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  1. WTS/T

    WTB Bloody Dual Daggers pm on here or IG thanks.
  2. WTS/T

    +8 Dark LA Full fe Looking for a +8/10 Bloody Robe set Full fe
  3. 100 Healer LF CP

    100 Healer my gear isnt great and needs a lot of work but im willing to invest to improve it. Willing to run full xp boosts as well. I also have a 99 Iss Spectral Dancer I can box if needed or make my main -6gmt cst Im online a minimum of 6hrs a night and fri-sunday im on 24/7 need a good active cp that does dailies and exp grind message me here or IG leave a mail if im not online TOON NAME: NuvaRing/iRenew Gear: +8dark LA full fe +4 r99 cutter w/body +3 R99 shield Baium soul, aq soul, orfen soul, enhanced istinia wizard Abund lv1, longing, lilith, stage 6 venir, diamond lv3, pearl lv3, tanz lv3
  4. LF Healer for amazing XP (PVE)

    Ill message you today i believe we are in the same alliance ill be on 330pm -6gmt cst
  5. LF Healer for amazing XP (PVE)

    Are you still looking for a healer I tried to pm you on forums but wasnt able too
  6. WTB R99 +10 LA Set

    Like the title states im looking for a r99 +10 la set pm me here or in game.