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  1. Cubics

    Hello, Any idea whether the cubics will be <Auto use skill> at any point in the future? It's kinda sad not to have them on my elemental summoner while I am afk. Thanks
  2. Spirit ores

    Hi all, Since the last update (I think), the spirit ores are not tradeable. Is there a specific reason for it? I bought with my toon approximately 2k so that I can give them to my main in the farming spot but apparently cant. By the way, soulstones are still tradeable. Thanks
  3. @Hime Although I think it is a bit early for kamael, I really like the so far announced notes. Could you please clarify how much the new soulshot- spiritshot will cost? Can we now sustain ourselves via regular farming? Also, what about the summon soulshots? Thanks!
  4. warlock

    Hello illender and welcome back! Quite a few things have changed for the summoner classes in classic. I will try to name a few, maybe the most important ones. Your pets do not take away xp now. At all! As a warlock/es you will have a pet that can recharge you. You have a nuke which actually levels all the way to 80 Your pets gain your exact buffs. If you are fulled buffed and summon a pet, it will instantly have all buffs as well. You can resummon a pet as many times as you like (it costs spirit ores) and it comes back with full hp-mp and your buffs. You can even summon while in combat. I think these are the most basic changes that summoners have faces between c6 and classic. Have fun
  5. WTB othel runes 6

    Hello, As the title says, I want to buy 7x othel's runes level 6. I offer 20kk for all. Or come with an offer! Mail me ingame or pm. "crudediamond, "pheddi Thanks
  6. Hi! I keep disconnecting when I try to play today, plus it seems that the server is laggy. Anyone else with this issue on giran server?
  7. Classic Server Maintenance: Wednesday, June 5, 2019

    They are already making money. There are people that would spend 1000$ or 10000$ on the event if they think 100$ is not enough to win.
  8. Gear drop

    No you cannot drop items if killed by a mob
  9. Dcing after update

    Hi all, After the update I keep dcing when I log in. Anyone else with this issue?
  10. So is botting legal now?

    Does that mean that I can make a macro attack- target next-attack and let it run forever?
  11. Soul Shot recipe vs greater recipe

    Hey shurick, If by greater recipes you mean something like https://l2wiki.com/classic/Greater_Soulshot_Compressed_Package_(C-grade), then you should definitely spend time spoiling the soulshot/ spiritshot/ blessed spiritshot recipes.
  12. WTS/T orfen earring

  13. WTS/T orfen earring

    As the title says, want to sell orfen earring! Pm me here or ingame "crudediamond with an offer please. BR