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  1. They are absolutely bots, they just don't get banned because they are probably paying NCsoft to not ban them. Meanwhile me and other legit players are getting banned for "3rd party software" when we have been playing legit from the start. It's disgusting.
  2. Same here man, they just keep banning all of the legit players and letting the bots roam free, pathetic.
  3. I'm right there with ya man, exact same thing happened to me. Except only my main got banned and not my buffer. I emailed back and forth with them begging to get my account back but they would not reverse their decision. Total bullshit if you ask me. Sorry it happened to you also.
  4. yeah exactly all they will say is 3rd party software they won't give any details whatsoever and I have been playing legit since the start haven't even thought about using a bot so it's like wtf
  5. that's the thing tho I wasn't even afk while using it. All I used it for was to spam left click so I could use my 50+ reccomendations on my buffer lol messed up
  6. Tried logging into my main account last Wednesday after maintenance and it said the account has been locked due to suspicious activity. After emailing back and forth with the appeals team they are trying to tell me that my account has been detected using 3rd party software, which is total BS. I've been playing legit since server launch yet all these bots and adena spammers are running around no problem and I get banned for playing fair. I have a Nostromo which is a game pad that uses macros just like any other gaming mouse or keyboard does, that's the only thing I can think of that maybe they
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