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    Please give a shot to this one with dev team ? +++ If its so complicated for the database and going to cause a lot of problem , maybe the ncsoft support can provide a service that carries all the untradable items and forgotten skills to another account , I believe this will not have any complications on database right ? And this service should be prices as equal fee with the staff working on it per hour. So this feature will not be unnecessarily abused by indecisive players And ppl keep shouting at gms here but they are messengers in between player and company why ppl angry at them THank you
  2. Actually, non legendary cloaks r tradable between chars in same account, by dimensional merchant.

    WTB Pvp robe set+10 WTT Ferios+18 for Aden+18 or Radiant foresight/Aden+15 etc.. WTS Gustav belt+6 / Tauti 1h sigel Updted

    WTB Aden cloak +10 / +15 no matter augs WTT Radiant Grace+5 for same Foresight WTS Tauti 1h sigel / Gusta belt+6
  5. WTS/T DW mats pack rtg

    Up, only cokes lv5 and weap frag lv5 left. Taking offers, possibility to xfer on naia, "Vado
  6. WTS/T DW mats pack rtg

    Up,possibility to sell mats seprately ; cokes only, frag only, wire only, or mixes.
  7. WTS/T DW mats pack rtg

    WTS/T chronos server ; RTG mats pack for DW lvl1 (1560 wires/cokes/weap frag lv5) possibility to add the gem r + ge if necessary PM/mail offer "Vado
  8. Chronos server : *1K Coke lv5 *1K Weapon frag lvl 5 *6K coke lv4 *4K weapon frag lv4 Accepting adena, brooch jewels, armors, weaps.. pm "Vado IG
  9. WTT Greater Sapphire

    As title says; S/T> Sapph 6 looking only for mentionned stuff => Adena +- radiant foresight +- sapphire lv5 +- m skill artifact +- pve robe set+8 pm "Vado ig
  10. WTB/WTS

    *WTB Taurus agathion Mid/High -- Virgo Low/Mid *WTB PVE rune 30days, m skill crit talisman 30 days *WTB Lionel 9 ------------------------------------------------------------------ *WTS LVL 3 Amethyst/Topaz/Pearl/Diam/Aqua *WTS LVL 4 Obsi/Ruby/Topaz pm "Vado in game.