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  1. ADENA!!

    turn off bot, mr Texas
  2. their only mission is milk you, nothing more
  3. Soulshot C recipe

    Depends of developer decision, they may remove all shots or let u sell them at shop. Don't think they will convert old shots in to one.
  4. Soulshot C recipe

    1. L2wiki do not fit to our servers. All recipes still dropable and still u can craft it. 2. Lineage 2 classic europe preparing for new update. called Kamael, thats why there are changes in database 3. In future (Kamael update) there will be no grades on soulshots. In grocery u will buy unique soulshots and spirit shots fiting to all grade weapons. You welcome.
  5. cake event is trash event, just remove a grade weapons u gave away
  6. lol I didnt win anything from such events, generally I dont care about c grade +16 weapons cuz I made already by myself c grade weapons +15, when they feed ppl with good but possible to get items is okay, but if randoms walks arround with +15 top a grade weapons Im getting mad
  7. Idc about +16 lol c weapons, but +15 a grade is a big problem
  8. remove all those weapons given while event time
  9. You really care about lolexp, since some of lucky guys got +15 a weapons and noone is able to do such thing normal way. THEY SHOULD REMOVE ALL WEAPONS FROM EVENT.
  10. exploit event

    Already one guy have 2 weapons from event Top event
  11. Status -Discord L2 servers

    server status never gonna be showed
  12. they know Lineage 2 classic is dying, want to grab as much as they can before close the servers
  13. already up, I already wrote u patch notes of event
  14. Buy ticket to take a part in festiwal: 1 ticket - 80 ncoins. Possible to win S grade items, epics Good Luck all