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  1. I have to log in into my prophet's account then i can log in with my main. Theres no other way to log in my main hahah WTF
  2. That's weird. After 3 days of login problem i can log in from my brothers pc without any problem. He lives 2 kilometers from me. Wtf is going on guys?
  3. I hope they will reward everyone who cant log in:/
  4. Srsly? Still cant log in? its been 24h arleady
  5. Yeah i would like to do my daily atleast today...
  6. Why they dont want to show exact poit of their licencense or w/e. IF U BAN SOMEONE. Atleast tell ppl why they get that ban. U should have nice explain. But no. U treate ppl like a thrash...
  7. Cry like bit*****? Lol dude what about ppl who got banned on 15 16 lvl and its perma? With no good reason. U say bcoz u get unbanned so they are fair ? So hypocrite
  8. Its not funny thing. Its sad thing. U report them and they are still running happy farming ffs. I wonder when my main acc will get perma banned FOR NOTHING. Like my girlfriends 16 lvl Elf... rofl
  9. My girlfriend made Elf 15 or 16 lvl. Got the same answer. Wtf those this mean? Before she was playin elf warrior and leaved it. Starded new char and that happened
  10. Hello I would like to buy Elven Long Sword or Bonebreaker. Mail me ig. Wilku
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