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  1. Mage cp lf atctive players ( Giran server). We need SWS/Bp/Wl lvl 58+ or some one who can lvl up alone fast till lvl 58+. Our prime start 18-19 +1gtm,we use ts.We play at clan with Rb,war so we have a fun. Also we speak Russian and English, if you want join our CP right mail in game to M0ve or narko. Gg wp ez game
  2. Till when the Community managers gonna be SILENT

    After pendants week, @Juji and @Hime need to find some good Suisse 🇨🇭 banc to put all money in safety place;) They dont have a time to answer all questions! So keep calm ppl and join the good server
  3. Maintenance of 6 march- No bots any more? No spam adena selers? Adena drop fix?Remove p2win store? Answer question of 100 ppl here? No, just one week more of valetines day!! 14 February is finish ppl, go working! If not soon you will have more actives ppl here than on your servers
  4. Stop! ✋

    Ppl, stop cry about " I spend 100 bacs, I spend 200€ to enchant Pendant" . Just stop spend your moneys on this server!! Because GM dont pay attention on this forum, they didnt care about community ! But if they will loos money, they will change opinions about paytowin!!!! If you think now, to spend 100€ or 1000€ to enchant your Pendant + 5 or + 100 what ever and boost your char, on this way to be a killer of the server, you will be thill new update! Before they do new sh*t like cloak, jewelry or glasses to spend again your money!! Stop killing this game, and make buissnes platforme !!Only one way to change something, its stop to spend your money!!!! Sorry about my afro English
  5. CLAN-CP - > ENG/LT/

    Send me mail in the game on RedSpace, tomorrow we will speak at ts3 for CP, we need SWS
  6. Nabor v klan WGB 40+( Giran) Гого

    В игре напиши майл с никами на RedSpace или CkpoMHocTb
  7. Nabor v klan WGB 40+( Giran) Гого

    В клане уже есть 10% экспа! Набор продолжаеться !
  8. Nabor v klan WGB 40+( Giran) Гого

    Ласт слот в кп, нужен биш!! Отзовись, мы тебя ждем!;)
  9. Nabor v klan WGB 40+( Giran) Гого

    Na servere hvataet russko-govoryashih;)
  10. Nabor v klan WGB 40+( Giran) Гого

    Продалжаеться набор в клан! Так же нужен биш 45+
  11. Nabor v klan WGB 40+( Giran) Гого

    Tak je est tvinko klan, kuda mojem prinyat ludei menshe 40 lvl
  12. Nabor v klan rusko govoryashih ludei 40+ (server Giran).Svyaz ts2, tak je ishem bisha v mag kp 45+. Za infoi pm CkpoMHocTb ili RedSpace, libo mail v igre. Спасибо за просмотр
  13. Nobor v mag kp, nujen WL/BD/BP. Svyaz mumble. Za dopolnitelnoi infoi mail (Redspace)
  14. Looking for CP (people to play) [Giran]

    Hey bro, right me a mail in the game on RedSpace. We have mage CP,we can speak about a class