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  1. Classic's Current Situation

    The numbers were high enough when the "Classic" server opened. The problem was the people quit once they realized NcSoft does not give a shit about the game only care about getting income from P2W. So even if they open a new server with subscription model. i don't think people will bite that bait.
  2. What a joke is NcWest staff & support. This critical login issue has been going on for few weeks. they are not capable of fixing it like every other issue on the game. In the meantime players lost their VIPs, runes, time and money without NcSoft giving any kind of explanation as usual they don't care. illegal servers have better customer service support than this shitty server...
  3. It did not die. NcSoft killed it with their incompetent staff.
  4. NcSoft & their incompetent staff already ruined the game. This time only took 6 months!.... HF playing on empty bot paradise P2W.
  5. Let's hope Ncsoft Staff would test their software this time!.
  6. Good Server NEEDS Good GMs!!!

    Been playing L2 for about 8 years. I don't recall seen an active Game master ever!
  7. Producer's Letter - January 2019

    They just want to make up all staff mistakes. Currently server situation is all fault of Ncsoft staff and lack of testing of their software. Not to mention that all these bugs were discovered by players. Staff did not take required action on time to stop the situation. Regardless if those players get past 70 playing legit of not, the fact is that situation shouldn't had happen in the first place. If the new hunting zones are level 75+, that would just create a huge gap with average player base just wouldn't be able to compete anymore. We will see third class parties at launch. Thanks Ncsoft to mess one more time, what would have been such a great game!.
  8. Solo farm as mage

    Best spots to solo around that level would be places like: - Execution grounds top floor. - Cruma Marshlands. - Plains of Dion. You should be able to one shot all mobs with your current gear and empower. after level 35, I suggest going hardin's academy. Gorgon flower garden its a good spot too. you can even do solo aoe if you have good skills. Regards, Roni.
  9. Probability in spellbooks?

    I got no idea where are you getting that data from or if you only have a terrible luck. I've been hunting with my Spellsinger and my 2 boxed support on Sea of Spores, since level 41. they are now between 46 - 48, I've gotten few books dropped so far: - Chant of movement - Chant of Vampire - Curse Death link - Tempest - Cancel - Break Duress. Getting a spell book takes time, patience and little luck!. Regards, Roni.