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  1. A question on clans

    I didn't realize it had put me in the other forum.
  2. Aestheticism is Recruiting!

    Bump bump, more every day.
  3. LF Clan/CP

    Are you still looking.
  4. LF a clan

    Are you on Talking Island?
  5. Aestheticism is Recruiting!

    We run AoE parties, raid parties, and have crafting dwarves to help you. Don't know what to do at level 20~ join us! We will show you around and teach you that there is more to Lineage than you thought. 1. Do yourself a favor if you frequent around Gludio, Dion, Gludin & Talking Island stoked about the game, debating quitting or not and give our community a try! PM Urteil if you want to join a level 3 clan looking for active members who want a community geared toward taking advantage of all Lineage has to offer. 2. Veteran players looking to pass on their skills and improve their fellow clan mate, here is your stop as well. You won't be disappointed.
  6. NA clan seeking new players!

    We are smaller clan as well, I would like to talk to you. PM Urteil in game if you are interested.
  7. Aestheticism is Recruiting!

    Bump! Looking for new players, veteran players to grow our solid community. Activities daily - join today!
  8. Aestheticism is Recruiting!

    Clan is now level 3 and still recruiting! Check the in game community board or PM Avoidthelight, Snitzal or Urteil for discord/information.
  9. A question on clans

    What is your clan name, we are a small level 2 clan too and perhaps we can work together? Message me in game.
  10. Level 37 to 38 Exp.

    Ignore this OP.
  11. Level 37 Exp

    Level 37 seems to require more exp than level 38.
  12. Level 37 to 38 Exp.

    I think this should be looked into. This level felt way slower than 36-37 and 38-39. It seems like it requires an abnormal amount of exp.
  13. Aestheticism is Recruiting!

    Bump! Still active, still recruiting!
  14. WTB Warpick Heads

    Paying 26k~ for them PM/mail in game.