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  1. Known Issue: Server Queues

    Good night Forgive me, but what kind of solution do you find to solve this, create other servers to try to identify latencies? Sorry, but there are players with more than one machine that logs in multiple accounts, wouldn't it be much more interesting if you had limited the number of logged in accounts to the extreme, or just left one or two to log in until the problem was solved? There are a lot of players who buy Ncoins who are out of game and etc, or have no patience, you can see, half of logged in players are from macro accounts, automatically uploading.
  2. Server is full

    Good night (Using Google Translator) I was trying to log in and came the comic saying it was full, so I disconnected from the server, because there were 88 people in front of me. This is surreal, honestly, it never occurred, I think this permission from NCsoft to let one person log in multiple accounts just to create a full server unreality, that's at least my opinion. It is time for NCsoft West to start imposing limits on these players who log in multiple accounts that end up preventing other players from having fun, this is slowly killing the gameplay, NCsoft West has already killed the gameplay of the game when it started selling various items on loha online from them, and that left the game unbalanced, and etc and then when we log in, we can not, or when we do we are forced to play with several parties in auto macro that kill faster and disrupts those who like to play in the old mode , playing even without needing macro.
  3. Good Night (Using google translator) I hope that correct, this boring and complicated quest, which took me about 40 minutes, I'm taking about 1 hour and 30 minutes. Worst of all, when I'm in town my character moves very well, but when I'm in quest locations, killing mobs and so on, then the character hits, stops, hits, stops, stops, even though I'm around 1,300 atack speed. And then I took a quiz, when I start to look like this, I change the position of the character, he beats faster or faster, but then he beats slowly and stops a little bit, all after this new update and This has been hurting the players, who no longer have the patience to even go on group quest, the Olympics even, was annoying.
  4. I do not think Sigel is good, they have given a lot of quest skills and they can barely resist various mobs and skills that can actually keep these mobs under control. However, it is a skill that was very bad in PVP, many say no, but it's the truth, just see the Sigel scores in the Olympiads and Feoh for example. NCsoft does not know how to balance the class, I'll give you an example, he created that Feoh skill that absorbs 95% of damage, but the 5% burn is mana, this was made for Feoh to get ahead of class with high damage, like archers, othell rogue and tyrr warrior, the problem that class where the damages are lower, end up succumbing to Feoh, like Sigel, Wynn, Iss and even, the Tyrr today has difficulty dealing with the Feoh, the skill that was a buff a few seconds turned aura and they can still do combo with the other aura that increases if I am not mistaken 40% of P.Defesa. Not to mention that they have created various skills, knocking down, levitating the person and etc, pushing and etc., and these skills give debuffs, ie you knock the person down and she stays a few seconds on the floor, levitates and stays in the air, but, the passive skills only continues to protect or give only resistance to stun, mental attack, and so on. For example, Sigel's Stun when he can apply, is the most fault of the class that give stun, incredible as it seems until the stun of Feoh magic picks up more, the stun disappears when we start beating... Feoh has cancel and the Iss also, the Tyrr that uses spear also, and has no buff, or passive ability that protects against this abilities and the incredible that these abilities removes just the buff that give atack speed and casting speed, and remembering that the buff of casting speed and atack speed is the junction of two buff of the prophet, which in the classic eliminated one, but had the other. For me, NCsoft had to remove this punishment by using Focus Shield and Reise Shield, which forbids us from using other skills that use shields, that...
  5. Good afternoon (using google translate) Well, if you equip today this expensive, put on armor with charm that exceeds the expensive +4, people ask absurd prices on items that are not worth it all, is why that every day the server is losing players and visa , will continue to lose players, this new expansion will only benefit the ruling clan, who can kill the new dragon and so on. It's a game that invests a lot more in attack attacks than defense, I was looking at the games, everyone, and there are more items that give more P.Defesa than itens that give M.Defesa and this is already a huge advantage for example for the Feoh. And another, I think in the passive skills of the class, it is time to build resistance to new types of debuff, such as tipping, levitating, pushing and removing target. Because it has class that only has debuff attacks where the passive skills already give a beginning of resistance, as stun, poison, mental and etc. And I hope they have corrected an anomaly that I have noticed, when using the UD that says the damage limit is 550, I took 280k of damage from a Feoh in the Olympiads, and I was thinking, what is a skill that should be powerful, after all, it has reuse of 15 minutes, if it has so slow reuse is why NCsoft itself considers it appealing, which of course I disagree. The NCsoft problem that she focuses too much on damage, and forgets defense and I do not say those items bought in the store, I speak of the armor even if they do give a good physical defense, and this time to improve is all the Boss jewelry and not only a few and improve on M.Defesa of them, as every day more damage from the Feoh are getting too absurd. While some class with low damage, are getting unprepared, such as Sigel, Iss, and even some class of Tyrr before the Feoh for example. Sincerely, nothing excited about this new expansion and it seems that NCsoft can not figure it out, they are inventing stuff in stores, I think if the basic equipment was more accessible, like the new R110 armor and R110 weapons, this makes people be encouraged and invest more. I wanted to give a suggestion to NCsoft, how about a certain day the enchantment being 100% up to +6? Or be 100% +6 as the natural and not more +3? To balance the game more?
  6. Good Morning... I'll go back and talk about it. When NCsoft transformed a Feoh skill, which absorbs 95% of Feoh's damage, just so he could face archers and othell rogue, it eventually made Feoh extremely advantageous with a class that does not have abilities like Half Kill and / or that the damage is too low, so to burn Feoh's mana. You need to balance that. Another thing, this time to eliminate the skills of cancel, first that there is no passive ability against this, most of the jewelry does not give protection to this, and today we do not use more than 30 buff as it was formerly. For example, the atack speed buff of more than 60%, because it is there including two buff that existed before. Damn, Feoh's already high damage, Iss full buff fight, and when we get this debuff, we always lose the atack speed buff, which makes it a huge drawback to other class. Another thing I want to discuss is the passive skill that resets or doubles the time of a skill / buff, which uses STR as a reference. Sorry for NCsoft, but when you created this passive skill, I found it interesting, but in fact, it only gives archers advantages, which, by the way, I say with propriety, I own a dual archer, and have no dyes and nothing, and my skills get to reset 4 to 6 times in a row, or duplicate with ease, and my main class is a Sigel Knight, which rarely resists skill and / or doubles time, this is a skill that is tied to STR, Sigel possesses STR low, and Sigel always puts CON Dyes and even if he put everything from STR, it would not reset with ease. In my opinion, each class would have to be based on its characteristic. Since the Sigel is based more on the use of the CON, being of defense, of course that his should be based on the CON and not on the STR, because the Sigel is not Warrior. And I think NCsoft has to review this absurd advantage of the archer in resetting skills so easily, I fought with an archer and his skill to remove target reset 3 times in a row, giving an absurd advantage, even more that archer releases hall kill with tremendous advantage. I even have a suggestion, as Sigel's skill rarely resets, creates something for Sigel based on his features, how about being based on CON, and instead of resets or duplicates, keep resetting and the chance to return 100% the damage taken? After all, he is a sigel knight. And for God's sake, for more open Olympics arenas, because, honestly, the sands favor class of long-distance attacks. That is fact, that arena that is a monument in the middle, with openings, Feoh and archer love that, because they take advantage of it. And another, check also the fact of always falling in the same arena, I already got to fight 5 times in a row in the same arena that unfortunately of the advantage the class of long distance attack.
  7. [News] Golden Compass Event

    Good night Another event made for powerful DDs and well equipped, ally, very, but very equipped. I tried to do with my main char, a Sigel Eva's Templar, and as everyone knows, too low damage, nor using the skill that wields the sword with both hands, it worked, because I lost defense. In short, NCsoft creating more and more, events thinking only well-equipped players, but it seems that Iss, Healer and support in general, with a good level of equipment, is having problems, congratulations to NCsoft, so the game desistimulates more and more players.
  8. Ability to hold

    I do not know if this is a Bug, so I'll treat it as a Bug. Well, I realized that every time I fight with a Feoh, Feoh Erthéia and even Tyrr, even when I'm a Sigel, I use the Hold debuff skill, that Tyrr if I'm in his range, even with Hold, he can jump close to me, so that's fine, Tyrr gives it a good look. But, Feoh is different, it's a class where magical criticism is huge, even when the guy is not well equipped, he manages to cause extremely high damage, even more that, NCsoft invests much more in P.Defesa than in M. Defense in the game. In my view, Hold is just to keep the person on your side, preventing it from running away, or when you need to recover, you hold and run a bit, this is in the case of the Tyrr, like Evicerators, but with Feoh is different, be it normal Feoh or Feoh Ertheia, hold should be a Tank defense, so that he would keep Feoh always on his side, preventing Feoh from running away. But, that's not the case, every time I give Hold and pick it up, whether it's normal Feoh or Feoh Ertheia, they teleport and go away, and as the debuff time is 5 seconds, ready, they're gone and so , they gain an advantage, since Feoh has a range of 1100, in their skills and the teleport is the same, 1100 range, Sigel current is 600 maximum, so you need to run closer. I noticed that Hold is nice, but, Feoh always runs away using teleportation, this should not happen, it should be reviewed, I also noticed that in Healer, Sigel's silence is too flawed, even though he has the skill very tight and jewelry which increases the chance of mental debuff.But, I think NCsoft has to review this Feoh, Feoh Ertheia can teleport even with Hold applied, because if so, Hold is only good for PVE and nothing else and look there. Or, it increases the chance of Sigel's silence and time, because 3 seconds, which is not always 3 seconds, since I have already used and picked up and started counting in 2 seconds, again began counting in 1 second.
  9. Good evening I had already put a dyes of CON +5 that of +5 CON + 25 Dark Resistance. However, today I bought 10 Dyes equal to this one and I can not put in my Sigel Eva's Templar, her name is Murkan and the server is Naia. I talked to a friend and he got into his character. He gave me an idea of repairing the game, and I put it to repair it, downloaded a 5.7 MB file, and even then, I can not get dyes. Just a note, I only have one Dye placed, which is the same: +5 CON +25 Dark Resistance, I have 2 more slots left, and even then it will not, I've been in all NPCs, I hope a solution, adena this hard to find, I do not want to get in the way... OBS:Good evening. Well, I discovered what the problem was, after the update, the confirmation bar was well hidden on the screen, so I had not noticed, because when it appeared, it appeared well in the corner of the screen, hidden, only appearing a small tip of the square where it is the option to confirm, then when I saw that every time I clicked and clicked again, a little dot of the confirmation comic appeared, and I made adjustment until I was able to get the confirmation bar and put it in the middle of the screen. .. But thanks for everything.
  10. Main Classe

    Good evening. I miss a time when every race had its class and every class was represented by its race. This changed when NCsoft allowed a human to be eg a Sigel Eva's Templar in his Main Class, and turning Hero over. That should change, from the moment NCsoft comes gradually differentiating the class according to the races. Because depending on the native Status of the race, she with the ability of a class of another race, ends up taking advantage of it, that is, a Human with the Main Class of Eva's Templar, ends up having more advantage than the White Elf of Eva's Templar, for example. So either NCsoft removes this, or NCsoft increases racial skills, as I realized that when you use Main Class from another race, the racial skill continues to race, focus on it, add more racial skills, when a race is in its true class, have advantages.
  11. Siege System Dead

    I agree, Max at the time of the Freya simply took his support clans and put them as owners of the castles, even those castles that do not yield much, but, yields, a good amount of adena. In the background, the server is dying not only for this. We do not see pvp happening all the time, it used to be much better, it had pvp everywhere, clan big with big, medium with medium and small with small and this does not happen anymore. Another thing that should change is in the Olympiadas, in my humble opinion, should restrict the use of many items that one buys in the store, like the yokes that puts on the brooch, as many talismans bought in the store. In my humble opinion, these items have to be restricted only to normal pvp, siege, dimensional and etc, but, COC and Olympics do not. For me, only the Bonus of the set, of the jewels Boss, of the swords, arcs and etc, that can count. Well, there is a fighter there, who only uses those rays that come from the sky, killing for example.
  12. Oly Totally Unbalanced

    It has a class that takes a huge advantage, the Summoner itself, it's okay to run out of mana, its mark has absurd reuse and do absurd damage in the game, not to mention the debuffs time of many DDs, the Eviscerator even when you drop, the debuff gets more than 5 seconds, remembering that it is a class that damages high, due to their skills ignore P.Defesa. Lancer has a skill that each attack eliminates 2 buffs of his, a Sigel fighting against him, will run out of Buff and will lose by it. There is a lot of class there with attack skills with very low reuse, very low even. And with these items, these classes can excel, as for example the archer, where the skills come to reset several times in a row, I have dual archer and without enchanting the skills, my pinpoint has already reset 7 times in a row, and skill pinpoint is too much.
  13. Good Morning (Using Google Translator) Well, even after NCsoft improved Sigel to PVE, and improved Sigel to better attract mobs and etc, people have again ignored Sigel for the maximum number of DDs, the only class they will ever ignore is the Healer and the Iss, one on which depend on the cure and the other on which depend on the buff. I have already entered party rooms and the people ignore and still send message stating wanting DD, before they were even adding, but, in this mania of wanting to finish the quest as fast as possible, ignoring the class with ultra-low damage like Sigel, became routine, so what would be my proposal: 1 - Every class has a force skill, we activate it, when in a party has differentiated class, the union of this force activates lvl 3, giving more P.Atak and M.Atak. But Iss does not have Force. Then my idea would be the following, Iss to have the Force of Iss that it would be the link of everything, since, no party can exist without the presence of a Iss, because depending on the quest, two Iss can do the service even from Healer, and thus, even the Healer in some quest are harmed. 2 - The force of Iss would not give a bonus, but it would be the link, anyone who likes HQ knows that there is the myth of the trinity of DC, and could create this, Healer, Iss and Sigel are support in the game, so I thought, for that does not make this more obvious? And with that, the Iss having a force, could create this deeper link in the party, ie, the force bonus will only activate when you have the 3 together. How it would work, if in a quest put two Iss, rejecting the Healer, but keeping a Sigel or not, the force would not activate. If in a quest they put a Iss and a Healer, since it requires a greater healing power, and does not have a Sigel, force them would not activate the bonus, they would always have the 3 class together, and Ncsoft could very well improve the bonuses given. 3 - Improve the bonus given, since, I never understood the reason for the force of Sigel give P.Atack, if it is a class of defense. Then it would improve the bonus, the bonus would not only give P.Ack, M.Atack, Atack Speed and Casting Speed, it would also give P. Defense and M. Defense. So when these players who only love to put the maximum number of DDs and forget to put a Sigel, or when they have a quest that use two Iss, the bonuses will not be activated, and it would be good to be a good bonus to make the player think two times whether or not. Well, it's just a suggestion.
  14. tank or iss for oly

    Seriously I'm low lvl? I'm lvl 100, equipment +4 and putting blessed parts gradually, among other things, funny that, when the update arrived, the server only saw the ex-Sigel players logged in, then saw that they did not look good like that, and today, until even the people have trouble getting Sigel lvl 101 for example to do lvl 101 quest. Interestingly, I watch videos of Korean fans in fight of the Olympics, and the Sigel extremely equipped with extremely equipped DDs, he is picking up ugly, I saw a fight a Sigel with all that has right, a Phoenix Knight and lost to an Iss, that releases a fire that of the debuff that burns the HP, the Sigel did not die, but lost by damages ... And this Sigel, he is poorly equipped, or certain classes take advantages with such items created by NCsoft, which ends up giving advantages to DDs, especially in their skills that are appealing. DD is so appealing, that my dual class is a lvl 99 archer, and not invest in it in equipment and skill matching, my skills turn and resee resolves 6 times in a row, my pinpoint turns and stirs, resets 5 to 6 times in a row, this Yes, it is appealing.... And the fact that it allows to use strong items in the Olympics, is what is making the game die, ok ... So the game is losing players, because who has more money to spend, continues in advantages and deep down, the best fighter in the Olympics is not necessarily the best player but the most equipped and ends the Olympics losing the brightness.
  15. Good evening Lineage 2 is a game that became famous for having one of the best PVP systems of all MMORPGs, we have Olympiads, we have COC, we have Siege and etc, however, as we can see, all this has been lost over the years , we saw the people announcing clan looking for players for siege, pvp, pve and everything, today, we saw clans looking for players only for PVE, that's right, a game with the best PVP system, this is turning a PVE game, I will give an opinions about changes: 1 - Players will fight with players with close scores, because in this way, we see players with 10 points fighting with a strong player and even hero with more than 100 points, has player hero that gets to accumulate up to 600 points, I think the selection should have more variants, players with 100 points for example, and you have two others registered one with 120 and another 40, it will fight with the player with 120 points, or points near, even if it is annoying for some. 2 - We have a command that is given to know how many points we have, but when we take someone's target and type / olympiadstat we also know the person's punctuation, how many fights the person did, and so on, I think that's wrong, for me, this command should only inform the individual score and not the other player, this makes the game more mysterious, because the enemy would never know how many points the other has. And this would avoid clans dominates to make games, because believe if you want, have dominant clans that have many characters and log these chars to make points when they fight with enemy and when they fight with some char hero, which is decided who will be hero sometimes clear , these chars pass score and this occurs, why, the clan knows how many scoring the enemy has, and thus, can make the game get points, this would give more dynamics in the game. 3 - However, if NCsoft maintains the sealing of the fight the way it is, that is, a player who has 700 points is selected to fight with a player who has 40 points, NCsoft modifies how many points this player will have access, if the player with 700 points wins, obviously he will, he will take less points from the player with 40 points, he will get more points, according to the score, who has more, draw less, who has less will continue to draw from acorod with the percentages , I do not even know if I can do this. And limit the maximum point taken to 7. 4 - Ban some items of the Olympics, can not be used, after all, the Olympics makes it clear that the player has to show his fighting ability, not the power of the items he has. For example, the skills of the cloaks can not be used, the stones of the brooches can not be used, the skills of the talismans can not be used, that is, the player will only count on the bonuses given by the armor, jewels, sword and etc. , the basic items that form the char for example, which are items that give more P.defense, resistance, M.defesa, and leave these items only for PVP, Siege and only, nor in the COC can be used. 5 - Having control in the fights, therefore, it is noticed that some players continue to use programs prohibited by NCsoft, just have a GM supervising. 6 - I know that the topic runs away from the topic, NCsoft, the castle siege was another attraction of the game, and this no longer exists, since a clan only in the server, at least in the freya owns all the castles, or makes agreement of let a clan be any owner, in case the clan gives them, the castle dividend, that leaves the other players unmotivated, man, 2 years ago, when the KSK dominated, it was mass to go in sieges, all clans fighting, wanting the castle, today, arrives siege on Sunday, there is no more taste, no one has more will to anything. You need to figure out how to interfere with this, because it hurts even the server, because imagine, which player is going to enter a server, where a clan only owns almost all the castles, who rules rules if you want to have castles, being that he already has his, there can be no monopoly, he must have supervision and ready, because in the same Freya, the ruling clan does not realize that he is killing the server, because no one has access to the castles, the big boss, because they dominate, they do not let another clan evolve, they do not want strong clans competing with them, for they make much more dominating, than dividing everything.