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  1. Everybody saw on the live server what philosophy NC does have (unmasked capitalism, the known company with the famous three letter MMO did/does that much cleverer). So even before the start of the classic servers it was 100% sure they will introduce Pay 2 win. Then the realease: after Lvl 40 it was clear. They took the files from the Euruopean / Russian servers and made an idiotic mix up which promised the most profit by investing as few money as possible. - Ultralow Adena drops in higher Lvls. No player is able to play an archer for example successfully without: 1. Having lots of twinks for Aden dungeon runs and/or 2. botting and or 3. bying their shots etc in shop. I know "you can farm expensive selling mats" blablabla. And: from where do these guys have the Adena to buy mats insanely expensive; books for 8kk, PL sets for up to 20kk in the beginning without even thinking a second about it? Ah yes...take a look at points 1-3 (Warlord players excluded). - AI / FoM quests on a new server (it was implemented on the old servers for new people to catch up) - Aden Dungeon quests on a new server (it was implemented on the old servers for new people to catch up) - Key mat drops obviously connected to the Adena drops (else they would have to change every mob, so they chose the cheapest psosible way and reduced overall drop rates). - no real ingame GMs After Level 40-45 at latest everybody was able to see where this servers are going. I personally avoid every future release from that company.
  2. Everybody who pays that amount on a so called free to play server should visit a shrink. Something is very wrong with his self confidence then. And it is not the end by far, They will find multiple ways in the future to milk these guys again and again. And to be honest...all this for a server that was made as cheap as possible (Game files from Skelth and then an idotic mix up of versions to fit their shop needs) and that is controlled by bots from NC side (computer programs to fight bots, as there are almost no real GMs any more) and bots from player side . And they cant do anything against botters that hide their IP and HWID. They cant even trace the Adena flows it seems (which every illegal server does easily) , cause this would mean man power which is obviously not present.
  3. Watched a lot of things going wrong on this server but too much is too much. A known player name ending with X had his bots for weeks in EV (and i am sure lots of others elsewhere) making hundreds of millions. Then he streams item crafts and enchants. The whole server knows. NC Soft not. The leader of another big guild had with Lvl 47 a +5 LXBow, an Emi Bow, a PL Set and was shouting in World Chat: WTB BoP. This is as legit a i am Santa Clause. But the really hammer is a PvP event organized by a player who bought tons of Adena. This server is at a point where every chance is lost, that this server will bring fair chances to legit players.
  4. Issue - Bonus 50% exp/sp dropped

    Whom shall they fire? They produced this server by the cheapest way possible. They took the downgraded Goddess files from Skelth and even kept the Aden dungeon quests which makes zero sense on a new server. The other aspect it seems a trained monkey has chosen, by selecting specific bananas. If you didnt know, that also was the inspiration for the Tuna event.. A bit from version 1.0, a bit from 1.5 etc etc.. They even changed the drop rate as a whole, to fit their shop system. So.....less Adena AND less key mats. These prevents that any economy without bots is able to evolve. Suppose they took the drop rates from the beginning of the Russian server. Not even the Russians liked it and they are truly hardcore players. Sometimes when you enter a zone you have an ultra drop phase for some minutes and then absolutely nothing for hours and hours. No clue how these drop boosts work, but i would prefer a steady drop and not this crap. 99% of the things here are done by the machine (bans, locks etc.). No ingame GM any more. Appeals and supports are answered by pre formulated text blocks. A GM even admitted GMs made a mistake by restoring items, which had only should have been done on live servers. And you guys know what? It works. they earn money with it and dont care the slightest bit for their reputation. A friend of mine once told me he wont establish quality checks in his company as long as the returns are cheaper than the checks. Suppose the same goes here.
  5. Recovering broken weapons in OE

    Hm...and i already wondered how a guy already made his 2nd +13 weapon, when no RBs that drop EWD have been killed for 2 weeks, claiming he only needed 13 EWD for each (which is as likely as a guitar playing kangaroo). Did those agents falsely apply policies, or did they earn some extra money? There has already been a thread, asking if there is an enchant exploit. Either i just did not find it or it is gone = it has been erased (probably as this post will be). To get a weapon to +13 you need something like 40 tries in average. This official post here makes that thread shine in another light.
  6. Constructive feedback on NA L2 classic.

    With my 50 warlock i am easily able to grind and make Adena (with PP box). I am going melee with Kai the cat and a dagger. Cat first, then me. Can even do it without shots, but the danger is i fall asleep then. The cat can easily tank light red mobs. Green mobs dont do much damage to it. Theres always the chance to get an XP scroll from Aden dungeon + 7kk XP every day from FoM daily (+ maybe 3kk from AI daily if you are willing to walk---Aden...port Coliseum---walk towards mountains----/loc and check if youre in HV area---SoE-----Port to Hardins----SoE). Gotta admit though, you make MUCM more grind Adena with a low lvl in OB or FT. But when you farm the right mobs, theres always the chance to get really expensive craft mats etc.. So even for casuals leveling till 60 should be no problem and especially for a warlock Adena is no issue if you melee. With melee i do the Aden dungeon 12 in minutes (buffed outside, without any box inside). When i still did it with casting i needed much longer, because of the mana downtimes.