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  1. Bring back XP/SP/drop boost

    tadaaa 100% rune exp/sp only 25 bucks per week. Enjoy.
  2. hahahaha, dude why do you lie :D? this data is Seven Secret of Empire. I've killed more than 10k pytans never droped bw parts
  3. It's not our version dude
  4. That feelings when u wrote post and hime replied 3 times new content will not fix the issues, cause ur team done too much fails. 1. spoil/drop rate is terrible, I don't know how long will take to have +6 b grade set for sure its LONG LONG TIME. a overenchant weapons, sets etc are needed in lineage 2 classic (look at skelth, grain kain, jp classic etc. people there are able to farm with only OE weapons/sets). 2. Exp curve. Since 70 we need double exp amount comparing other classic servers, this is madness. 3. High lvls getting bored, I'm 76 since long time and unable to get 3rd prof because it's impossible to drop tablets Can you tell me where do u drop bw heavy armor parts in loa?
  5. Solution about Bots

    I'm senior developer but anyway there's no way to ban PC
  6. Solution about Bots

    seems like u know nothing about computers/softwares.
  8. I bought pendants with adena dude
  9. Thanks all for watching! Had 72 viewers, hot hot. Restults: 184 pendants 1lvl wasted to: x1 1lvl +10 x1 1lvl +9 What I noticed. All stages of enchanment have arround 70% success rate.
  10. 1. Should do boost event to bring just part of players that u lost 2. 0 fixes
  11. PK QUEST

    But U have scrolls in L2store