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  1. Hey there team, I'm interesting for some Spellbooks. PROPHET: Death Whisper Haste Greater Shield Greater Might WARCRYER: Chant of Movement Chant of Vampire SPELLHOWLER: Clear Mind Curse Death Link I 've got no idea how much these books costs, but I can't give more than 1,5kk~2kk for each book. (At list I can't coz I'm new and I don't have the amount of adena to do it). Ingame name: NeZz Send me email if I'm not online. Thank you a lot.
  2. Hey team, I want any idea of where I could solo with my Spellhowler. I have a Spellhowler 72 lvl. Because of the Event, I XP'ed some Support Classes. Prophet 66 lvl. Bladedancer 66 lvl. Shilien Elder 70 lvl. I think I have all the "main" Buffs to Solo. Give me some ideas please. Thank you!
  3. Hey there mate, SE have Empower EE have Clarity BOTH have Recharge and Invocation. Why then SE provide almost unlimited MP? They have exactly the same skills on the Recharge. Thank you mate!
  4. Hello everyone, I started before a week after a friend stoped from the game and he'll give me some millions of adena to play. Since I have no idea about the prices, I'd like to make a Question. I have Spellhowler. Actually I'm Dark Wizard now because I'm trying to level up 3-4 chars at the same time. Some rumors say that I can wear even A-Grade without Penalty at my 20+ levels. My friend told me that he will give me 40kk to 60kk but really I have no idea how much exactly and if these adena are enough for my start or it's nothing. What can I buy with 40kk to 60kk right now?
  5. Quoting my self. And if I decide to make also BladeDance (till 52 for the 2x dances), what would you recommend me to do? Main: SH 1x Client: BladeDance 2x Client: Still SE or in this Situtation it is better an EE? Thank you again!
  6. Thank you for your answers. I also was going for SE/EE, but between both Elders are you keep thinking that SE is better choice? Yes, SE has Empower but EE have Clarity and the same time it has Power of Water at 78 but SE has Power of Wind that it would be useless for me. What are the POS/CON between these both Elders to me? Thank you!
  7. Hey everyone, First of all I created this topic here because in every other sectied I tried to created, I was getting the message: "Error code: 2C137/3" Admins, feel free to transfer it. Im a new player to Lineage2 Classic - GIRAN. I created Dark Elf Mage - Spellhowler. Since Im a solo guy, I want to level up also a Support character (maybe sometimes my girlfriend will be active by sitting next to me, that means inactive). What is better to level up? SE - EE - Prophet - WC. What is better to level up that it will be usefull at 78 level and I can keep use it?
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