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  1. New players can't stay

    At this point i'm sad to see how many people are complainning about this change.. you fave all us something.. and now u broke all the good things.. i can tell the gk, the lv 40 dungeon changes are good for sure.. i can tell my experience and my team/friends experience.. we were able to get adena/items and mats with a decent ammount of time no loosing our lifes with were able to farm all of this with a hard work.. now we can't get adena on mobs mostly.. we can't afford to spend in soulshots/spiritshot or bss, we can't get mats efficiently as before, high levels has all items, adena and enchanted weapons.. what do you leave for us? you broke D scrolls metod, you broke mats drop, you broke adena and u broke epic places like Cruma, are you trying yo make newbies get off/scare? and just keep the higher levels? we are playing in Talking Island, we are thinking if this continue, we are going off, if was a mistake or a bug we will wait.. it depend on you guys, go in game and ask player to player who are happy about it.. you will be able to count with the fingers of a hand..
  2. Even Cruma was an epic place that put us (the old players) in a rembered time that was awesome.. why u broke that pace? not only some mobs doesn`t drop anything.. the few that does drop adena dont drop items.. why that hard change? would be nice atleast read a patch with the objetives of all this change.. but i can tell you for sure people will be leaving in mass in the next month if you keep with this idk what is..
  3. Hi: i am playing this about 5 months.. i was able to get dien / items in a decent ammount of time and keep having a life.. now i dont get any drop from monsters (mats, armors and weapons) nothing at all.. i just want to know before my adena ends.. this is a bug or a perma change? we are so many lv 50 less.. that has no clue what to do.. if keep paying or just leave.. we don't have a chance rigth now

    So isn't there any other way to check items/drop percent / places/etc.. than l2wiki? that place is outdated,, it help but now always.. Also (may need other post but) why isthere so many adena sellers free? Every Day a new one on all the cities.. why?