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  1. NCOSFT doesn't even realize how stupid they are,Lineage 2 Classic brought alot of attention back to L2( its why i came back around here to check it and live out), right at the point of kindda getting into live and classic and thinking bout spending $ this happens....needless to say that's not gonna happen now even if it is fixed by weds im keeping this F2P. kindda already ruined the game anyways if they don't care about L2 why should we?
  2. NCSOFT got my money when L2 was a subscription and imho a better game. I have yet to buy ncsoft coins not sure I want to especially after this.
  3. I cant log into talking island but i can play on chronos. Im from Ohio.
  4. What a shame I was starting to get back into this game and was hoping classic would breathe fresh life into Lineage 2 i have played alot of MMORPGs and its still my fav untill the GOD awakened crap.
  5. There is nothing you can do to fix it, its a problem on NCsoft's end they are "aware of it and workingon it" its affecting alot of people myself I can only log on Live and not classic atm.
  6. I am glad to see someone else having this same problem. Have you heard how to fix it?
  7. I heard about L2 classic game back to this game after a many year hiatus, so far I think Classic is great. I unfortunately would have to restart at lvl1 on the live servers, this doesn't seem feasible as I'm assuming the only people playing this are bots and endgame players I don't think id be able to find people to play with till like 85+ looking at clan recruiting and LFG. Is this a fair assessment. I am actually really really sad to see the state the live server is currently in I bounced around different MMORPGS and never found one I enjoyed as much as my near decade of playing this game.
  8. I am interested in finding a gaming community I registered on the website I played L2 along time ago heard they made classic i came back for the Lawlz :). I play multiple other games as well and would always be up for finding people who do that too.
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