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  1. and so goes, my question again full stacked evi or titan what's better ?
  2. i've seen him, but show me a titan with same gear and a stg 2 DW to compare
  3. Hello,guys i want to focus on pve so i can farm a bit first and then do my main, my question is which will be better to do, full stacked or same geared evi or titan?
  4. so i should give my idea of playing duelist cause he's worthless as a class both pvp and pve!
  5. Hey guys,how you doing so i'm new here and i was out of lineage for a long time and i'm thinking of coming back but i'm gonna play Duelist cause i loved the char how it was before and i'm thinking to stick with it but there are few variables that i need to consider, so my question is or probably are: 1)can they do anything on mass pvp or small scale? 2)good oly?coc?1v1?Dmg? 3)pve i believe it's not good right? 4)end game gear - do they have any possibilty to be great?
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