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  1. Making adena for C grade gear

    @CRXu Thanks a bunch
  2. Adena per hour rates

    I got curious. I know that there are a few ways to get adena and if you don't want to, don't reveal the method. I am merely interested in numbers now. What level are you right now and what kind of adena rates do you get per hour? I myself am a level 22 Warrior with only ¬5k adena/hour at the moment
  3. Blade Dancer: Dance of Vampire

    @Shakespear Thanks again.
  4. Shilien Oracle leveling dilemma

    @Shakespear It's because of this self-sufficiency that I stopped playing my Shillien Oracle at level 30 and am now playing a Warrior who will later be Gladiator I just no longer see the point of being a dedicated healer/buffer/recharger when there's a box behind majority of damage dealers I come across. They no longer need me to do that for them. Nor do they want me to because it'll mean splitting the loot. Besides, there's buff scrolls you can get as you level or buy from L2 store, if you spend money on the game. There is the minority of players who don't use boxes yet but it takes time to find those who actually want an Oracle/Cleric in a party... Majority of my time leveling after class change was spent in AOE parties/leveling solo, while occasionally forming two-man ( or more) parties with even less geared players, very rarely with better gear. Was that efficient for me? No. Overall, it wasn't. Also forming AOE parties takes time... A LOT OF TIME. They tend to be stressful too if someone is not careful enough and don't follow the instructions. I can't really dish out as much damage solo as other damage dealers, so unless I want to double my time on a hardcore game I'm better off not doing that. Which brings me back to Warrior. Now that I play one and am working on a more efficient adena over exp grinding plan, I just see no point of having a buffer myself. I am not in a rush to level faster because I need to get enough adena for full D grade gear. From level 40, as I heard, the teleports start to cost (not sure how much, but another additional expense besides shots). So, nope, I don't want anyone in my party yet, unless I'm sure that it's actually profiting me And no, I will not create any box because it will require additional attention and all I want is to simply enjoy the game while playing a class that I like. Thank you for your suggestion, though. I know it was out of good will
  5. Gear efficiency in hunting zones

    Hi, Iceberg, thank you for covering so much information. It will definitely be helpful as I level Gladiator You were under the right assumption. The most adena I managed to make was 560k while playing Shillien Oracle up to level 30 but since I bought a no grade one-handed sword to make use of her abilities, I could only get Iron Hammer for the Warrior. I will most likely sell it later and buy a D grade as mentioned earlier. If I get lucky, possibly speed things up a bit by selling the sword as well. I'll definitely join some clan after I hit level 25 because I'm tired of asking every first person I come across to form a party only to learn that they already have a box and don't want or need to. I assume some clan members will also have boxes but hopefully the odds of finding support mains will be higher
  6. Gear efficiency in hunting zones

    No, I don't really have the adena at the moment. And the farthest I've leveled to is level 30 as of yet, so I was wondering what the situation was starting level 40. If, by chance, it wouldn't get impossible to kill and even survive mobs without C grade. Thanks for reassuring that it won't. Also, when I got Moon Armor on Shillien Oracle at level 25, it made grinding at Abandoned Camp more efficient because I took less damage and had to heal less often, as well as sit down to recharge my own mana. Since I don't plan on leveling a dwarf (don't really want to, nor have that much time for, boxing one is pain too), I'm looking for the most efficient mob grind solution. Finally, I'm starting over and intend to change class from a Warrior with a blunt to a Gladiator with duals, so I'm trying to figure out whether I should I should get D grade duals (provided I hit level 40 before I get the adena) or stick with D blunt and possibly use it to powerlevel another class some time later (stun skill availability, weapon versatility for both fighter and mage, possible usage for some Gladiator skills until I get duals).
  7. To avoid overextending, is it possible to clear level 40+ zones with top D grade set? How inefficient is it compared to C grade?
  8. Regarding classes' skills

    Thanks for letting me know It did feel awkward thinking that it may be excluded when it's on wiki. I'll be sure to double check with the Blade Dancer, though.
  9. Hi, since there are penalties for killing blue named mobs, I was curious, if anyone has had he problem of going over lvl 40 with their character and not being able to effectively grind mobs for adena to afford C grade gear? If so, how did you deal with that?
  10. Regarding classes' skills

    Since L2 Classic NA caps characters at level 70, I was wondering how it affected skills. Does https://l2wiki.com/classic/Classes_in_Lineage_2 show each 2nd classes' skills accurately up to 70 and everything else after this level is simply cut off from the current version of the game? Or are the skills like Blade Dancers 'Dance of the Vampire' incorporated into earlier levels and wiki simply doesn't reflect that? When looking through patch notes I saw the list for songs/dances that got extended to 5 minutes but 'Dance of the Vampire' wasn't in it.
  11. Does Blade Dancer have a skill Dance of Vampire in classic NA?
  12. IS dagger class any good in pvp - pve

    I'm quite fresh at the game myself so I won't be able to provide much info but from what I noticed by partying with a dagger user when leveling a healer/buffer myself is that they are more dependent on their skills even if they're physical damage dealers. That's because of dagger weapon type properties. They lack accuracy even if they're fast and their auto damage is not the highest. This translates into failing to land hits and use of more soulshots (can be expensive and when lacking mana may turn out to be dangerous). If they do land skills to enemies one by one - they deal a whole lot of damage. Over-hits increase experience gained also. They have control skills so they can single out some light or robe armor users. But keep in mind that when facing AOE and control skills that prevent him from reaching targets, he can fall easily. It's just balance. You can use any buffer that improves your damage output and accuracy to speed you up. Of course defensive will help you survive as well. If you're partying with one, it depends on who you meet to be able to choose and who will accept. If healer as well, I'd team up with Shillien Oracle or Prophet. Without heals - Bladedancer but I don't know much about the others so don't take it as a definite. If you create a box, then healer/buffer is most popular choice (buffs, heals, mana recharge). Hope this helps.
  13. How long is maintenance ?!

    It's scheduled for 1 hour from 2PM. You should read more dev posts
  14. Thank you for your responses. It definitely helps me see the bigger picture. I understand the want, need and benefits of playing solo with a box account. I know that in theory I could do it too (unless I can no longer create another account for whatever reason) but I don't think I will anyway, simply because I'm not very fond of controlling two characters either by dividing the screen view or switching between launchers. But I'm okay now if others feel otherwise and do box since I've befriended at least some people who play both desired or undesired classes for parties and the time spent with them makes it worthwhile. I will try to find ways deal with the frustration in the situations I described as they occur again later on but it won't be my focus since I have to make my character progress (really looking forward to finally getting that top No grade weapon for my class) Oh, and just as a sidenote, in case you're curious... Yes, as a healer/buffer it is easier to be self sufficient and you can solo if noone parties with you but since upgrading weapon takes a long time and your damage is lower than that of damage dealer's, it becomes expensive due to amount of shots used per kill. Mana drains quickly that way as well and takes time to regenerate even with skills that increase it because there is a larger mana pool in general. That's why it's best to form a party (even if not ideal AOE) and perform your role. Though if others run out of mana and I still have some left over (haven't got recharge skill yet), I use up a portion or whole of it to get extra experience while taking into consideration mana regeneration rates and our positioning so that we don't pointlessly risk losing more exp upon death. Though that does happen with some people anyway because they are too hasty and end up pulling more or stronger mobs when mana is nearly drained out But that's rare.
  15. Shillien Oracle on Giran (GMT+1) Hi, as I've been leveling from level 20 in Abandoned Camp, where a mana recharge tree is placed for the event, I've come across some issues that I want to address now: Too many boxing accounts. Because people practice this method for leveling, there's been an increasing difficulty to find parties even when the zone like this received more traffic. A party with a box character in it also results in unfair share of loot where boxing player can receive up to 2/3 of loot. Additionally, it is difficult to distinguish how many boxes are partially bots and what is the actual active playerbase. How many box accounts later become adena sellers? On top of that, people with one or more better equipped boxes abuse the system and put you in disadvantageous situation where you cannot hope to fight back and save the hard earned exp percentage. Due to how exp share works when someone is outside of party, there have been cases where players purposely attack same mobs to leech exp. Someone like human wizard capable of AOE damage even used this to leech off a party that gathered a group of mobs. One more issue is when some players purposely lure a few stronger mobs to people who are low on mana and just dies or disappears for mobs to switch aggro possibly get them killed instead, resulting in bigger loss of exp than his. From what I personally experienced, I lost at least 12% exp same day due to such behaviour. And I didn't even calculate the exp prevented from receiving, not to mention the overall damages. I know some of these issues are not even new but I believe they should be addressesd until some improvements are made. In the meatime I will continue to play as it is. Good luck hardcoring to all of you.