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  1. i visited the site and somehow, they already have death knight class? are they the advance one? on the other hand, thank you for the info. i never knew essence existed. i might have to switch to essence.
  2. is essence an official server or is it a private?
  3. When or are we getting MALE erethia? I just noticed that the option for a male erethia was there but isnt available, yet(?). if my memory was correct, that option weren't there when i last played like 2 years ago. It sure gave me a little bit of hope since i was really forward for a male erethia back when i first heard it from a random l2 post. anyone knows anything about it?
  4. Please read the patch notes carefully. Only the subclass & subclass skills obtained from subclass certificates will be removed(not rly). Instead, those passive skills will be given if you have a dual class. Meaning also, it is better this way because you dont have to create subclasses just to obtain those passive skills. Dual skill certificates as well as dual skills e.g Berseker rage etc will remain in the game.
  5. oh yeah that. you have to free up some huge space in order to change class. i think that the lower the level of the character, the smaller the inventory can hold. but why can't it just be one inventory for all, right?
  6. Texture and effects are high. I'm okay with it, but i think it needs a little bit of effect like that one skill they removed after fafurion. that lvl 75 skill if im not wrong? you can clearly see it's visual effect.
  7. Good day to all o/ is there a possibility or like a plan on upgrading visual effects on skills esp. on yul? Pinpoint strike, Quick shot etc all look like a normal hit. A minor change or a more flashy skills would be cool. I hope they have this on to do list
  8. Haven't read the lore if there's any about ertheia class, or know the reason behind why did NC decided to make this class genderlocked. I think it'll be cool if there is one, right? Is there a possibility in future updates to have male ertheia? What do you guys think?
  9. I thought im the only one having this problem. I created yul trickster and cant seem to accept the quest even the my level is 85 when the quest says level 85-99. cant continue the adventure faction quest with this
  10. "SaitouHajime im sorry i can't stretch any more than that. that's all the adena i have.
  11. Hello to everyone who are experiencing this problem which i assume im not the only one(i hope)? auto pick up macro pretty much work in every hunting zones except hellbound; i tested it. im not the only one, am i?
  12. Hello everyone who's experiencing this type of problem. It was working fine after the update, played a bit on macro but when i logged out and logged in again, targetnext isnt working. I confirmed that it is not my keyboard that is the problem. I changed the key position several times. They skills i put on slot work but not the targetnext. I even pressed it ALT+C but it doesnt work. Any of you experiencing similar problems?
  13. Huge bug indeed. I just hope that NC staff would take notice of this.
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