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  1. think how all adena sellers find the adena in game? they farm many bots take adena and then they are sell 24/24 hours
  2. nice they keep bots inside server and ban real players
  3. yeah same the same to me, never use any 3rdparty prorgam but Ncsoft say i use and give me permantly ban
  4. i didnt bot but i took ban nice..can unlock me pls? i dont wanna lose event tnx
  5. the only i did is d-lvl from 41 to 35 for farm in good zones
  6. the same to me on classic i had only 1 char never use any bad program
  7. what happen its funny i never use any 3rd program that make u play auto its really funny Due to suspicious activity, this account has been locked. Please contact support at appeal@ncsoft.com.
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