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  1. I need a third account, and every time I start playing it, after 1-2 days it is blocked. Support don't say the reason, I don't even know what I'm doing wrong! I'm willing to fix if their system doesn't like something, but support just writes their standard phrases. It's very, very sad :'c
  2. At least support gave you a reason. Support doesn't tell me at all, since it was a "secret investigation".
  3. I created account, played 3-4 hours (1 to 18 lvl).
  4. I don't understand too. I made just orc ~18 level. Support wrote when I asked for the reason: Our position on the account action has not changed. As previously stated, the action is permanent and will not be overturned. As this issue has been fully reviewed and addressed to the highest degree that can be done, we are unable to assist you any further. As such, further replies or new support tickets regarding this account or issue may not receive a response. Is it trolling?
  5. Hello, guys. One of my accounts was blocked. Support wrote: Account Name: *** Offense: Association to Exploitative Accounts Penalty: Account Closure We have reviewed and found the above action as well as the associated penalty to be consistent with our policies. We ask that you review our terms and rules of conduct, which are available here: http://us.ncsoft.com/en/legal/user-agreements/. This action against the account will not be removed and the penalty will stand. What am I doing wrong?
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