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  1. What you guys think

    Related. Also MCD (multiple character disorder) Insomnia (it's 1:30 am here)

    ummmm… yes. I like being able to farm without tripping over a bunch of people grabbing the mobs I need, and I don't need a group of babysitters to survive, so, yeah, it's fine the way it is for me. Over time I expect more people will find their way here, if you want more players, why don't you go find people to get interested in playing? Recruiting new players seems a lot more constructive than sitting here crying.
  3. NA Players - How has your experience been so far?

    On Gludio server. I'm in EST, but time zones never mattered much to me. Started the last week of November, have 3 accounts now, and a total of 11 permanent characters so far. All my chars are in my own clan, it's the easiest way to consolidate all the mats for the main crafter. After 6 years or more without L2, it's like coming home. Loving every minute of it. Have met a few people, but with 11 chars, I doubt they have any idea that this one, that one, and the other one are all me. Spent the last 3 weeks running disposable chars up to 25 to get D robes for the crafters for the MP boost and to dump some extra mats and adena in the clan bank, think I'll do the same for the spoilers... without mana pots the poor girls are sitting more than they're hitting. I'm already working on the backstory for my chars family, much like the one I used to have, except for the addition of the semi-retired grandparents named Papi and Wella in honor of my grandson's other grandparents. (see, I said this was like coming home)
  4. As the title states. I and my friend both got mail from adena sellers tonight. There was no select box on it. I accidentally opened mine while trying to find the select box to delete it, he, learning from what I did, left his there. We both submitted tickets to support, as I fear that one way they determine "association with suspect accounts" may be if you've opened mail from them. I suggest that anyone getting one of these mails without a select box do the same. Ticket it, and leave it there for them to look at. I've gotten mail from adena sellers before, but this not being able to delete it before opening is new.
  5. Ummmmm.....WHAT??!!

    18 million? for a rod to use in a broken (to me anyways) activity? I guess … not.
  6. Banned Accounts?

    just a thought... how many of you are running a translation program because you aren't fluent in English? Could something in that be triggering bans?
  7. Ummmmm.....WHAT??!!

    Ok, I admit I blew some money on Joy Boxes, but this isn't about that. In those boxes I got some fishing stuff, so decided to take the dwarf fishing. What the heck happened to fishing????? No skills to learn, no playing and reeling, (which required a little skill and sense of timing to get fish), no permanent fishing poles!!, no common craft recipes, no occasional sea monsters instead of fish, no fun, no reason to stay at keyboard. When did fishing turn into this afk-only piece of … junk?

    huh. I agree with you. Not for the same reasons, mind you, and not with every single point, but overall, I agree. Actually, taken as a whole, the bits I don't agree with would be a fair compromise to get what I do agree with.
  9. Why pk kama so bad

    Think I'll reply to the one who realizes that a grandmother is not a "guy". I know the system can't stop it, it can only deter those who don't want to pay the consequences, again, mirroring real life. I just can't understand the mindset that allows a human being to think spoiling someone else's fun and relaxation is "fun". I can understand that someone would enjoy pvp, even though I don't, but pvp, and running around griefing people who are not bothering you, are two different things. Remember, the guy my original post was about was actually trying to make me PAY HIM TO NOT PK ME. Really??
  10. Why pk kama so bad

    I say YOU are wrong. There is a lot more to Lineage2 than pvp. This game is veritably rich in different experiences, and in denying that, YOU are denying the game. I don't play alone btw, and surprise, surprise, my friends think pk'ers are moronic too. They could double or triple the current penalties for pks, and it wouldn't bother any of us at all.
  11. Why pk kama so bad

    Nonsense. To interfere with another person's right to enjoy their game is WRONG. Only the truly immature, undisciplined, and un-self-disciplined, would think it's ok. This attitude of: "I'm going to do whatever I like, and I don't care if it hurts you or makes you feel bad, or any other way you are affected." is what is wrong with the world today, in real life and in gaming. "Fun" of pvp?? Pvp is NOT fun to ME. You are welcome to pvp "meaningfully" with anyone else who enjoys it, more power to you, but I DON'T. You have NO right to force me to play YOUR way. I'm not forcing you to play mine, just leave me the bloody hell alone, and let me play my game in peace!
  12. Why pk kama so bad

    I have been playing on this server since the last week of November. I've been farming my butt off to get gear, and it's not bad for NG stuff. As you can see from my name, I am a grandmother, so you are correct in that I do not possess balls. That, however, is NOT why I rarely pvp. I don't enjoy pvp, and as games are primarily for enjoyment, there would be no point in my involvement in it. When I played L2 before, I had just about every race/class of character there was at the time. I had friends who pvp'd, and so I did a bit of it as well. It was ok, especially the time I took Dion Castle for my clan. (The aim was to take it for Will, but he didn't get online in time, and I couldn't let the other guys have it, now could I??) In any case, my skills, or lack thereof, have nothing to do with it. To attack a person who does not wish to fight is socially unacceptable. The fact that it is possible, does not make it right. The ability to attack another player exists for the purpose of mutually desired pvp, not so some immature jerk can grief other people and disrupt their right to play the way they find enjoyable. In real life, people who choose to engage in street fights and bar brawls rather than socially accepted combat sports face natural consequences (fines and/or jail), here there's karma and pk points.
  13. Why pk kama so bad

    maybe it's to help deter the kind of garbage I was subjected to today. I was farming, minding my own business, when someone comes up behind me and hits me. I finish killing my mob, turn, and ask "Why??". He says "for money, give me 1000 and I won't pk you". I laughed, even asked him how much it was going to cost to clear his karma and pk count, but he did pk me. Took him a while, as I have fairly decent equipment, but I won't give these idiots the satisfaction of turning it into pvp. He gets his pk count, and if he keeps this nonsense up, one day his stuff will drop, or he'll spend a lot more clearing it than he extorts from honest players. I know I won't drop, and the little xp I lost was made up in minutes.
  14. PK Quest

    OMG, thank you Shakedown, I was beginning to think I'd had a stroke and become unintelligible.
  15. PK Quest

    It may not be a big deal to you, but I used the old form for a different purpose. I would kill one of my own chars with a spoiler, take the pk quest with that spoiler, and use it to hold the spoiler at lvl for spoiling specific mobs. Now I'm stuck with suicide by mob to de-level, a huge waste of time when you need to lose 2 or 3 levels as many times as it takes to get what you need, especially at these abysmal drop/spoil rates.