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  1. The Captcha is only to the people that win exp in last 2 minutes
  2. Is this a good predictor of number attacks? I do not see the Points of defence of NPCs, in game there are NPCs with strong P.def. Anyway well done, good work
  3. I am a legal player and two of my three acounts was blocked for 3er Party Program. Yeahhh... I am sure that many of you dont belive in me, but this is not the point. Today the problem of people who was banned for 3er party program and played legal is very large, in the forum there is a regular problem. My advice is the next: - DO NOT PLAY IN A SISTEMATIC WAY! NCSoft support dont give me any spécific information about the reazon of my ban, but it is simple, my way of play was similar to a bot because my game was very sistematic. - GET ALONG WITH PEOPLE! it is not too much
  4. Hi, interesting but... There is a lot of data blocked, I can not know if the procedure is well done. Regards
  5. YOU ARE THE BEST! Quote me when this rule is applied I am a false positive for 3er party program, and with this idea I would not have been banned
  6. you blocked my acounts for 3er party program, and im not a bot, your detection system is failing ;( Why sould i do to recover my accounts, I speaked with support system but they dont help me. I understand that a detection system makes an error, but how can it be that a human commits checking the situation?
  7. I have the same problem my friend, NCSoft is too strict with bots, so much that sometimes block the wrong acount ;( i did everithing for recover my account but by the sistem rules that is imposible. My sugestion is about your behavior in game, you do not be sistematic in your game, if you dont they will confuse you with a bot
  8. I have the same problem my friend, i wish you the best
  9. Well, the GM decided block my account. Offense: 3rd Party ProgramPenalty: Account Closure I really don´t understand, I know much of you think that Im a bot, but my case is an error type 1 (in the stadistics terms) Im gona explain my situation and I think the GMs needs to review your process to block accounts. my style to play the game is take 3 characters in a party, first I go with spoiler, then hit with my archer and if I needed heal I do with my cleric, the proces is not always the same, but Im systematic in my farming time. I really think that my behavior is defferent to bot, bu
  10. Ohhh thank you very mucho to all those who have tried to help me now I know the EULA. And for the people who laugh telling me that I use bot. I hope that this happen to them. And then keep saying that this only happen to bots I already got feedback from NCSoft support, I will talk with them and then I will tell you how this situation ends. Regards
  11. Mok, that`s funny. ok, well... using multiple accounts is ok, trade weapons and adena is ok. I remember my last game, I was killing in a border of Abandoned Camp, and a man came to kill Ol Mahum in my killing zone, I asked him if he could go to another zone, and he said no. Then we disputed the monsters. is it an illegal activity? Are there rulles for suspicious activity? I don`t understand.
  12. Thats my question. I have 2 accounts blocked for suspicious activity. Someone know all the behaviors that are cataloged as suspicious activity? In this game is ok to use multiple characters? Its ok if i trade my weapon to another character (if both are mine)? Thanx
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