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  1. High Latency Experienced After Game Update

    Repairing lineage 2 will do nothing it isnt corrupt as I reinstalled the game multiple times, as for buying the latest pc equipment my pc cost over 10grand and has the latest equipment it isnt pc related at all, nor is it my internet and I've ran multiple tests on my ISP its client side on ncsoft has nothing to do with my connection or anyone else here. Ncsoft needs to fix it, it's been a prolonged problem for a while with no fix and only seems to be getting worse
  2. High Latency Experienced After Game Update

    I've been having the same problem both on NAIA server and chronos especially yesterday I continued to DC constantly throughout the day on naia I couldn't stay logged in for 10minuets without losing connection. My ISP was constant and stable I would only dc on l2 my toon would stop attacking everything on the screen would lock up then speed up at mach 10 speeds and I'll be killing some other mob this lag has been horrible and I popped exp runes that are basically useless because of server side lag
  3. WTS/T

    WTB Bloody Dual Daggers pm on here or IG thanks.
  4. WTS/T

    +8 Dark LA Full fe Looking for a +8/10 Bloody Robe set Full fe
  5. 100 Healer LF CP

    100 Healer my gear isnt great and needs a lot of work but im willing to invest to improve it. Willing to run full xp boosts as well. I also have a 99 Iss Spectral Dancer I can box if needed or make my main -6gmt cst Im online a minimum of 6hrs a night and fri-sunday im on 24/7 need a good active cp that does dailies and exp grind message me here or IG leave a mail if im not online TOON NAME: NuvaRing/iRenew Gear: +8dark LA full fe +4 r99 cutter w/body +3 R99 shield Baium soul, aq soul, orfen soul, enhanced istinia wizard Abund lv1, longing, lilith, stage 6 venir, diamond lv3, pearl lv3, tanz lv3
  6. LF Healer for amazing XP (PVE)

    Ill message you today i believe we are in the same alliance ill be on 330pm -6gmt cst
  7. LF Healer for amazing XP (PVE)

    Are you still looking for a healer I tried to pm you on forums but wasnt able too
  8. WTB R99 +10 LA Set

    Like the title states im looking for a r99 +10 la set pm me here or in game.