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  1. This month I canceled my subscription. There is no point in using 200% prestige and runes outside xp and drops events. It really needs an update. Something that really encourages players to play. These new hunting zones 110 are impossible for anyone other than r110 blood +12 and set blood r110 +10, mid talismans, mid jewel brooch, etc ... to play. The timed zones are the same. For me who don't have top gears, it is a loss to continue with the subscription. I can only farm in PI and storm. 5 scrolls and 80kk of adena in 2hs. For me that my currency is not in dollars, there is no
  2. Another extremely annoying thing is these automatic ppl messages selling adena on websites or skypes. Is it now allowed to use automated software to sell adena for cash in the game?
  3. @Juji and @Hime Why don't you solve the bots on pavel island? It would solve the latency problem a lot. Look at these places. As soon as you kill a ppl in place, the healer automatically resurrects and the dead ppl accepts. It is very fast. Other areas where adena drops and many craft items have many bots, watch and do something.
  4. @JujiThis maintenance didn't solve the problem where the character attacks and stops, attacks and stops forever. Even without macro, it happens. I tested it on an npc today but it seems to have the same attack as the classic characters. what's up? Is it a change with the update? Or is it really a problem to be solved? Many players are complaining, I stopped playing temporarily until this is resolved. If it really is a change imposed on the update I will stop playing. Because I have no patience. We invest so much in the game. Buy ncoin to get better items so we can do the instances quickly. Eve
  5. @Juji, With this update, my char attacks and stops, then attacks and stops forever. What is happening?
  6. Sorry! I see now in patch....always passive. No more passive active lvl 1-3. Ty so much.
  7. Hi guys! passive class tyrr titan momentum lvl 1-3 are problem? Or left passive?
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