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  1. Known Issue: Server Login/Select Issue

    I can not connect today, they know when it could be fixed. Game of Spain and I never had a connection problem, the Xincode has given me problems in occasions to access and I only have one computer to play this, I do not give it another use .
  2. Quets Exalted (Luck Befitting of the Status)

    This quest is really frustrating I do not know how much I have spent, it's too much I do not remember how much, but not only does it happen to me there are other players that do the same and I feel frustrated enough to leave it, maybe I'll try it later but I do not know if I keep playing on account of this quets, it's just a quest is not something that has to be so difficult, administrators do not give solution to this.
  3. Hi guys I do not know what to do with this quets, I have spent billions of dollars on this and I can not raise the dagga to +7, I have used everything (Luc's positions, encysting stones, etc.) and I feel frustrated enough not to Keep going with her, any recommendations? My luc is 32 and that's probably the problem, but it's really a quest, it's not my weapon, it's a dagga that you only have to climb and I can not.
  4. December 2018 Preview

    Can someone tell me how this event works?