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  1. 1st night of Olympiad

    yea sure perfa fear will give me fingers ... its a bad setting
  2. 1st night of Olympiad

    the game sux ... summones killing you so hard ... orcs perma fear ... pole perma stun ... i main sws .. hardly to kill someone ... im top b rb jewels weapons +16 and + 10 b .. still an orc w subey and c staff +0 wins
  3. hello i have 2kk in items from aden but i want them in TI
  4. Mathematical max exp¿

    Just want to know if a mob gives 1000 exp normally how on much will give whit all the exp buffs? 150 weekend event vip 4 scroll exp rune 50% clan buff fruit buff and Dunno what more
  5. Best support/boxes for Warlord

    SE + SWS why SE? for the aoe of STIGMA