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  1. What is happening with this game?

    This game is so broken!
  2. Holding on for years the thousands of bots in the game and ptw nonsense. But finally this game is making me quit ... What's going on with this lag? Seriously, it's been over 1 month and can't fix it? Event after event and still lagging nonsense every single day? Congratulations on your excellent work...
  3. what you thing about...

    I come back now, but its not really fun like old times =/
  4. What's wrong with Freya/Zaken ?

    i just got a necklace from freya and a cloak from zaken. so stop crying
  5. What you thing about merge naia and chronos and start a new live server, with no server transfer. It is an opportunity to have active old players all together on one server, and the new server can be a attractive to new players who get discouraged by the big difference with other players!
  6. Newbie Buffs

    people use newbie buff?? everyone i know have a iss box =D
  7. Returning player - R grade,skills

    0-85 is nothing, only to get this equip u said. 85-99 is big a tutorial. 100+ is the real game now, full of macro people farming. 100+ this equip u are saying is no longer relevant, so don't worry about it, if you really want to play this game you have to open the wallet.