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  1. Don't you see that nerfs warrior classes which are the weakest? Also our pve power nerfed actually. Who can kill baium? Nobody. Antharas? Never. What's the point of nerfing the weakest classes.
  2. 50% rune also doesnt stack
  3. Runes

    they dont, checked by myself
  4. warlock help

    only on 77 u get party buff a place for exping depends on yours buffs
  5. which class is dominate now?

    1. Top class is Visa or Mastercard 2. Necro / ES - transfer pain + incredible dmg 3. solo pvp (olympiad for example) SK/DA/PAL 4. Any summoner 5. Open pvp archers (but on NA classic pvp battles dont exists)
  6. Live vs Classic? newbie friendly.

    Choose the other game
  7. with clothes everything is fine, it's rare item. Deal with it.
  8. World Olympiad

    As I remember i killed ur tank and never met ur pony on olympiad. 1. Don't compare nck or ncj to our version 2. teach me how to win vs for example beppler when he hits me 15k m crit on berseker mode I'm best titan eu or even world just missing some l2mastercard items
  9. World Olympiad

    he want hero weapon cause they are useful for mage class (as he is) or maybe for tank (he plays tank also)
  10. World Olympiad

    once cause of disconnect 2nd time cuz of weird hit for 7k, w/e never will happen again. Ponies are imbalanced, they are big problem. If u want to get something for community ask them to nerf m crits for 15k.
  11. World Olympiad

    guy play with the most imbalance char in classic and talk about imbalance
  12. Don't forget guys that even PVE content is projected that u can't farm without l2store items
  13. banned

    I have 4 more qa lv3 in wh, its not a problem. I will be back son and then change ur gameplay in to nightmare
  14. time to look another game, without spending 1k usd per month u gonna be nobody
  15. banned

    Again banned, as we know u will unban me anyway in future, but thanks to you i will lose hero status. Of course ban w/o any reason. Can u speed up my unban process please? @Juji #23451188