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  1. I'm failing to see the "classic grind" correlation with the adena and spoil issues. I began L2 in C4, left when you did the absurd deal with classes in Awakening, then was told that Classic was back. XP grind is always preferable, but your adena and spoil nerf make the economy either mostly non-existent, or have players buying adena from those vendors who stay on line 24/7 for that purpose, not including their town spams that are 100% guaranteed each time one logs. The TRUTH of your investigation is this: - "Free to Play" means, as a business, you have to cover your overhead somewhere = introduce shop, VIP, and XP/SP runes (runes used by those attempting to shame others questioning the adena and spoils, yet they sit at 50+ in D grade or low C armor still... lol) - NC Soft has had an ongoing issue with customer service, in that, maintaining some sort of balance between game play and feeling achievements. - Players in these questionable areas seem to experience a continued issue, even though it was said to be fixed. - You aren't listening to your customers. Resolution: - Go back to low rate, free, classic-style servers (which still have better rates and economy than Classic) - Listen to your customers - since you aren't selling the adena (are you...?), boost rates of spoils and adena drops and BAN the bots or the IPs of those selling adena (you were good at this once upon a time...) - Create quests that give more than 15a/item and have you either spending what you would make on SOEs or spending 30 min walking to town and make them profitable... Increasing adena/spoil rates does not decrease grind time, it does not upset the economy but helps to build it (especially the economy between players). Dwarves are already pissed on for the low skill/abilities they have - bleep poor rates of spoils only adds insult to injury - spoils = crafts = more dwarves = better economy = more gear on the market = more tolerable grind. Personally, I began playing, enjoyed a few of the changes to this version, but have reserved my wallet for in game XP/SP runes, etc to see if it's worth it. So far, after 3-4 weeks, it's not. This isn't a worthwhile financial investment - so, I will continue to grind - for free. 2 boxing and spending my actual $ elsewhere. C'mon, NC West, you really could do better...