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  1. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/212289040?t=00h58m33s lel
  2. Fooz

    Seiges/Mass PvP

  3. More like bc you ported in b4 i farmed you even more like at anthy hue
  4. AMX down 15 times lost buff goes to town comes back lost buff again, gf
  5. Fooz

    Seiges/Mass PvP

    It must be truly hard to lie so much to yourself to try to find a way to continue on with your failed attempts @ propaganda #problMS
  6. Fooz

    Seiges/Mass PvP

    hmm you sure? From my perspective.. we were on aden lawn majority of siege. Aden lawn gives mana regen now? I must of missed the memo Trouble staying alive to make it to throne bud? it seemed like it
  7. "Has Morningstar ever failed?"
  8. Fooz

    Seiges/Mass PvP

    gz on aden castle! trouble getting to throne these days ? :c
  9. Fooz

    Seiges/Mass PvP

    when zureil plays archer ..
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