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  1. Spoil + VIP 4

    they fix drop if y have vip ?
  2. Enchantment failure refound?

    only if you have vip 4 , but im not sure but if you write to Support to discuss with them the issue with your refound .
  3. Today I noticed how one was hiding behind a stone next to my spot where I was farming mobs and fraps us . I approached him right away and he use soe so im wondering what kind of person and nolifer has to be run to all locations make videos , reports . if i got ban rly i dont care because its free server one call him official ..... pls open your eyes with these bugs, drop rate rly , and even the server is almost dead 1600+ online . 200 legits , 400 boxes , 500 shops and 500 bots GGSo soon he will run alone and i make bot party