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  1. lol @ rown and top cp pring in 7v7 huh? poor ms , such terrible human beings :(.
  2. LOOOL so weak hela weak clan leader lol
  3. LOOOL so weak, i wasn't even half popped lmao would like to see you roll through when im at 1.9mil patk lelz , useless pve toon this is why truffle doesn't play dagger or archer and why zureil doesn't play archer and oh ya diego getting silenced 20 sec in 7v7 and hit for 110k 1 shot lellll
  4. do you even wear armor? you took 1mil dmg in 30 sec? looool
  5. I realize you're upset, it will be ok child!
  6. Really.. fastest pvp of my life.. x] with all your favorites. lol
  7. malaka klais pio polu k apo 3xrono kathe for a pou se anagkazw na kaneis pr.
  9. try harder healing with your hands not your face @xSpaWn, cute pr too
  10. why thank you! keep clicking the links for @Dustpag subs are growing steadily.
  11. https://gyazo.com/47a0ea648c8852f75e59679d47834ba7 QQ .. he actually died, got rez'd .. 10 secs later died lost buff.. clicked town as you see
  12. https://gyazo.com/0af487352c18d4a393764e620fb87d63 lul
  13. tell that to this guy . . with stage 2 dragon wep https://gyazo.com/e8517d5df46a1194fc07d5cbcd4f8042
  14. cry a river drama queen, that's all you ever do..
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