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  1. Hello all, Per @Enthused, I was advised to voice my concerns here. I missed out on well over 2 million xp on all my characters from this maintenance and would like compensation please. I'm on Aden server and the Mysterious Cake spawn daily and worked. Sad to hear other servers didn't work.
  2. Clan/Alliance Another thing that has started to happen is Botters and Adena farmers are no longer just killing random mobs. They are Killing Raid bosses on timers. They login, during spawn time, use multiple characters, kill all raidbosses on the server and log out. (Imagine this is why Clan Arena was created Not only can botters do this, but without the client limit count, an entire Alliance could be played like this, with melee or ranged characters all auto-macroing in Clan Arena.
  3. Figured I'd post some info of what I'm seeing. Characters that are still extremely unbalanced. Dark Avenger Fear - Never stops Elemental Summoner - Pet instantly casts 2k AOE from absurd range after 76 Any Summoner class - Resummoning pet gives infinite mana Cubics - Attack Humans that are flagged even when your character is white and you are just standing next to them, You yourself will never flag Game play experience with friends Adena is very inconsistent, the ratio is off for how often something provides the Adena. This also makes people ques
  4. Thank you for the Buffs @Juji Do you know why we did not receive the Purple buffs that take up less buff slots and allow us to use characters skills?
  5. Just want to let you know this post still exists and we have yet to get a 100% on your new standpoint on botting.
  6. I heard that they are going to release another Day 1 Official Classic server, anyone down?
  7. Punish brings up a good point, the heart of the game is hanging by a thread. Just think about all the reasons why you stopped playing a MMORPG and realize some if not most of them have just been put into this game. Lack of competition (Super Low Server Pop) Why do I play? (Game no longer demands my attention) Extreme difficulty with communicating with "Live" players. No concern of loss or Progression if you have a class with a Pet (Guild wars) Even things that hold my interest are starting to be lost in a pit of why moments? Should I be concerned that
  8. Why has this Post been unpinned from the main page?
  9. While logged in Open the "Looking for Party" Menu under the Chat box. It says "Off"
  10. Aden had 183 Active players after the patch at Prime time last night... Server had 500+ active players before patch. Feel like the move from Classic to Live Classic may have done more to there total revenue than they realized.
  11. At least call it something other than Classic since it definitely not that anymore.
  12. Just set your character with a Autoheal skill and no SS and forget about it until they fix drop rates.
  13. Sure enough its no longer Pinned to the Forum main page. https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/8103-reporting-scammers-bots-adena-sellers/
  14. Anyone else noticed the Botting and Scamming Thread is gone from the Pinned pages? What is the current standing of this with GMs, do they no longer care?
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