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  1. Wondering if we can find details on NCWest being unable to "detect" adrenaline situation / doing nothing about it.. on the recent / future patch notes? before another cashgrab event possibly? @Conguero @Neutron
  2. Fooz

    Dim Siege 2/25/2018

    MS sadly getting nowhere fast, even with the help of carpetditos ie: a video of truffle trying to sm warrior it up but his clam sadly is consistently carpetmode www.nova4life.net minimum requirements must be met to be taken seriously upon applying.
  3. aren't you that guy that came with MS to rune and whole clan got carpeted in under a minute?
  4. Would claim that you were a bot, but bots aren't normally found on the floor so quick
  5. not many words are needed...
  6. so basically we don't need to follow rules truffle?, can you agree on this @conguero your HR rep (Truffle) told me this.
  7. why are you still here? policies are made to set guidelines bud, not to be broken LOL
  8. We’ve recently seen confusion in the community regarding what is considered fair play in PvP, and how a player using the Automated Macros system while AFK can potentially avoid incurring PKs or losing valuable items. For anyone who has been in this scenario and unclear about NCSOFT policies, here’s where we stand. Using Hunting Macros While AFK (Don’t!) First and foremost, while the Automated Macros system in Lineage 2 was designed to be robust enough that players can streamline certain elements of gameplay, it’s not built to be a bot tool. In fact, target macros are intentionally ke
  9. The issue is the items were returned to the character that dropped them after going red, why is this? Many people are wondering why because you clearly stated above a much different stance on the issue.
  10. Would love to see that happen, as nothing in my posts break any rules
  11. Just curious @Conguero do you or your staff often favor certain clans or players and go back on these stated words for the better of the community or for the better of your pockets? Just today your support staff has stripped items from a legitimate case of a player going red (PK status) losing a few items (rightly so) then you proceeded to take said items from the player that killed the red (PK) and return them to the player who was PK status. Curious how you will try to throw a band-aid on this one. If you would like further "evidence", it can be provided.
  12. Fooz

    Fooz? LUL

  13. Fooz

    Fooz? LUL

    BAHAHA trust me i don't need any reassurance from you of my capabilities lol your tears and the tears of your "TOP " MS players, Genocide/ bingbings cp tears, gauss' tears, killtime, etc for months consistently give me 100% satisfaction. Also NEVER was there any chance for zurQQ to recruit me, didn't take long to find out the scem squad that is = MS leadership / drama queens. No forward thinking human would want anything to do with that toxicity lmao. I don't do drama queens, remember, that's why you got kicked from netflix bud You've literally yourself... fed probably 200-400 of those poin
  14. Fooz

    Fooz? LUL

    that's blasphemy.. without a dragon weapon = irrelevant / useless remember? As you've been crying about since I got to chronos? lol QQQQQQQQ MANABARRIER, HALP. Juji loves nova so much that he gifts us extended mana-barrier range, right? lol .. You make ME the center of attention on a daily basis. I must be your favorite and the insecurity is just on the rise @ MS. Also Max is cool people, haven't heard about any of the rumors you speak of though sorry.. If what you mentioned of Max, were too happen. You would only be able to blame iJager / truffle the ones boasting so much
  15. Fooz

    Fooz? LUL

    glad you finally chose the kids > L2 j0n good old buddy, i'm sure you were neglecting them with truffle barking in your ear 247.
  16. Fooz

    Fooz? LUL

    or I only fraps'd 10-15 mins of the siege from my PoV? loool -- don't worry tho, freed up some space for your endless tears of the future. MS will say or do anything in light of epicly being a disappointment. Since day 1 zaken merge, trying to zerg recruit from all servers (zuroil tried recruiting even me and netflix members - like anyone would ever want to help TruffleQQ) and look where we are again . You barely have any of those "halfway decent" mcbolas players left. Can't blame them for quitting tbh, truffle is a massive headache to deal with on a daily basis for anyone.. probab
  17. Fooz

    Fooz? LUL

    Fastest 7v7 ever with top pt MS. zero chance whatsoever loool rown is top dd ms clearly, so why does xspawn cp pr in 7v7?
  18. I don't make videos of me making jewels in town either. get a life LMAO such a freaking nerd.
  19. hm a scammer that you texted a week ago, typical ms loool. how bout that zuzu lil mushroom pic tho, all of nova been repassing it around. I AM DYING ATM NGL
  20. Truffle: please click my videos, i have hards time breaking 500 views bc i'm a trash human and no one wants to be friends with me. WHY IS IT THIS WAY JUJI I SWIPED SO HARD WHY YOU take j0nsnow from me. who is really pathetic? the guy trying to beg rufio to help him bc all his cp quit bc he's toxic? poor fluffy LOL gf, cute attempt at anyone ever on this planet liking you LOL
  21. 6 months still failures. you can't buy your way out of fail trash clam loool. 80% die in 1 aoe poor guy. get them some dragon fists! Truffle: we won guys we failed for the 12th time to take aden or even crest for 10 seconds LOL then we didn't even go +100. #MSLIFE #problMS #90playerccVS40TROLOOLOLOLOLOL Truffle: PLEASE MARCELUS / Divekio SAVE US. LOOOOOL
  22. good thing you almost died in 2nd seconds of being there LOL. OH YOU WERE IN SM LOOOOOL thats right you don't leave town without it all knows this
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