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  1. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, April 10, 2019

    Good morning, My biggest concern is the loss of players, the current situation of the game is serious. It takes a long time to get a party to do any instance. Similarly, the possibility of getting items to be more competitive depends only on the capacity of your bank account. I think the CEO of this company has not yet done his homework, in my opinion they are letting die the only two live servers that have a clear lack of competitiveness. In my opinion, their business plan is failing or they are simply aware of it and do not change it because they are not interested. I have invested very little of my money in this game and I have little more than a year, what I have gives me to complete factions I have to go to some instances, but not to be taken into account for other parties. What I hear most from other players is how expensive the game can become, that they go to volatile servers just because it does not involve an astronomical expense and can be equipped at a low and fair cost. Here we have forgotten those who still resist despite the difficulties, those who spend very little in a year and only focus on events for those who consume ncoins as cereals. We who can only invest little real money in the game we need events where we can equip ourselves without any cost, I do not say that we give the team only I think that other buying ncoins give us the facility to equip and balance a bit the game. I am not one of those who give him equipment and I have had help from only one person in the game, who guides me and tells me what to do or how to do it. With all this I just want to say that the essence of the game is being lost. P.S. In these last two months, certain themes of the game have changed to better, but they forget to listen to the player, which is a fundamental piece for the good development of the L2 world.
  2. Known Issue: Server Login/Select Issue

    I can not connect today, they know when it could be fixed. Game of Spain and I never had a connection problem, the Xincode has given me problems in occasions to access and I only have one computer to play this, I do not give it another use .
  3. Quets Exalted (Luck Befitting of the Status)

    This quest is really frustrating I do not know how much I have spent, it's too much I do not remember how much, but not only does it happen to me there are other players that do the same and I feel frustrated enough to leave it, maybe I'll try it later but I do not know if I keep playing on account of this quets, it's just a quest is not something that has to be so difficult, administrators do not give solution to this.
  4. Hi guys I do not know what to do with this quets, I have spent billions of dollars on this and I can not raise the dagga to +7, I have used everything (Luc's positions, encysting stones, etc.) and I feel frustrated enough not to Keep going with her, any recommendations? My luc is 32 and that's probably the problem, but it's really a quest, it's not my weapon, it's a dagga that you only have to climb and I can not.
  5. December 2018 Preview

    Can someone tell me how this event works?