8a7196f3d2da488a5dab7e929 https://gyazo.com/2adcdefc3253368a04b9fc1c2ce86379 This is how dh roll
  8. First Clan in NCWest to kill the new dragon Fafurion killed it faster than MAX clan from Naia Nice attempt on propaganda poopy doo wish you just focus on getting better at this game than making nonsense propaganda Balut eater please dont mention max name in ur post, what u try to gain?, also i heard u guy fail on anthras or valakas. Did u even menion that toxic clan. Also on ZU the king of pole hugger kakakaka, it still make me laught when i think of u ZUZU kakakakaka. This king of pole hugger also told me he have a surprise for me when server transfere open i hop
  9. Standard database maintenance, migration, and application restarts will be performed. Added a few consumables that could not be used with the auto hunting UI (additional items will be added later): XP Buff 50% 1-hr/2-hr Fantasy Special Cookie Freya’s Scroll of Storm I guess dh really want to go to lvl this week that why they are all detag, and join another clan so we cant kill them. They try to avoid pvp with max, but they not scare to get pk from max.
  10. i just check on hero status and this what i see lol https://gyazo.com/58c78702a55f1470a23989da07929226 https://gyazo.com/5b53958d32b3829439cd97b82df95f8d https://gyazo.com/c7e51acd660be2601e5ab45febf77085 what just happen, where all dh go. DH clan disappear in 1 week. Ozzy still the leader of DH for sure, i guess he does not want to give up the clean leader name hahahahaha.
  11. BabyDragon its U ? http://prntscr.com/nn26rd ?? only that u dont have beast mode... (good job) i have to said that dude do look like me, scary thing but it true.
  12. Afum u missing the point. What molensa try to said is u got own by mob, and u try to attack divekio on stop war, two different thing there grasshopper. Also i didnt know mob in elven village hit so hard. hahahahahahahahaha
  13. It typical cancer of chronos and l2. Jinkariya why can u said gf and that the end it of. They cry when no one come pvp them but when people do it a scary thing to them.
  14. You came to this forums and declared that your clan will come to siege and shouted out and trying to give away Rune castle which is ours and pretend as if you attacking our castle is a sure win and we'll lose it. Now you're salty and your ego is hurt and you make yourself and your clan look pretty stupid with what you just did. But hey you know at least you guys tried better luck next time VNDog Why need to go to personal attack and call people dog , what a low class human. As for what i said from the beginning we dont need ur noob castle u can
  15. QQQQQQQQQ QQQQQQQQQ QQQQQQQQQ. That all i heard from this noob. they QQ when people dont come to ds but when people do they got scare and QQ hard. Again read the post before u make any not too smart comment. "Max does not care for castle in ds, we there for pvp fun and yes it really killing noob ms yesterday. Also i guess this noob die so much he QQ to the gm about daddy scroll lol. https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/12632-who-want-rune-in-ds-from-ms/
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