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  1. SPS guide

    thanks for advice, if somebody would share their opinions i will be happy. make quality content!
  2. SPS guide

    hi guys, im newbie player (dont laught If u will read these questions) what to do, as solo player, after 40+ lvl with top D weapon +2 and knowledgde set. where farm for C set some quests? Worth to upgrade karmian to demon's set later, or wait for B grade? be patient and farm for top C weapon or first buy mid grade? wanna hear ur tactics! PS i know the best way is find cp and clan but i dont have time for playing at regular times THANK U IN ADVANCE, FRIENDS !
  3. SPS guide

    Then the best farm way is pray for spellbooks in SoS and crater?
  4. Solo farm as mage

    Hello, i have 26lvl SPS with atuba hammer +3 blue moon + D grade jewels and 24lvl SE Where can i drop well adena , full drops and grind exp ? I ask for full path till 40lvl