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  1. what you thing about...

    I come back now, but its not really fun like old times =/
  2. What's wrong with Freya/Zaken ?

    i just got a necklace from freya and a cloak from zaken. so stop crying
  3. What you thing about merge naia and chronos and start a new live server, with no server transfer. It is an opportunity to have active old players all together on one server, and the new server can be a attractive to new players who get discouraged by the big difference with other players!
  4. Newbie Buffs

    people use newbie buff?? everyone i know have a iss box =D
  5. Returning player - R grade,skills

    0-85 is nothing, only to get this equip u said. 85-99 is big a tutorial. 100+ is the real game now, full of macro people farming. 100+ this equip u are saying is no longer relevant, so don't worry about it, if you really want to play this game you have to open the wallet.