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  1. Can You all understand...

    Innova is publisher, they are kind of customer of ncsoft. Ncsoft west is children of main ncsoft, they do what korea wants and they must provide incommings.
  2. That nobody will change game for you. Even if Juji has will to do that, He can not. They gets ready updates from main ncsoft, and can't do a sh*t. The only thing they can do for you is ASK devs in korea to change something, but they won't cause no point to do such things. So stop doing idiotic posts about skills, pony range, c1-c5 memories and many other stupid things
  3. mobs drops 300-150adena
  4. EWC/EWD delted from shop

    Somehow i missed it. You're right. Anyway it's bad move.
  5. Why didnt you notice it in patch note? U can't even write patch notes corectly. Give back EWD/EWC to luxory shop
  6. come on, stop playing with us
  7. Debuff success rate

    the same
  8. Debuff success rate

    nothing affects on debuffs landrate, only epics
  9. @Hime will u give info about classic today also?
  10. can't tell u, it's their politic
  11. WE play on nerfed rates, spends milions hours to try enchant our weapons, to get them at least +10, and you give a +16 weapons for $$? Are u serious? ;D
  12. The Baium's Mystery Box will be added to the L2 Store. and what is it?
  13. Never gonna get olympiad on this server?
  14. looking for confirm
  15. Oriana Girl is a scam?

    Me ~120,000 coins = 108 tablets, 1 ewc, 1 weapon C grade. Good luck. Better sell coins or use them for soulshots.