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  1. New Update Pros vs. Cons

    Boa Noite (Using Google Translate) They have been killing the game little by little, Lineage 2 has always been a reference as one of the best games with PVP system and NCsoft was able to destroy something that it has created and developed. I remember that in the past we saw Clan fighting against each other, in the famous mass PVP in various places in the game, sometimes we teleported to Parmassus to make Baylor, there were people fighting, sometimes, there were players who had to run and the party leader enters the quest right away. You will see the items being sold, and the prices are extremely high, especially when we see that the game has an extremely low adena drop. NCsoft will never be able to solve this problem, because, if the drop in adena is greater, the people will still increase the prices of the items, if already with this ridiculous drop it is already this absurd price, imagine with the adena falling more. Prices only drop when there are many more offers of items. I remember that few people had the eternal armor, after everyone had access, the prices of the parts of the armor fell dramatically, that goes for weapons. That's what has to happen, items that are not sold in the game's own store, those bought by Ncoins, should fall more, people have much more access. As it is, the game that used to be a PVE / PVP game will become just a PVE server, where more than 80% of the characters logged in will be all macro. Even the PK that had a very good system, that if the guy gave PK, he couldn’t die otherwise he would lose something, NCsoft made a point of destroying it, today the people of PK and stay right there, they don’t care about someone killing, because he will not suffer anything there. Not to mention that XP is very low, even if the VP is slow to fall, XP is very low, not everyone for example is able to log multiple characters or create multiple characters to level them up, so there are places where players have their characters main ones are Sigel, Iss and Healer, they are complicated to be developed. So, the end of the quests was NCsoft's biggest mistake, it shouldn't have ended the quests but rather improved them, especially the solo quests, which helped a lot, many casual players. For me, this game had to be revised many things, even COC is dominated by only one Clan, only they get what they want there, because they are the most equipped and they organize themselves just so that no other player gets along, Olympics or We need to talk. Neither do dragons, there is no way to balance the game precisely for that reason, because in the past NCsoft did nothing to try to stop and balance the players so that several powerful clans would appear and, therefore, have fun. I wonder how the big clan can play today, because if they match up, monopolize the game, and spend the whole day just picking up XP to evolve and nothing else, they have no way of making PVP, because they have no strong clan for it, but , this is their fault directly, they monopolized and that's it. For me, the rate of enchanting armor should be improved to at least +6 armor and jewelry and +6 weapons, as today it is 100% up to +3, or at least it makes it easier to put +6. I just know that in my humble opinion this update was only good because everyone has their own buffs, the items exalted, other than that, it's a disaster.
  2. Hypocrisy with fighter

    Good Morning... What Feoh players do not understand that in an RPG the wizard has always been based on the fact that they are characters that deal high damage, but they are characters that take a lot of damage, ie it should be the balance of the game. Wizard players forget that NCsoft has been creating items and more items that are enhancing physical defense, while we don't see items that increase the magic defense of warrior characters in general, be it Tyrr, Sigel, etc. Every item created usually comes with P. Defense and does not come with M. Defense, if we look, we have a total of 5 jewels that increase M. Defense and we have covers that give P. Defense and M. Defense. I understand that warriors can wear cloaks, they can wear items that diminish that, but it won't change that they still didn't do Feoh damage. I was doing some research and I saw that Feoh gained an aurea that increases the P.Defense by 50% and increases more stuff, and has the Mana Shield that absorbs 95% of damage and 5% focuses on Feoh's MP, but then remember Feoh has a skill that sacrifices his HP to regain MP when this... Take for example the overall list of global Olympics, overwhelming majority is Feoh and Ranger, but Feoh is on top of everything now. Because as the game counts as HP damage taken as damage, Feoh always wins. For the tiebreaker will be done by the damage dealt, and since the damage dealt is by the HP and the Mana Shield focuses on the Mana, the Feoh Wins, just like Summoner, when you hit the summoner, the counted damage is the one that hit him. In fact, the damage transferred to the Pet does not count in the Olympics. And I agree, Feoh is the most damaged character in the game, because his critical is extremely high, the archer, the othell rogue to hit, needs to hit Half Kill to wreak havoc and this only happens in one or two skills, while no, the wizard always manages to do absurd damage, and with NCsoft's investment in enhancing his damage resistance, made Feoh the god of the game. Not to mention that Feoh today is the class with the most defense skills: Give cancel, ie remove your buffs from stun, knock down and debuff preventing you from getting up, teleport back and forth with a distance good and yet removes target, ability to levitate the person to continue attacking, ability to create wind and prevent the person from moving, ability to fear, the famous fear, sleep. And none of these skills are canceled when Feoh keeps beating and they are abilities that have debuffs of at least 5 seconds. Sigel's Stun really fails a lot, even if we put on jewels and enchant for chance, and when it picks up, when we start beating it has a high chance of disappearing. Sigel's silence fails absurdly, even when enchanting and when it takes, it doesn't last 3 seconds, Sigel's remove target skill only removes, not a debuff that stops targeting, which Feoh prevents. Eva's Templar and Shillen Templar's paralyzing ability, when caught, lasts 3 seconds too, the current that only pulls, currently fails absurdly. That is, the Sigel has the defensive ability: Silence that fails, Stun that disappears when we hit, removes target that misses a lot, rope that fails a lot currently, hold that no longer holds the ground as before, debuff that takes 20% of atack. speed and casting speed, does NCsoft really think that it will take 20% off Sigel? When we get back to Feoh: Cancels buff, two types of teleport that removes target, ground knock ability with debuff to stand, skill to levitate and so on, stun, ability to create wind and prevent of the guy walking and moving, ability to leave Feoh immune from damage for a few seconds, fear ability, causing the character to flee and so Feoh keeps attacking, Feoh also has Hold ability, and has ability to remove target and prevent that you take his target for a few seconds. Skill that absorbs 95% damage, skill that increases your defense by 50%. And most of Feoh's most powerful abilities are reused for 5 minutes, while there are classes where most reuse is 10 minutes, Sigel UDs last 15 minutes, and these UDs today don't protect Sigel at nothing, and I wonder why the reuse continues for 15 minutes. LIneage 2 The most unbalanced game, it looks like NCsoft makes the changes and doesn't analyze anything. I think it lacks a bit of focus, when creating a skill tests her with full buff, tests her at the Olympics to see how she will behave, whether she will leave her too overpowered or not, when they made this change in the Olympics, it became evident. who were Olympians who would favor Feoh absurdly, would favor Iss with their combo of stone, attacks, stone, attacks, stone attacks and Summoners that deal damage with the pet, and Ncsoft doesn't seem to test.... A friend of mine plays official WOW, when they from Blizard launched a new class, this class came in very powerful in the game, and that ended up unbalancing the game, since WOW is an extremely balanced game in characters, which happened in a few months Blizard had already adjusted the class so that it was not superior to the others but at the same level, in NCsoft this does not happen, it is an eternity to balance things.
  3. m.crit rate

    Next nerf for wizards, since when have wizards been nerfed? Wizards is currently the most powerful class in the game and this has been happening at two expansions, has the mana shield which is a 95% absorbing, activating skill that consumes 50 mp mana for seconds, but these 50 mp mana consumed it seems that there is no consumption, because it takes time to fall, and has another skill of Feoh that leaves activated that increases the P.Defense by 40%, realized that Ncsoft invests in giving more and more P. Defense for the Wizard and not do this for the Warrior and Knights in general, does not increase their Defense. Anyone in the hunting grounds will see Feoh with Iss and Healer calling out several mobs and killing them fast and withstanding the damage they receive, and that goes for archers as well. If Feoh will get a nerf in the next update, I think it's valid, with the new olympics system, nobody beats Feoh, first why if Feoh doesn't defeat you, and both are for breakthrough deal if you failed to burn Feoh's mana, it will appear that you dealt 0 damage. Ncsoft nonsense that with Summoner the same thing happens, when you tie him in the Olympics and go to the tiebreaker, the damage that counts is only that of the summoner, because the damage that is transferred does not count either. Ncosft does not know how to balance Lineage 2, because when it creates a skill, and determines the reuse of that ability, whether or not the character needs to take its own target, and the time that this skill is working, Ncosoft ignores the created items that they are bought in stores, making certain classes much more beneficial than others. I will give an example of a class that benefits much more from items designed to be bought at the store than others: Feoh all classes, including the wizard Ertheia, Iss, archers, Summoners, see, are all classes that attack from afar. Erheia's magician occurs because the reuse time of his skills is extremely low, and with several items decreasing this time, he basically disappears all the time. Feoh has the boss shield, a skill that increases the power by 40%. Defense, has most of its skills with extremely low reuse, is the class with the most damage in the game, I say bigger because his critical is extremely high. , since the archer depends on the hallf kill to come out, although nowadays it comes out with tremendous ease. Feoh has a stun ability, and since he doesn't deal physical damage and stun only disappears with physical damage, removes target, drops the ground, cancels buff, raises the guy and keeps attacking the guy in the air, is immune to damage for a few seconds. has the teleport with quick reuse both forward and backward, and if the mana runs out, he can sacrifice his HP and fill his mana and thus continue using mana shield. So, Feoh buys damage-absorbing buff cover, the gems we put in brooches and etc, among many skill-lessening reuse items that further favors Feoh, Iss is another class that has extremely short skill reuse , has a skill that makes you immune to debuff lasting 17 seconds with 1 minute reuse which at full buff this reuse drops to less than 40 seconds, and with proper jewelry drops to less than 30 seconds, but NCsoft thinks it's fair , and there it is only in the crash, immune to debuff, hits, absorb damage and turns to stone. The classes that are suffering the most in this game are Sigel and Tyrr, because they are a class that fight hand-to-hand, need to be close to deal damage, and even with brooch items, even with decreased skill reuse items, there's no chance counter class basically with high damage with wizards, archers and summoners that with the same items come out to absurd advantage. Sigel is the most injured class, always hit the key, has two cool skills that disables if you use 3 skills, imposing Sigel to use few skills, always taking damage, Sigel's two new UDs is terrible, no good, It is good for nothing, as it only serves to reduce damage and nothing else, it is good for basically nothing, even a Tyrr using his Frenzie can burn every HP of a Sigel with UD. The ability to remove target from Sigel is chance, too much failure, in this update Sigel's silence doesn't even pray, fails too much, hold fails too much, everything in Sigel has been failing too much, the pull chain failing too much, everything failing, In my opinion, far-flung class should not be as physically defensive as it has been, and if it is to be, that they are class that are extremely vulnerable to debuff. Want to bet, look at the score of Feoh, Healer, Archer, Wizard Ertheia in the Olympics, will be higher than other classes, even Iss today scores higher than a Sigel, see that the Sigel Knight hero, has much more defeat in fights than others. class, that's why, Sigel Knight and Tyrr are the most affected class with all these changes. For NCsoft decided to absurdly increase the defensive abilities of wizards with their absurd damage, and of archers, and of Iss, all with extremely short reuse skills and abilities today superior to any other class, forgetting the essence of an MMORPG. For every MMORPG, the direct competitor to WOW, we know that a class that attacks far has extremely low defense, a class that attacks closely has defense and high defenses precisely because they are class that needs to reach those of long range attack. Low damage tanks, but they are class that should resist absurdly without having to resort to defense skill like UD, should already be high natural of him. They think I'm lying, I saw a fight of a fully equipped Sigel, blue armor, red weapon, fighting a Healer with armor all blue robe, his weapon was not glowing so red, that in the Olympics, both had cape which left immune to damage and brooch items, Sigel lost, Healer failed to burn his HP, but in general damage, Sigel took more damage than Healer. And Sigel's Vanishing Stun never caught Healer once and that's nonsense, because if Healer invests in items that protect against strike attacks, he is left defenseless against other debufs, but the healer resisted the silence that is an attack. Sigel's strike and hold which is a Confusion attack and Sigel's aggression and Sigel's chain didn't pull, failed absurdly, meanwhile all Healer's debuff caught easily.
  4. Suggestion: Make Tank Cubics recyclable

    Good afternoon For me this is the least. They want to improve Sigel to be able to fight on equal terms with other classes in the Olympics, which now have short time and Sigel has no skills like Hide, or absorb damage and etc., Sigel's reflection is rubbish, especially after NCsoft has created items that resist Sigel's damage reflection, I want to challenge Ncsoft to create items that resist cancellation, halff kill, and so on. To improve Sigel the Reise Shield and Focus Shield skills should not be disabled when using Shield Bash and etc., after all, Sigel needs to use these skills, and here comes Ncsoft with his hatred for the class, yes, Ncsoft has always shown In class hate updates, it creates two even interesting skills which they deactivate when using 3 skills that are important in the fight, which it doesn't do with any other class in the game. Increase Defense. And increase Defense. After all, if Sigel does low damage, then let him be what he was born to be, extremely tough without having to appeal to UD. Decreasing the reuse of UD, I think 15 minutes is too much for a skill that in the background, doesn't protect that much, used it and we take very high damage the same way, I used UD there, and still took 186 k from a Feoh.
  5. ISS dominator.

    NCsoft does not know how to balance the classes, I saw here that the wizard Ertheia will gain a skill that of course, will last only 3 seconds, but will absorb 90% of damage and the rest of the damage will burn the class MP, but it is a class already tricky to defeat, especially at the Olympics, where the invisibility skill has extremely short reuse, and I ask, what's on the minds of NCsoft programmers and developers.
  6. ISS dominator.

    Sorry, this is great, especially in the Olympics that now has a short time and with the scheme of hitting, absolving damage, skill that leaves immune debuff that does not even need to take target and turn stone and repeat, wins any class, bad this is the Sigel Knight who has two important skills that are linked to 3 others that I use these 3 disables the others, the Iss has eternal advantages of fighting with their full buffs, not to mention hitting, hitting, turning stone, hitting, hitting, turning stone, of course, which first has to activate the ability to leave debuff immune and to absorb damage.
  7. Rune Stones

    Good afternoon. I agree with you, some skills require the use of Runes Stones, and the funniest thing is that these skills are not such powerful skills to require the use of Rune Stones, I think there are few classes that the skills they ask for are effective and important, like Iss Enchanted, I believe that instead of asking for Rune Stone, they should be requiring a lot of SP and voila.
  8. Good Night (Using Google Translate) I got my Iss to check out what changes the class has undergone, but it's not my main class, but to understand Iss has a skill that makes it immune to debuff for 17 seconds, has 1 minute reuse but buff this reuse is even shorter, mine has no special jewels etc, yet, with full buff, she has reuse of 40 seconds, little, for a skill that lasts 17 seconds, is a short reuse. My main class is Sigel, and along with Iss is the low damage physical damage class. Previously, in order to fight Iss, Sigel had to prevent Iss from using the ability to make him immune to debuff, as everyone knows, has skills that only damage if debuff catches, if not catches, the ability doesn't. causes damage. So Sigel had to use aggression to pull Iss's target and prevent him from using the skill, but now, with time, Iss no longer has to take his own target. Just leave the activated ability to automatically and ready, Iss himself uses the ability and I ask, what is the weakness of Iss's abilities, because this Iss skill has 1 minute reuse which depending on jewels and etc., gets reused Less than 30 seconds, the skill that makes you target-removing stone has 1 minute reuse, and depending on the jewels you have, this reuse also drops to less than 30 seconds, has the ability to absorb damage. So how is a Sigel going to deal with a class that has so many skills that I find appealing, and with short reuse, as I said before, we could prevent Iss from using that skill on it, and now we can't, and NCsoft has been increasing. Iss's damage and his defense. It's time for NCsoft to review all skills, because unlike the other classes, Sigel as I will always talk, will always be taking damage, I'm analyzing it in the Olympics, will always be taking damage, he has no damage absorption, he doesn't It has a skill that removes target and a debuff that prevents it from getting its target, has no ability to disappear, hide. It's a class that is easy to beat for an Iss today, not that Iss doesn't deserve to win, but it's bad. This new update has made Sigel worse. Debuff's Vanishing Stun skill of taking atack speed and casting speed of 20%, I think, and lasts for 3 seconds, I think too, and has a chance of silence, I had jewels of those bought in yellow COC and bought one that gave 40% atack and defense for silence, and another that gave 40% atack and defense for stun. To my surprise, however, the two jewels changed to Confusion, and the Vanishing Stun skill became a Strike that encompasses silence, and so on. Then I saw that my silence that was catching well before, doesn't catch at all. So being able to get a Boss jewel that increases my attack and defense to Strike by 40%, replace it with one of the yellow jewels, thinking that this would improve my chance to silence, that nothing fails again and more. In short, NCsoft is a company that does not have the ability to balance the game, it always screw the Sigel, always screwing this class, created weak, bad, bad skills that, by the way, are linked to others that use one, disables another, something that does not occur with the other classes. This company just wants to make money at all costs, so maybe that explains why, investing and improving only class calls of DDs, Feoh, Tyrr, Archers, Othell Rogue, Evicerator and etc are the most used classes. So NCsoft, since it's been increasing the defense of these class DDs, which today can do PVE without the need for a Sigel, end the simple Sigel class, it's more beautiful to you. I was on YouTube one day, and I saw videos of players from Chronos and Naia, and I thought, well, I'll see, and the video was from a fully equipped Healer, blue set and so on, he filmed his fights at the Olympics, my God , this healer fought against a Sigel Eva´s Templar, with the Dark set, glowing blue, and realizes that this Eva´s Templar, with tight weapon and etc, did not die, nor lost HP, but lost to Healer in damage count, and the funniest thing that Eva´s Templar's silence didn't get one in, and look we realize that the guy used the Vanishing Stun always, the stun didn't get any, the skill that creates water around didn't paralyze not once, that is, Sigel's debuffs are bad, and I doubt that extremely well-equipped Sigel doesn't have well-matched skills and top-ranking Boss jewels, remembering that I've already fought with very weak Healer and yet, with gems that increase the chance of silence, miss too much silence and stun in the Healers, this class has a resistance outside the co mum Sometimes I'll watch the Olympics fights, I see Sigel extremely equipped losing in the tiebreaker for Iss, because it is a class that has extremely low reuse, and today there is no use using aggression to prevent the use of the ability to leave immune is frustrating. I think NCsoft modifies some skills for that class to support others with high damage, and I think Iss is an example of that, but then NCsoft gets it wrong, because it doesn't realize that it makes this class extremely superior to the class. with low damage, the Healer is an example, is a class that today has a damage skill that has no delay, which has an incredible resistance to get debuff, but has debuff that lasts more than 30 seconds, all last longer than that. So, I hope the upcoming updates to Ncsoft review all of these skills, review a lot, especially at the Olympics that have been favoring Feoh, Wizard Ertheia, Archers, Othell, Summoner and who would say the Iss, and harming Sigel and Tyrr, let alone Evicerator. . Short time, appealing skills of these classes mentioned, short times in the Olympics and etc. Yeah, I decided that as long as I keep going, and I'll just do the necessary fights and stop, and I think other players should do the same thing, protest about it, Tyrr and Sigel should no longer do Olympics until NCsoft releases a note or says Something about it. And for God's sake, review these Iss and Healer skills, they are equal support to the Sigel, so they can't be superior so they have to have skills with the same chance of winning. Why doesn't Ncsoft make Sigel 100% aggressive again? And yours reflects being what it was before? Because when Sigel was thinking absurdly, the DDs complained so much that NCsoft changed that, and now NCsoft, where Sigel is 100% harmed by you, what will they do? NOTE: In my humble opinion, as Sigel's debuff is short, they all last for 3 seconds, in my opinion they should be debuffs with a much better chance of catching, I understand that some will come and they will say: But, the reuse of Vanishing Stun is short, it's short, but, imagine, I use 20 times Vanishing Stun on a Feoh, Healer, mostly Healer and never catch silence, or just catch 1 time, isn't that nonsense? What about Sigel's stun? It fails absurdly, and when it picks up, it will soon disappear, because NCsoft with its holy intelligence (Irony) has decided that physical damage can be removed, but a Feoh who has gained the ability to stun a spell does not disappear, because he does not damage. physicists.
  9. Unfair Olympiads

    Good Night LokiLoki (Using Google Translator) Today I went to the Olympics to fight and watch, my character is a Sigel Knight Eva´s Templar. Well, I fought a Summoner, I fought normal, he was not well equipped, but the first fight I lost, because I did not defeat him and he did not defeat me and we went to the tiebreaker who did the most damage. To my surprise he did more damage, that's when I noticed that, since the Summoners have the ability to deal damage with his summons, I noticed that the only damage the system counts is against the main character, that transferred damage doesn't get into the account. That is, the summoner when transferring the damage to the summons, has this advantage, because the system to break the tie when the fight ends in a draw, that is, no one could clear anyone's HP, so it is an advantage when the second hound came I activated Sigel's skill that he holds the sword in both hands, increasing the damage, knowing that by using this skill Sigel is totally unprotected, takes very high damage, and that's it, I defeated him. However, another summoner came, and I didn't use the two-handed sword holding skill, I fought normal, I took all the summoner's CP, and he took mine, but he won on the count, no matter how much damage I dealt him, their ability to transfer damage transfers a lot. After I fought a Feoh, it was a more or less equipped Feoh, but his damage was low, neither I zeroed his HP nor he zeroed mine, but he won both hounds, because he dealt damage and my damage. it was only 0. Because his mana shield ability absorbs 95% of damage and 5% of damage focuses on the MP which every Feoh has a lot of HP and even if the activated skill consumes 50 MP per second, they have an ability that burns HP and recovers the MP, well, again, we tied, but in the tie was the damage damage, and mine was 0, precisely because this Feohs absurd ability to absorb 95% and 5% focus In MP, he takes no damage, so as the Olympics time is less than 2 minutes, they work that out very well. Another class I fought, an Iss, which is another class that benefits a lot from this new system, much more than before. Yeah, Iss can turn to stone so you don't have access to his target, and Sigel's area damage skills, even more so, do ultra low damage. Iss still has the damage-absorbing skill, so he does damage to us, and it doesn't, not to mention that he uses the skill that leaves him immune to damage for 17 seconds, and has our skills that only damage when debuffed. If the debuff fails and the guy resists, the damage is not counted. Sigel could prevent him from using this ability to get immune, the problem that the aggression hit rate was destroyed by NCsoft fails absurdly, and the trigger that gets activated doesn't pull the target. So when we look at that there is still a cover that activates a temporary buff that also absorbs damage, Iss, like most DDs has an absurd advantage, but other players will say: But Sigel can also use the cover, can, but Sigel's damage is too low, and Sigel doesn't have a skill that keeps him protected from damage, Sigel is always taking damage, low when some skills are activated, but always is, when Sigel had a reflect of damage. high, DDs complained and NCsoft weakened it and still created several items to resist this ability, and then comes to Ncsoft and puts in Reise Shield and Focus Shield a meager 10% reflect, and has boss jewels that give much higher resistance. that's it. You can see, the Iss it activates the 17-second debuff immune ability, so it doesn't take silence, stun and so on, activates the ability to absorb damage and hits, hits, hits and turns stone, and this repeats over and over Not to mention that with the aid of the cover, it becomes more unbearable and has no way of stopping them, especially that Iss that unleashes an ability that burns your HP, burns over 500 HP per second and lasts 10 seconds with low reuse, just stay in it, turn stone, absorb damage and so on. And with the Olympics down, DDs, Iss are getting along. You see, the players who are in first place, most are all DDs, or are archer, or are Iss, or are Feoh. Because the Rangers too, with this new system, they will be unbalanced, because they have attack and hide, and can run away. Othel Rougue too, another one with Hide. Sigel is the only class that has nothing to do, because their skills are only increasing P. Defense and M. Defense, nothing but Eva's Templar has a chance to paralyze the guy, but lasts a mere 3 seconds and sometimes only 2 seconds. The only class that Sigel still has a chance are the Tyrrs, less of course Evicerator, another class that can't beat this new system, as Evicarator has 3 skills with too high power where two ignores 30% of their P. Defense and another ignores 50% of your defense. Honestly, thinking about not going to the Olympics anymore, because the quest no longer exists, where we could take the box and win some item, even if it is not the item, but we could sell. That is, what sense does Sigel players have today to keep going at the Olympics? In my opinion, the Olympics have been redone to give some class absurd advantages, as it makes no sense for Ncsoft to create this new system without analyzing the skills of every class. For, when you do something or change something, you have to analyze where it will influence, whether or not this change will benefit a particular class, and if so, what should you do to prevent it? In my opinion, Ncsoft needs to review many skills, for example, Feoh has a stun ability, and since Feoh doesn't do physical damage, the stun doesn't go away, and the chance to get stun is much higher than the stun. Sigel, which when it catches, when physical damage that Sigel gives, adds the debuff. Sigel has a pushing ability with the shield, and a chance to remove target, in my opinion this ability should always remove target and get a debuff that prevents it from catching for at least 5 seconds. Or Ncsoft should review Sigel's reflection and increase absurdly so that DDs can be afraid of beating Sigel again. Or create skills for Sigel so that he is also immune to damage. Because most DDs have the ability to be immune to damage, absorb damage, hide, remove target, cancel buff, stun, knock down etc., Sigel is the only one who can't avoid the damage done, will always be taking this damage while the others, besides preventing them from taking, do high damage because they are DDs and have such absurd advantages as Feoh, Iss, who has damage-absorbing abilities, or Summoner who transfers damage to summons, or Feoh Necro who transfers damage. for Summon and then time is up and ready, dance. NCsoft does not know how to create balanced games and this is evident every update, every update it further distances the powerful Feohs and other DDs and make the Sigel a character that can only handle a lot of mobs for DDs to kill and today, not even that anymore. because I always see the Feohs with Healer and Iss holding up a lot of mobs in a good one.
  10. Lacks of Tanks

    Good Night (Using google translator) Yes, they nerfed the tanks. Many will say no, but yes, they have weakened, let's see, we have two skills Reise Shield and Focus Shield that when using them, we cannot use 3 skills that use shield as a weapon, otherwise it disables these skills, the more It's funny that one of the skills that deactivates these skills is the Stun skill, which is a tank defense skill, if you use the stun skill that deactivates Focus Shield or Reise Shield and I ask which class is currently in Lineage 2 have these skill problems, which, if you use it, you can't use it, if you use it, you can't use it, only the tank has it that gets in the way and prevents the tank from fighting. The tank is the only class that has two skills where it has the greatest reuse of the game, are the two UDs that were also weakened and today, does not protect the tank at all, the duration is 15 minutes, of course with right buff and some jewels have decreased, but as we look at these details, we see that Feoh has strong skills that are reused for 5 minutes, and 10 minutes. In short, Sigel Knight is the class that has skills with the biggest reuse of the game, two of 15 minutes, one of 10 minutes, another of 5 minutes that serves no purpose at all, as this prevents you from dying if the HP arrives at 0, but, this is not practical. I noticed that Hold after the debuff rating change, Hold failed before was a huge help in not allowing Feoh, Rangers who are currently the most damaging class to run away, are resisting a lot more. I also noticed that Feoh is now taking less silence after this change in debuff rating. And then I ask all the players, Sigel has that skill that we wield the sword with both hands, the problem is, it increases the damage power, but, Sigel is totally unprotected, can't activate any skills, only skills of attack and only, and takes much more absurd damage than Tyrr for example already plays like this, because this is because the passive skills of Tyrr are made for it, Sigel does not have it. In short, Sigel is worthless in every way. Feoh himself has that ability called a mana shield, where it absorbs 95% of damage and 5% will be taken from Feoh's MP, since Sigel's damage has always been weak, so weakened Sigel against Feoh. Sigel easily picks up today from Feoh, all of them, Aero Healer, all of them, because Aero Healer, even those who aren't very well equipped, resist silence very easily, and NCsofr has caused an Aero Healer damage skill to lose reuse. . That is, the Aero Healer can do damage and heal, as Sigel's aggression has been weakened for years and years, and more and more classes have been gaining more resistance to aggression which is a mental skill. A player of Sigel when fighting in the Olympics gets too stuck, when we use Reise Shield if it is warrior class, we are forbidden to use 3 other skills to not lose the buff of this skill, or Focus Shield to fight Wizard class. And then people will say, "But this skill loads very fast," it loads very fast, but if we want to keep it, we give up important skills, which is not the case with another class. For me NCsoft has to revise all this, or keep it that way, or make changes to all classes so that some of their skills are linked to others, that is, if you activate this ability, if you activate it you will not be able to activate this or disable it. For example, Feoh, if she uses that ability and uses teleport, disables that ability that she used first. In short, Sigel is so bad, but so bad that even Iss makes it easy on Sigel today. Feoh became a god class, since since he created this ability to absorb 95% of damage, only another class with high damage wins Feoh, because there is the Sigel UD that only serves to defend, but in this new form does not defend nothing is reused for 15 minutes, and Feoh's ability to absorb damage to shield mana, I think that's what it's called, stays there, but then people will say, "Ah! but it consumes 50 mana for seconds." , consumes, I agree, but Feoh has a lot of mana and still has fast-loading ability where she sacrifices meager HP to regain much of her mana, and stays on and on.
  11. Unfair Olympiads

    Good Night (Using Google Translate) Worse is not that, they shortened the time and it gave advantages to characters who deal absurd damage such as Feoh, Rangers, Summoners. Well imagine, before the time was good, now is a short time, just these characters attack and flee, especially that after updated and changed the way debuff are known, all characters in particular Feoh, Aero Healer and etc acquired a lot more endurance, my silence skill is +10 chance and me with two jewels that further increases the chance by 40% and the other is about 20% is failing too much. Although NCsoft always did Olympics favoring DDs for example. And another, that Iss that releases a debuff that burns his HP, an Iss of the ORC race, that is appealing, watching several videos of Olympics, is rare to see Sigel winning this class, because that debuff catches easy and Iss has all the convenience. of all Iss, buff that protects for 17 seconds against debuff, damage absorbing, stone turning, canceling, and so on. But the Feohs and Aero Healers were the most privileged, as most of his protecting skills have short reuse, he has that appealing damage-absorbing skill and I don't think that counts in the damage count when tied, and now they're very more, much more resistant to debuff like silence and hold, which helped Sigel be better able to tackle them. The Healer has long acquired resistance to aggression, so Sigel cannot prevent him from using his most powerful healing, and has long had a high resistance to silence, thus giving them more advantages.
  12. New Olympics

    Good night (Using Google Translate) I have been experimenting with the changes that took place in the Olympics today and honestly noticed that these new changes give a huge and absurd advantage to high damage characters such as Feoh, Othell, Rangers, and that Iss who uses an HP burning skill. Why do I say this, that the new Olympics favor Feoh, Iss who launches HP-burning rocket, archers and high damage characters? Because simply time is short, there are 3 rounds, which time is too short. It is time for NCsoft to review a lot about the Olympics, one of them is not to use some items that are bought in the game store. It has to redo many skills, for example, the Iss that releases that debuff that burns HP, NCsoft needs to weaken it by something, because it burns around 400 HP per second and lasts 10 seconds, do the math, it turns to stone. But, depending on the equipment, it hits, has to decrease the chance of this ability to catch, or have a slightly greater reuse, or dramatically decrease its damage or have no physical damage. Well, this new Olympics simply Feoh, Aero Healer, Archers, Othell, certain Iss will do very well, as they are class that possess or Hide, or skill that leaves them immune to damage and skills that remove target. I will talk to NCsoft again, the ability of Feoh, Iss and Lancer to cancel buff should be deleted, sorry NCsoft, because there is no item that protects against Cancel, protects against skills that cancels buff. It's time for Ncsoft to review this, because today I took a low lvl Feoh cancel and it didn't fail, while my silence +10 failed which is a beauty. Another thing, I noticed that the Aero Healer are too resistant to silence and stun, and I noticed that Iss, Aero Healer are too resistant to aggression, as Sigel will prevent them from taking their target and healing, or from Iss using skill that leaves them immune. To debuff, that aggression skill doesn't work right? Bottom line: The new Olympics was created by NCsoft to leverage and benefit high damage characters like Feoh, Archer, Othell, Aero Healer who has been doing high magic damage even though it is just a healing class. Because the time is extremely short, they just hit and go, advantage, and NCsoft is incompetent because it made the changes without thinking about these simple things they should have thought of, right? For, Sigel Knight has no hide skill, no ability to remove target for a long time, no ability to leave damage immune, Sigel's only interesting skill, the Reflect damage, was destroyed with the huge amount. of items designed to make DDs resistant to damage.
  13. good night Well, what turned the Olympics? It has become a place where the winner is not the best player, the best equipped player. Who wins is the game full of gems like topaz and etc. You can see, the Iss are all the time turning stone and using such items bought in the store, that is, the winner today is not the one who knows how to play better, is the one who has more items purchased in the store, because even the skills of the characters today, there are few used, Iss itself uses only skill that makes it immune to debuff, turns stone, and the rest is topaz and other gems and so on.
  14. Now with the automatic macro system, what we see is several groups of chars in locals rising and thus dominating the places. However, the owners of these chars are always watching the machine, and when someone needs to do a quest only, they keep giving PK all the time, because for them, that place belongs to him. That's what happened to me when I needed to finish a quest that had to collect 100 items from a mob. When my idea about PK changes is nothing more than a Lineage system that killed someone without him backing out, he gets his name in red and gets karma, and needs to kill a lot of mobs to remove karma. . But in my opinion, whoever does this needs to be punished in some way, formerly dropped the item when defeating someone who has given pk and who was with karma, this is no longer true, but this player needs to be aware that giving pk has your problems. So I will give suggestions for this and let's go to them: 1 - Karma can be removed mob, either killing mob or scroll as it occurs today, but the amount of PK given cannot be removed and it is this amount that will determine everything that will come next. 1.1 - The higher amount of PK given, the player will lose status, ie he will have less atack speed, casting speed, p.atack, m.atack, p.defense, m.defense this will occur until he reaches the maximum that it would be 50% less than all that. I will give an example, he will get a debuff that will reduce all this, and the maximum taken will be up to 50% and goes up to a certain lvl, just put that the maximum debuff will reach lvl 5, already starts taking 25% of everything . 1.2 - Once this debuff reaches lvl 5, it gets another debuff depending on the amount of karma that will decrease critical rate, magic critical rate, evasion, magic evasion, and skill reuse up to 50% as well and lvl 5. 1.3 - Once you reach lvl 5 of the second debuff, the PK will lose elemental protection and debuff resistance, ie it will be debuffed very easily and the PK debuff will fail more. Well, that's an interesting idea for those who love finding owners of UP sites. And they would make them think twice, after all, if they have mobs for everyone, why be selfish, ah! and if PK is Hero, Hero's abilities are disabled. Another thing, the PK would also lose amount of healing, could fit one of those 3 examples I gave, namely the healer when healing, will heal less and less.
  15. Ability to cancel buffs

    Good Night (Using Google Translate) I come here to discuss with the game about the skills that are intended to cancel buff, the classes that have such skills are Feohs, Iss Enchanter and Tyrr Dradnought. I don't understand what NCsfot takes into account when creating a skill for a class. I'm going to analyze, I'm Sigel Knight, Sigel's skills mostly have high reuse, especially skills like UD, the funniest two Sigel UDs have 15 minutes reuse and honestly, it's a skill that only decreases damage, nothing more. does, it serves no purpose, because the damage is being accounted for, in a group pvp fight, it even makes sense, but, in the Olympics, this is where I am taking this discussion in question, it does not, because even if the Sigel doesn't die, he'll lose, because the damage was done, so this 15-minute reused UD skill is a bad joke from NCsoft. I say this for the reason that, after this update, Sigel got worse, weaker, and it brought more advantages to other classes that already had Sigel Knight advantage. Example, before all Warriors had easy silence from Sigel, today it fails, even me with chance increasing jewels, and me with my chance-matched skill too, to get better, and yet it is failing absurdly, I always notice that every debuff of Sigel Knight fails a lot more than another class, fighting against an Aero Healer for example, silence fails him absurdly, and the funniest thing NCsoft has removed from reusing an Aero Healer skill, which may not defeat a Sigel, but, gains in damage counts, as he doesn't have to worry, as silence fails, and if Sigel uses stun, Focus Shield disables, it's the only class that has multiple skills subordinate to others, if using, cancels, thing which does not occur in other classes, this leaves Sigel stuck, locked in a fight, wondering whether to use it or not, whether to use it without it, is something NCsoft has not imposed on the other classes and that is unfair. Fighting against an Iss that is extremely strong, Sigel's disadvantage is noted, as Iss uses the ability to be immune to debuff that lasts 17 seconds, hits, uses the ability to absorb damage, hits, turns stone, and aggression is failing more and more, that is, it rarely catches now, this after the upgrade, just as Hold is failing absurdly, silence failing absurdly, the Vanish Stun skill that has a chance to drop stun does not release, fails too much, and debuff which decreases casting speed / atack speed by 20%, sorry NCsoft, 20% just doesn't help Sigel, because I don't see when it catches, the guy slapping or summoning magic more slowly, is a debuff that is useless, NCsoft could delete this debuff, which Sigel wouldn't miss. Sigel's stun is another skill that fails extremely, rarely catches, and when it resolves to catch, any damage we deal, the debuff goes away, and if we're protected by the Reise Shield buff and using the stun, the buff some goes, just look at how NCsoft hates Sigel and put Sigel full of skills and abilities, but they didn't do it with other classes. Fighting a Dreadnought lose not because I died, I lost why Dreadnought, just like Feoh and Iss have cancel, reading here, the reuse of Dreadbought's ability to cancel buff is 120 seconds, with buff and own jewels, loads well, but much faster and has encate to increase the chance of cancellation. I ask the players, look at their passive skills, they will see that there is no protection or resistance to the buff canceling skill, and there are no jewels that do that, which is a skill that I find appealing. Much more appealing than Sigel's UD, Sigel's UD becomes important in a quest, or a pvp, but in the Olympics we have 3 UDs that do nothing, help nothing, just keep us alive for a short while and only, but, If the DDs do not defeat us, he will win on the damage count, as the UD does not prevent damage, as most classes have no damage ability. So when fighting Dreadnought several times, I lost because I ran out of a buff, meaning it canceled all of my buffs, even the buff we got from npc which gives us a very small and unsuccessful 30% resistance to buff-canceling. Just look at the issue here, we have passive skills, every class has, which gives us 30% protection depending of course on the lvl stun, the current, the knock down, raise, silence, posion and etc, but we have no passive defense against buff -Cancel. This is an appealing skill, which of course, I agree that in a pvp, in a quest, it is a skill that makes no difference, but in the Olympics, where you fight with almost buff, it is an absurdly appealing skill and Ncsoft when it creates the skills. she must think: 1 - We have to create an ability to help and improve the class in the Olympics against certain class and so on. Or, create an ability to fight better in pvp, group quest and so on. All in all, NCsoft fails to balance the ranks, Sigel hits a lot weaker than a Dreadnought, Feoh, and nowadays, damage equal to or less than an Iss, even though Iss has the advantage of turning stone, already raises using buff that Immune for 17 seconds, knock, knock, and that's all, turn stone, use buff-canceling skill, having every advantage of fighting without any buff. And here comes Dreadnought and has the ability to cancel buff, and then you fight the guy and when you will see, this one without a buff. This is frustrating, because when you get a temporary debuff you can handle it, but when you lose all buffs, because that class has the ability to remove your buff, and this ability rarely fails, you have nothing to do. and that is wrong with Ncsoft. Ncsoft is the only company that destroys its own game, it is no use investing in graphics, which is one of the best, if the gameplay is not good, nor PVP has more right in this game. Sigel who was supposed to endure a lot of beating, a lot of damage, today he can't stand anything and the healer ends up having to sweat more and more to keep Sigel alive for the others not to die, because the Sigel class got so weak that even Iss defeats him in Olympics. But, sorry for the outburst, I was annoyed because losing to a Dreadnought because it ran out of buff, due to the class's appealing ability, really annoys, and knowing that there are so many items that resist it, it gets worse, and then remembering that the Sigel's UD has become a skill that only fits PVP and Quest and for the Olympics lost value is a pity. And realizing that Sigel's debuffs are failing a lot more, meanwhile, other class debuffs are taking a lot more, it really pisses off, not even with cubic summon helping, it resolves, first that the reuse of cubic summons skills is slow, more 10 seconds to act. NCsoft should review the ability to cancel, make it a temporary debuff, such as a debuff that randomly disables a buff for a few seconds instead of removing the buff. Well, even Feoh which is an extremely appealing class has cancel. Iss that has full buff, has cancel. Dreadnought has cancel. While they have passive defense and etc to all debuffs Sigel issues, Sigel has no defense to cancel and that is wrong. Thank You.