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  1. Skill books

    Good morning, afternoons, nights. The subject that I want to talk about is the books we need buffers, tankes, etc. They have a very low rate and it costs to be released. I explain my situation: I have been playing for 1 week every day for 5 or 6 hours in Ivory Tower, I am VIP Level 4 (50% get drop) and to my amazement they do not drop anything, so it makes me think about several questions. Is what you put in the VIP section lvl 4 false? And if it is, would not it be a scam and could it be denounced ?, and the other question is. Is the drop rates poorly implemented? and if they are, somebody will fix it ?. To finish I would give 2 tips to NCSoft. 1: That raise the rates of drop so that everyone has their skills and not spend so many hours in a place where it is overflowing with players doing the same. 2: They put an NPC that sell all the skill books at a fair price because in the service I am playing the players who are very lucky and they drop for example the book Dead Wisper they sell them for 8kk, which is a price of madness to be a server of rates x1. Thank you very much and I hope sincere and logical answers.