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  1. Reconsider. I'm getting rich off of this, but I'd be happier if you rolled it back, returned all the adena I've received, and gave me the ncoin back.

    @Itchy On the matter of the reputation of Lineage 2, I remember about six months after the game first came out, a friend of mine, Marru, was at the local GameStop. He mentioned he played Lineage 2. The clerk responded, "Oh, isn't that that game with the huge botting problem?"

    So there's this theory in the book Atlas Shrugged (I KNOW SOME OF YOU JUST SCROLLED PAST THIS, SCROLL BACK!). Here are the bullet points: Money is a substitute for time. We give people money because they do stuff faster than we could do it ourselves. They essentially create time for us. Instead of making my quilt myself, I pay someone, and I concentrate on something I'm good at. People who create HUGE amounts of time, such as the people who invent cars or planes or even a better tilling disc, get paid a lot now. They only get to enjoy all that extra time while they're alive. We get to enjoy it for as long as it's used. When the inventors of all that extra time don't ensure the world actually gets to use all that extra time (such as by polluting, sabotaging, lying, etc), but still collects all the money (or extra time) the unsuspecting public thought they'd be getting, well that person is stealing from us. The good folks at NCSoft had invented a method to create time for us, the players. They have a VIP system that allows for extra drops. This allows people who want to pay for the efficiency to pay for the efficiency and get more time. But then NCSoft drops the ball. We don't get what we pay for. We don't get any extra efficiency. We have to run 4x as far between mobs because there are bots all over claiming them. What is it called when you take money for something you don't provide? There's a word for that? Oh yea. Stealing. Swindling. Conning.