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  1. i am starting to believe that is what they want from us old friend to leave live servers they don't give a rats ass about players and as i wrote somewhere else communication and ncwest are both from different planets
  2. to hell with this again dc all 3 accounts
  3. what is wrong with you people ? change internet provider, if that is the real problem and let us logged straight for damn 24 hours once also LET US HAVE 3 DAMN LAUNCHERS OPEN AT THE SAME TIME SO WE CAN LOG AFTER ITS DAMN DC this damn morning dc after dc after dc, its the 5th damn time i am logging and i can't even have the time to write in clan chat before the next damn dc
  4. fix the etina solo option its been over a year that you messed up with it
  5. over 1 year passed and you still didnt fix the solo etina option what is wrong with you there @ ncsoft
  6. where are the 2nd and 3rd dye slots effects ?
  7. we just lost gludio instance what is wrong with you people
  8. and fix the solo etina option for a change you already know that people can see it with one account and can not with other
  9. make it turned on by default and fix the issue that you cant hit same mob with other party member
  10. when trying to open client having 2 hdds in pc and the second is turned off from the system client crashes
  11. in which part of the world is important to see "heroes" blaming each other for rmt in hero shout? or alt "hero" toons spamming 24/7 the same wtb msg every 2 minutes ?
  12. i had 30 gm buff scrolls in dimentional merchant where are they ?
  13. 0.24 @ 104 (if i remember right after all this time without) for doin nothing is welcome
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