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  1. Hello, Any idea whether the cubics will be <Auto use skill> at any point in the future? It's kinda sad not to have them on my elemental summoner while I am afk. Thanks
  2. Hi all, Since the last update (I think), the spirit ores are not tradeable. Is there a specific reason for it? I bought with my toon approximately 2k so that I can give them to my main in the farming spot but apparently cant. By the way, soulstones are still tradeable. Thanks
  3. @Hime Although I think it is a bit early for kamael, I really like the so far announced notes. Could you please clarify how much the new soulshot- spiritshot will cost? Can we now sustain ourselves via regular farming? Also, what about the summon soulshots? Thanks!
  4. Hello illender and welcome back! Quite a few things have changed for the summoner classes in classic. I will try to name a few, maybe the most important ones. Your pets do not take away xp now. At all! As a warlock/es you will have a pet that can recharge you. You have a nuke which actually levels all the way to 80 Your pets gain your exact buffs. If you are fulled buffed and summon a pet, it will instantly have all buffs as well. You can resummon a pet as many times as you like (it costs spirit ores) and it comes back with full hp-mp and your buffs. You can
  5. Hello, As the title says, I want to buy 7x othel's runes level 6. I offer 20kk for all. Or come with an offer! Mail me ingame or pm. "crudediamond, "pheddi Thanks
  6. Hi! I keep disconnecting when I try to play today, plus it seems that the server is laggy. Anyone else with this issue on giran server?
  7. They are already making money. There are people that would spend 1000$ or 10000$ on the event if they think 100$ is not enough to win.
  8. No you cannot drop items if killed by a mob
  9. Hi all, After the update I keep dcing when I log in. Anyone else with this issue?
  10. Does that mean that I can make a macro attack- target next-attack and let it run forever?
  11. Hey shurick, If by greater recipes you mean something like https://l2wiki.com/classic/Greater_Soulshot_Compressed_Package_(C-grade), then you should definitely spend time spoiling the soulshot/ spiritshot/ blessed spiritshot recipes.
  12. As the title says, want to sell orfen earring! Pm me here or ingame "crudediamond with an offer please. BR
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