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  1. cloaks are on chronos & xfer would be dependent on which cloak, rather they were bought on chronos ofc. PM me for details on forums or ingame on chronos
  2. Fooz

    WTS +15 / +18 cloaks

    bump -- price changed
  3. any type.. (random augments) PM for details Also selling +18 PvP Cloak
  4. New prices: 160b Ferios +18 160b Pve + 18 Ferios / Aden / PVE +15 = 52-60b obo mail / PM Fooz iSmurf or Eyess ingame for details. also selling +18 PvP Cloak
  5. many people don't realize thisl (they reserve the right to own your itens anytime they want)
  6. Fooz

    7v7 ~ Nova & MS

    i was thinking the same thing jajaja
  7. /care he need to rent a new toon, none left like TheRedRaven jajaja
  8. try harder next time fragile, rethink your life goals LOL.
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