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  1. Good night Using Google translator When I read that in this update there would be changes to Sigel Knight's skills but I still hadn't come out showing which ones, when I left I said, My God, what a radical change huh, NCsoft changed that for what reason, what was her intention, because let's see, the skill drops the opponent on the ground for a measly 1 second, it is the same time as when it just pushed, NCsoft must have thought: Well, this way the player can prevent the casting of skills of the other classes. Honestly, the developers of Ncsoft should not play the game, and we do not
  2. good night Using Google translator. They already realized that the Olympics favor those who hit harder, because time is short, and those who have better skills, in this case Feoh for example, in the past the Feohs always used their teleportation skills to evade opponents, but then NCsoft created a absurdly powerful skill for the Feohs, an aura that absorbs 95% and 5% of the damage is consumed by mana, of course the skill consumes 50 MP, but with so many items that it decreases MP consumption and with Feoh's ability to sacrifice HP for MP, this makes a Feoh much more tanke than
  3. Good night Using Google translator I agree with you, in Phantasmal, we only see archers using macro and the automatic attack tool and in macro they put the ability to jump back and forth and with just one or two skills in areas they kill all mobs. No use, this game will never be balanced in the classes again, they invested in several and several damage items that benefit precisely the high damage classes, like Feoh and Archer, even those high damage classes like Evicerator don't win in this one because it kills one by one, while these two classes kill with their absurd skills in the
  4. Good evening Using Google translator I entered the site and honestly, more items that strengthens the DDs that already do absurd damage, new skills for Tyrr and ertheia wizard, that is, the Koreans have a huge difficulty in understanding their own game, I think they create the items , create the skills without trying to understand where the flaws of the game are, Sigel Knight, Iss Enchanter and the Aero Healer are there without new skills, without improvements, forgotten by the game, as they are class that depend on DDs to be able to evolve and to get worse will basically allow the play
  5. Good Night (Using Google Translate) I can already imagine that you are a player of some DD class, maybe because you are a DD class player you will make little case with the support classes. But I will explain to you what happens with this game. 1 - NCsoft created several and several items enhancing the damage of the game characters, however these items will clearly benefit only the classes that damage. 2 - The damage was so absurd that Ncsoft needed to improve and create resistance or improved skills for a class of DDs that had weaker defense, I can clearly quote the Feohs and w
  6. Good night (Using Google Translate) Honestly, DDs complain too much, NCsoft has been creating several and several items that benefit DDs, DDs are getting to do absurd damage of more than 300 k, and archers is a DD that has been improved and just because they decrease a little critical chance, complain too much. Do you know who is being nerfed nonstop? The supporters, Sigel, Iss and Healer, they are being nerfed, because Ncsoft ended, ended the countless quests where they were needed, and helped players of these classes to evolve together, all to encourage players to play PVE as they
  7. Good Night (Using Google translator) I agree with you, the game spent several and several updates investing heavily in DDs. Items to improve more and more the damage of DDs, there are DDs that give damage that reach absurd 300 k. Worse, they have been building skills or improving the skills of DDs in a way that makes the skills of supporters a nothing. We can mention, for example, Feoh's mana shield, which absorbs 95% of the damage, I understand that it was made for the Feoh to be able to resist DDs with insane damage, but that ended up damaging the class that give lower damage, especiall
  8. Good Afternoon (using google translator) I agree with you, just look to see their competing games, like WOW and you will see that WOW supports many more players on each server than they do, this is just an example to be observed, but it is how capitalism works, right? companies want to cut costs as much as possible so they can earn more and more. However this game has been discouraging me more and more, each update more, for example, every event always favors players who play DDs, look at this event, it is full precisely because you will have access to good talisman and etc, so the guys s
  9. Good night. (Using Google translator). Superior Provoke Aura is nothing more than an evolution of Provoke Aura. By the way, all lvl 110 skills are improvements of some skill of each class. The problem is that NCsoft has always hated Sigel and never cared for the class with the respect it deserves, alias, with no support, it is no wonder that today DDs can evolve without the help of supports, they just need to have an Iss buffing them and that's it. And then they come and take an existing skill and give a pompous name to this skill that should bring improvements, in the case of DDs they ha
  10. Good night (Using google translator) In my conception NCsoft ended the quests to force the people to farm in the areas of up and at the same time to make it possible for people to do it in parties, reactivate the parties that, oddly enough, worked much more at the time it had several quests to do. The problem that NCsoft has been absurdly increasing the DD Defense and Resistance of, and has also been increasing its damage, which today we see is DDs farming alone using only 1 Iss to be able to use buffs on them. And the thing is so absurd that we see wizards and archers, I will mention the
  11. Good night (Using Google Translate) A friend told me that he was training PVP with another friend and had an hour that he was not able to use Nine Aegis, and asked if I was aware of any changes, it was then that when I went to the Olympics I realized why he was not able to using Nine Aegis, that's when I activated Protection of Faith in the fight, when Protection of Faith ends, a 1 minute debuff is activated when protection of faith ends, so for 1 minute Sigel will not be able to activate Nine Aegis, if you need it, you will have to wait for this debuff that Protection of Faith will finis
  12. Good Night (Using google translator) Every clan dreams of having or owning a castle in the game and we know that Lineage 2 has not been increasing its map and has not been developing much on this topic, fortress for example could receive improvements, however a clan with a castle could not fight for a , and their bonuses could be similar to castles, but on a smaller scale. I am going to narrate here what I think should happen in the siege of the castles. 1 - Every clan that registers to attack several castles when entering the siege area, they didn’t get a target from another clan th
  13. Good afternoon (Using Google Translate) Anyone who is a Sigel, Iss and Healer player knows what it's like to go to the Olympics and have disadvantages compared to the other classes. Every MMORPG game the supports are extremely important in the game, but in Lineage 2 NCsoft does not seem to understand or does not agree with this, either because the number of DDS players are larger and thus give them much more profits or it is pure preconception. In the Olympics, supporters are increasingly losing their ability to deal with DDs, allies, every MMORPG game, supporters are the classes wit
  14. Good afternoon (Using Google Translate) I agree with you, this event, I tried to do it with my tanker, not being able to do it, because the mobs have too high defense, that is, it is more an event aimed at the damage players, the DDs. Of course, according to what I read from one player, as the Korean server supports are highly equipped, they do according to them, this only shows how NCSoft is a limited company that does not know the other servers well. NCSoft is absurdly improving all DDs, giving them more resistance and ability to not need Sigel, Healer and Iss. Today we see Feoh killing
  15. Good night (Using google translator) Really, the imbalance is made by the items yes, I agree with you, but also by the skills created for certain classes and that are enhanced by the equipment and items that are sold in the game store. Feoh and Archers even have tremendous advantages in this game because it has a high attack range, and that makes it easier for them to have advantages, Feoh is worth the magic critics that are increasingly insane, and the archer for Half Kill that increasingly gets easy too. Not to mention that more and more Ncsoft has been increasing resistance to damage a
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