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  1. 1. Change difficulty on Antharas world raidboss 2. Antharas Lair as the most difficult zone should has the top rewards from the mobs
  2. I spend 0 dollars and Im above top whales :>
  3. its not about if u can or u cant buy Its just overpriced and not worth to invest on the such bad servers. We are the most expensive and the worse region in lineage 2 classics.
  4. actually drops nothing no adena, no materials, just nothing
  5. antharas even with 10% isnt possible to kill, baium is okay doesnt need nerf
  6. dream, dream. impossbile for our devs
  7. Get karmian and buy low a grade for arround 15-20kk
  8. Faced today something similiar, system didnt take me to fight and I lost, watchout now, 58 points
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